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Feb 10, 2020
Conclusion of my metaphysical quest for truth
When you ask random people on the street if they believe in God, they usually say, “yes”, “no”, or “I’m agnostic” i.e. I believe there is something, but I don’t know exactly what. You’ll never hear what kind of concept of a God they have. Is God a man high up in the sky who watches over the world and…
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Mar 14, 2020
Psychosis or simply awake?
A lot of people think psychosis is a brain disease. But in my case it was combined with personality problems. So there was nothing broken in my brain; instead it was about the way I dealt with my emotions and other people’s emotions. I have gotten to know myself really well by all those years of therapy. It was never…
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Apr 30, 2020
Corona: a blessing in disguise?
The corona virus… Let me tell you something about it. I don’t need to investigate anything anymore, to know that the news and fear porn you get from the media every day is complete nonsense. And yet I did it today: go out investigating. And then you see how much is being lied about, how unreliable the mortality rates are,…
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Apr 30, 2020
End of a cycle
During the time that I, in my search for truth, arrived at the information I’m about to share in this article, and for the first time expressed my thoughts sparingly to my mental health practitioner, my life was turned upside down by the antichrist-‘aliens’ (about whom you can read in other articles on this website), and since then my search…
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May 12, 2020
Drones in the media
Until last year there were an awful lot of lectures of Jordan Peterson online on Youtube, but gradually they are all being replaced by staged lectures of a fake Jordan Peterson with a beard (he has a bit more fat in his face, and is a lot angrier). (Example). This isn’t how Jordan Peterson was in earlier years. It’s obvious…
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May 14, 2020
Why bringing up this information?
What motivated me to go public with all this strange information about aliens, I’ve already described in other articles, but I’ll briefly list it here.Some of you know that in 2006 I finished a therapy that went completely wrong because my therapists had overlooked a severe trauma I had. And since then, I was actually slowly being eaten by the…
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May 20, 2020
The earth doesn’t revolve around the sun
Anyone who dares to look critically at the evidence that the earth is round and revolves around the sun, often does not yet know what the alternative theory might look like. It is often a search for a coherent theory that answers all the questions. But nobody has all the answers yet. If you search for the subject on Google,…
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May 26, 2020
No one is born with a sexual identity
I need to get something off my chest! And that is the way homosexual people (by which I also mean lesbian women) are treated in the West. There is a lot of violence towards homosexuals, and the hive-minded part of the population thinks that we should embrace homosexuals only with love, as a compensation for the hate they endure and…
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Jun 4, 2020
Followers united for George Floyd
What on earth is wrong with mankind? In huge numbers they vehemently react to the issues of the day! All united in their opinions. No one critical of another. All virtue-signalling! It’s disgusting. Now again as a result of the death of George Floyd, an American killed by another American. If you only protested every death in such a way?…
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Jul 5, 2020
Sounding the alarm again
Recently I’ve experienced some unusual things! And I therefore sound the alarm again!First of all, my neighbors who have been taken over and act all sweet to me, invited me to sit outside with them when I walked by. They offered me something to drink and something to eat. These neighbors had no mutual contact at first, but since they…
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Aug 2, 2020
Poisonous bites
Today I went to my parents’ place, where I met my parents and sister. During dinner they made several strange remarks about death. The last remark of my sister was her talking about the fact that cardio-fitness costs so much energy: “Yes, you’re pretty much dead in 6 minutes then! I thought they were hinting at me again, and said,…
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Aug 19, 2020
Fed up with these people
I’m so fed up with these people. These people who claim to be spiritual or of God, but just ignore you when you try to contact them by sending them a kind message. It’s a giant pattern that people ignore me. They probably think I am the enemy, or I am evil personified, because I judge some people’s behaviors, as…
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Sep 3, 2020
Family matters
This morning I left early with my sister to visit my brother. He came to live a little closer than Amsterdam, in Utrecht, together with his wife and 3 children, and it was the first time I saw his new home. It was a long day. The way in was quite nice with my sister, although she had a dramatic…
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Sep 13, 2020
A lousy lie!
A subject that still scares people when you question it, is the holocaust. As if you yourself are guilty of gassing Jews by questioning it. Anyone who is going to investigate what is true about the claims that Jews were gassed, quickly finds the witness statements in for example, a film such as “Survivors of the Holocaust” by Steven Spielberg.…
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Sep 20, 2020
Be prepared!
Our King Willem-Alexander warned in his speech last Tuesday that we must prepare for some ‘external shock’. I have a great suspicion that this could be something incredible. Anyone who has read or listened to my article End of a cycle on Youtube knows that there is a chance that the cycle of history will soon come to an end…
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Sep 20, 2020
Gruesome truths
When I first read David Icke’s books (see Introduction for links to his books), I was quite upset when I read that the whole Thatcher government in England was full of pedophiles/pedosexuals. David Icke shows this in his books, with an incredible amount of evidence. He states that this is still the case today. Pedosexuals are deliberately brought into positions…
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Oct 18, 2020
Gangstalking and gaslighting
Ever since I started posting information about the ‘aliens’ who are targeting me, small planes have been flying over my house regularly. All day long! And every few days a dark helicopter flies right by my house. I know for sure that these planes fly over my house to gangstalk me but it doesn’t frighten me at all! It is…
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Nov 11, 2020
Bad loser?
While, after the US presidential election, the entire mainstream media (domestic and foreign) declared Joe Biden the new president, Donald Trump was quietly playing golf. He doesn’t care at all, because he knows exactly how things were going to go, and he probably has all things under control. Just browsing the internet for the claims of election fraud and you…
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Nov 19, 2020
A look at the Q phenomenon
After some time of reflection and watching what is happening in the world today, I have come to some new insights. Several Dutch people have now also risen up and taken on the task of informing the people about what is going on. They often see Trump as the great saviour, and they are followers of Q who, with his…
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Nov 27, 2020
Consciousness and the brain
Through my experiences in therapy, where my aggression was lifted up in my body until it took a place in my head, and in a later therapy where I let it go again and felt it sink back into my body, I knew that the human mind was an electromagnetic field and that the way you deal with your emotions…
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