In this article, I talk about a strange experience I had while talking to my neighbor, and share that I am done with being a play toy.

I am not a play toy!

Today, when I heard my neighbor, who is taken over, say hello while walking past my open front door (I often have the front door open in the summer to let in a fresh breeze), I walked over to the door to chat. She was by now at her own front door, and came walking toward me. I then stand still, but she always manages to get just a little too close, than is comfortable. So then I take a step to the side or back. When we were talking for a few minutes, something strange happened. There was nothing going on at all, but suddenly I felt a nasty rush of adrenaline, a sort of current flowing through me. There was absolutely no trigger, not inside me, but not outside me either, so I then assume that the trigger was in the astral layer of this reality, which is behind the physical layer that we are in. These taken over people or Dragons can probably see into this layer, and can influence someone from a distance. I have also seen this with my father who appeared in one of my dreams to make something clear to me, as I described in my article Another update on my situation. And repeating to me with extra force something he had just said to me on the phone (before I fell asleep again). Most people don’t take these kinds of dreams seriously, “It’s just a dream!” they say, but that’s not the truth. Some dreams are just to process things, but other dreams connect you to the spiritual world, or to the Angels/Demons that are around you in the astral layer. But anyway, so while I was talking to the neighbor, I felt this adrenaline/tension suddenly coursing through me. A bit like you get when you’re physically threatened, or when you were an adolescent talking to the girl of your dreams (well, that’s how it usually went for me). Now, with this neighbor, that is not the case at all, but yes: I do know that she has been taken over. I have written about this many times in previous articles. I was suddenly on my guard, a slight hesitation came over me and I didn’t feel 100% for a moment, so I broke off the conversation shortly afterwards.

It is, of course, again a matter of conjecture what this is supposed to mean. What was remarkable was that when I was with my taken over family to watch soccer yesterday, my family were mirroring me like crazy. And they loved it! My dad was in his element, he really enjoyed it! I think he felt super good doing that, something that is of course very moronic. They were constantly saying things that applied to me. It was about ‘criticizing someone else’ (probably in response to my article about Martin Vrijland). It was about ‘putting the brakes on’ (perhaps because I have posted more things in the past few days, and I feel in my element too), but I began to notice that I didn’t let myself be scorn in such a way, and that the things I said could also be interpreted as applying to my family. So there was a kind of light mutual conflict in the air. It felt like I could finally let myself be heard without fear, but the moments that they said something that applied to me irritated me a lot. I don’t really have to make an effort anymore, to mirror their behavior and reflect back what they’re giving me (but this applies only when I feel at ease). No, it happens completely automatically. That’s what you get when you’ve been worked on by them for years. But that is exactly their intention, that you fight yourself free from them.

So don’t tell me to put the brakes on, and don’t attack me from the astral plane, because I have something to teach you, and it’s time for you to listen to me. You should learn to have the decency to tell me something with words, in a direct way, if you have something to say. All those indirect ways of making things clear to me are subject to interpretation, and I will never know what exactly you mean, other than death and destruction. So I can no longer go into that, or take it seriously at all. If you guys want to kill me, you’ll do it anyway. I am not a Luciferic entity or a Satanic entity that doesn’t talk back to you and always does exactly what you tell me. I have my own space that I occupy and my own considerations. If you want to discuss something, you can. But then just use your voice, and arguments, like everyone else. Because I am sick and tired of being your slave! Don’t do that to me, and certainly don’t do that to all of the others!

I will tell you a story. When we used to sit at the dinner table when I was little, and my father didn’t treat my twin sister fairly, (which made me think of the times he beat my sister), I would get very angry with him. My family usually didn’t understand, and my father would preach to me (without even seeing my anger), that I needed to “talk,” preferably in a mature way, and then also without any kind of negative energy. At least, that’s what it came down to. To accomplish that, he showed me by smacking my face every time I was angry how well he could talk himself. Who was the child? And who was the adult? He knocked all my agression inward and my self-confidence was totally destroyed. I suffered terribly as a result, and still do. At one point I defended myself like a little adult to my father, by TALKING, saying, “Yes, go ahead and hit me some more…”

This is how you in your Antichrist mode really remind me of this behavior of my father. You want me to never be angry, always do what you say, always embrace you in unconditional love, only then will I get love from you. If you don’t get that, then you become violent. To me that comes in as an incredibly dirty way of love and incredibly invasive. I am not a thing! I am not a play toy that you can keep on playing with, pulling me in a different direction every time, holding me back every time, without getting it back at some point! I want freedom! I want my own autonomy! And I want you to look at YOURSELF in the mirror, instead of me. I hate that kind of hypocrisy. You have killed everyone around me, and then you have the nerve to tell me that I am not loving enough! Are you fucking kidding me? You must be telling yourselves that you did it out of love. The twistedness in your minds, is crazy!

I got a response in my mailbox from someone who called herself Jeannie Clarke (J.C. = Jesus Christ), to which I asked if she was a “genie” (a Djinn entity, another name for Antichrist entities), to which she replied in the affirmative. So then again you know for sure you are dealing with a person, who is taken over. She pretended to approach all the Christ-activated people she could find. And she told they took all her websites offline. She told she was a targeted individual and that we would all prevail, in the face of these terrible powers. She believed the story she told me, I think, although she lied! But according to her, being of a high vibration was essential to survival. According to her, I had to fill myself with love and send it as far as possible to my surroundings, to protect everyone. And by ‘love’ she meant of course the high-vibration love, which in my opinion does not change negative entities around you at all because it let them do whatever they want, but no, according to her it would SHOCK the whole system! Because according to her (and the many other people who have gone before her in my mailbox) beings with low vibrations can’t stand this, and they will run away from you, something I have said myself of course as well. But I can also turn it around. If you let people who only have a high vibration see your low vibration, then they in turn also run away from you. True love is neither of high vibration nor of low vibration. It is knowing when to show one, and when to show the other. But the Antichrist powers are a distinct case. I think I have shown quite a bit of understanding toward them, recently. I’ve reasoned about what their function is, and I’ve even shown love toward them, because I recognize their role in myself as well. But now it is time for me to show them the other side, and that is that I hold t hese Antichrist entities to moral standards, because it is about time! That way I can protect my surroundings too. At least, that is my way! In doing so, I trust my feelings and my heart completely. Should that mean that my end is near, I absolutely do not care. At least I’ve been true to myself and my surroundings.

As far as I am concerned, this is the beginning of the end of being a play toy! A beautiful moment, if you ask me. And a great time to send some love to everyone reading this!!! Here it is! And a special word to my original father: I love you infinitely!

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