In this article, I describe TechTuber Jason of the YouTube channel ByteMyBits to have been taken over as well. It is obvious from his behavior.

Another TechTuber who was taken over

In my previous article, I mentioned that Linus Sebastian of the YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips had been taken over by a Dragon entity for about a year and a half. The difference between the original Linus and the Linus who is taken over, is obvious. When I saw him presenting some kind of Deal or No Deal game show, after I had already published my article, I was confirmed in my suspicions once again. The real Linus would never have done this, and certainly not so well dressed either. He is standing there like a professional presenter/actor/advertiser leading the game show. Absolutely ridiculous. Below the video, all the people commenting say, “he has become so professional”, and “he has come so far”. But what if they would know the truth, of him not being the real Linus, standing there, but an actor who is blatantly lying to them. Such a horrible truth!

Linus is not the only one in TechTuber-land who has been taken over. Today I found out that another YouTuber named Jason, from the YouTube channel ByteMyBits, has also been taken over. A few years ago when I still had a media server, I would occasionally visit his channel. What struck me about this mild-mannered, geeky Jason, is that he could whine endlessly about how many streams his media server could transcode. It was always about the numbers, and if someone talks about that too much, I just feel the emptiness of that person’s existence. I do have this with several nerds. But Jason also became involved in more serious things at a certain point, and I suspect that this was put on hold, and he was taken over at that point a few years ago. One video where he is very clearly still his original self is this one, a video from 3 years ago. He comes across as calm to me, and does things his own way, and not always by the book. And he has a healthy dose of not giving a fuck about what other people think of him, but in a controlled way. Then looking at one of his latest videos, we see a totally different guy. This one is the popular kid, draws attention to himself. Comes across as an incredible asshole and constantly talks in a mocking tone. This is the Antichrist in full action. Also, his video thumbnails since being taken over are quite mocking, vulgar and immature.

When we also see him do something reminiscent of shapeshifting in one of his videos, I have doubts about if shapeshifting is real after all, and it tends to confirm my suspicions. Here you will find an image on which this can be seen as well, Image. Pay close attention to the sides of Jason’s neck, especially the left side, but you can also see it on the right side. Time codes include: 0:13, and 6:26. It seems to be a muscle contraction, but I think there is more to it. Also, his teeth do crazy things from time to time. And I get the urge to say that the form these entities take is made up of lines. But maybe these are interlacing artifacts. But remember the black-and-white liquid crystal lines from my articles on clowns: Jokesters or monsters? And: A covert threat, and more information on clowns.

It also becomes clear from one of Jason’s videos, that he has been going through a divorce for the last few months. You often see that when people are taken over, they get divorced. After years of always doing everything on his own, in this video he is suddenly doing a video with someone, someone who is presumably his new girlfriend. Someone he has met, and who he is very likely very happy to let go of Jason’s original personality a little more for. In this lady, the Dragon Consciousness seeps very much into her physical appearance. It also looks like she has been dead and brought back to life. The makeup she wears cannot disguise that. Dragons usually only have sex with other Dragons. And when they do it with ordinary people, it is to get a DNA sample so that they can read out what frequency you are on with your personality so that they can easily tune in on you from the astral dimension.

So it is not wise to just give your DNA away. Just a little side trip to our Dutch Royal Family: When there was an investigation into Prince Bernhard’s children born out of wedlock, it was suggested that a DNA sample be taken from the then Queen Beatrix, but she refused. Of course, she has a lot to hide, which is: her hybrid Dragonhood, and possibly the ability to shapeshift to this other form. For centuries, these royal families have wanted to keep the bloodlines as Reptilian as possible, and they do this by marrying their own kind. All of these people are related to each other. Willem-Alexander was not allowed to marry Emily Bremers because, according to Beatrix, her ancestry wasn’t sophisticated enough. And none of that was a lie. Nobility marries nobility, and they have a big secret, and that is, they’ve all been taken over at some point in their lives, by forces even higher than themselves. And all those government leaders who are pushed to the forefront are distant relatives of each other. This is how they ensure that secrets really do stay secrets. Whoever talks is killed immediately, without anyone noticing. After all, someone still looks exactly the same as before. And hardly anyone has the awareness to look for something behind certain changes in habits, or personality.

But now back to giving DNA: In this video we see the taken over Jason of ByteMyBits asking critical questions about a DNA test at some trade show. You would expect him to be hesitant giving his DNA, since he says beforehand that it will go to BigPharma and the government will secretly do what they want with it (probably put clones of him into the world, my addition), but no, the taken-over Jason hands off his DNA immediately like an idiot, “why not!” he says. The government will not expose his little secret. It is clear that Jason wants to encourage other people to do the same. 2 seconds later we see an ad, that you should especially use a VPN when browsing, so the government can’t see what you are doing. The contrast is enormous between giving your DNA to the government, and then taking a VPN to hide things from the government. A huge contrast between what Jason says and what Jason does. It’s clear that he doesn’t have a single shred of moral capacity left, and that he’s just opportunistic, trying to be as malignant an influence as possible.

I also used a VPN back in the days when I downloaded a lot of movies, but I would advise against it to anyone. (It would be a way to shield your browsing habits from your ISP, hide your IP, and bypass geoblocks.) All these VPN compan ies are stunting with prices of a few euros a month and are recommended by all the newspapers and technology channels, but of course you can’t trust this. All these VPN companies are most likely owned by shady characters who pass on the data to the ruling powers. You will be noticed the least, if you don’t use a VPN!

Each of the people who are taken over have family and friends who suddenly see the particular person taken over doing insane things. Totally 180 degrees turned in views. Doing things that the original person would never do. And all focused on appearances, and on stupefying people so they believe the lies. Once you know it’s happening, you look right through everything. Does someone suddenly get divorced out of the blue? You bet one of these people has been taken over. Do they suddenly have unusual contacts who look like zombies brought back to life, as with the creepy ByteMyBits duo in the video above? You bet that could be exactly what happened to these individuals. Is your mother suddenly wearing a dress, when she has said she will never wear a dress, as with my mother, and are there many more of these little things that make you doubt, know that your family too may have been taken over. Anyone who cannot perceive these small differences is actually dead as a doornail inside. Those who are filled with aggression are too busy with their own energy to correctly perceive the energy of others. That which you destroy in your mind is that which you do not want to see in reality, but which is still present. You make it go away, thinking that it does not exist. It is the way to repress a part of reality. But go ahead! Sooner or later you will be confronted with reality and there will be nothing left to repress. Then you will get the shock of your life, and in your desperation you will beg God for help, which these entities will see as an invitation to take you over. No, then you better read my site, and be prepared, for when it would happen. The more people who read this, the harder these Antichrist entities have to work to balance the good. So share this site, and pay attention to the signs in your area when it happens to you. By continuing to share information, you will keep them at bay. For this, for example, read my article, To follow Christ, is to be protected.

It was April 14th this week. 14-4 in Dutch. The 144 was a kind of activation to me, see also my article: End of a Cycle and Come fly with me. The Full Moon also plays a part in this activation. And furthermore, I saw the title of a music video: “Nothing Else Matters!” which I took to heart, and also activated me a bit again. Because on everything I do, after a while, I get bored. Anxiously, I cling to certain subjects and activities, like some kind of autist, but in the end, they are all dead ends that don’t really give me any satisfaction! As soon as I get bored with them, I feel my anger again. Anger due to the emptiness I feel, and then I come back to what really matters, and that is: telling my story. Nothing else matters!

And to the Big Boss up there: I am glad that I have been given the chance to walk my own path, and to sometimes focus on other things. Also, the times when I am a little less focused on my responsibilities are essential to my process. I have lost many people and things in my life, but am still grateful for many things regardless!

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