This article describes some insights of late about the entities that took over my familiy and friends.

To follow Christ, is to be protected

Such a severe mood at my ‘parents’ home last week, when I passed by. My mother who is taken over, was acting reasonably normal. But my father who is taken over, was acting cynical, very tiresome. I think he was offended by my last article, although I’m not sure if they read my articles. He mentioned the word “slave” in the conversation, perhaps suggesting that I use them as a slave, by making use of their help and then later talk about their behavior behind their backs. But sorry, you are responsible for your own behavior. If you feel you shouldn’t do something, don’t do it. But because you feel obligated to play your role, you may encounter things that feel a little less fun. Deal with it. And don’t blame me. You chose this life yourself or am I wrong? It’s pretty pathetic. First they take over my family, and then expect me to treat them exactly like my original family. Sorry, but I can’t do that. Would that be wrong? My parents have always helped me a lot with things. They’d rather give than take. Occasionally my brother and sister and I would try to surprise them or give them something, but usually they wouldn’t use it. Or it didn’t come up to do it. That was just their way of doing things! I sometimes talk in a negative way about who they are NOW, but that seems logical, because they have been taken over and don’t take much responsibility anymore for their part in the past we had together. When they were still themselves, they DID take responsibility! Now that they have been taken over, for a while now they have been insisting on behaving as positively as possible towards me, which at first made me feel guilty, but it has already diminished, because I know that they are just not themselves. In that regard, I am combative at times. I mentioned in my previous article that I am at peace at times, but on other moments that just feels ridiculous, and seems like I am just holding myself back in a prison-like state. My real feeling is that I am still angry. So my dad mirrored that right away this week with his cynical comments, yeah, and then they are revealing themselves. They can’t fool me anymore, using their acting skills. And the people who try to influence me, by saying that my real family and friends returned as they were before, and that they were only partly gone, they are wrong! The entities have just descended a little deeper into their roles, but I can taste the same toxic energy underneath at times. And I’m supposed to fall for that? It’s clear to me that they are completely different people and that it wasn’t them with whom I lived and shared joys and sorrows for all those years. You just sense something like that.
Besides that, I can still see it as them helping me to become stronger through everything they let me experience. For that, on the one hand, I am grateful. But on the other hand I hate them for what they have done, i.e. taken over my family and friends. Although I also love them, so it isn’t black-and-white.

Also, more and more stories are popping up on the Internet from people about the parasite that people are taken over by. Donald Marshall says it happens with the help of Vril aliens who poke you in the eye. Others say it’s a worm crawling in through the left eye. And still others say it’s a ball of light entering your body through the left eye. Here is an example of a woman who has experienced such a thing, but probably because of the fact she is taken over, is not telling the full truth about it. Worth watching.
Sherry Shriner on Youtube talks about the ‘soul scalping’ these entities do. According to her, there are 2 ways these entities can take you over. They can enter through your eye, or through your mouth/throat. She tells how you get a visit of Men in Black or some other entity who’s taken over, who put(s) a kind of small snake in your mouth, in order to assimilate you and make you ‘one of them’. Don’t know if this is the truth, but it would explain the broken tooth of my grandma. She must have resisted. God bless her soul. But my grandma also had a lightly bruised eye. So maybe they tried both ways.
I also saw this video on YouTube of Jerry Marzinsky, an American mental health practitioner, who was telling about his conversations with a schizophrenic patient in prison. While he read him a piece about parasitic entities from a book by Don Miguel Ruiz, he heard a crackling sound moving around the room, while his patient kept looking at him like a zombie. Whereupon he came to the conclusion that with schizophrenic patients, there are entities at play that reside in the patient’s body, that can even come out to threaten you. These are conscious beings.
The latest video of Jerry Marzinsky is recorded on a YouTube channel called Nightflight. On that channel, there is also an interview with Sherry Swiney, who talks about the same kinds of things as Sherry Shriner, but is definitely NOT the same person. My alarm bells went off, cause when ‘they’ want to hide someone’s information, they create a lot of alternative channels with the same name, or interview so called people with similar names, who then appear everywhere. All those people seem to know eachother, and invite eachother on each of their channels. So I can’t rule out the possibility that all these people are taken over and controlled. So don’t expect full disclosure.
And don’t forget the things I describe in my article Diary Post, in which I’m talking about this article (PDF) in which someone gets invaded in the same non-physical way by some kind of parasitic cloud.

Sometimes it seems as if the infected people themselves are unaware of their condition. In fact, they talk about their bloodshot eye, or them needing therapy because of trauma, without showing that they know what has happened to them. It’s very strange. Maybe they are kidding me, and they know full well, but it is remarkable to say the least. It really seems as if we are dealing with dissociated parts in their personality, which are generated by some kind of trauma. Perhaps by being killed by an infected person, after which the parasite takes up residence in the body, to control the body. But it could just as well be that no one is killed at all, but only a takeover takes place, which at the right moments adjusts and influences the personality. But the latter is less believable anyway, this because of the total lack of self-awareness exhibited by the people who are taken over and the obvious fragmented mind. Or would this be part of that influence? Generally, they accept it reasonably well when I am irritated about something or angry and I direct it to the personality they are mimicking. But they don’t accept it when I aim it at the aggressive parasite behind the mimicking. Then they become dangerous and threatening!

A well-known movie in which people are taken over is, of course, ‘Invasion of the Bodysnatchers’ (1978). But 2019 also saw the release of another movie similar to that: ‘Assimilate’ (2019). Here, a group of children are hunted by humans who are taken over, who try to take over the children, using some sort of parasite-like beasts that they keep in storage boxes. These bite the victims and then these creatures return to people from the occult group by which they were released, so this group has the DNA, which is then being used to make a clone with. Then the clone still needs the memories, which it later sucks up after appearing in front of the victim. The dead bodies of the victims are then burned. In real life, this doesn’t happpen, because they would leave evidence with that, and actually they don’t leave any. However, I have wondered in the past where my sister’s real body is, since I had suspicions that these entities can shapeshift to different bodies. Probably they can change personalities as well as bodies. I now remember that I did see the shapeshifting once. I came home from the supermarket, and saw a woman I didn’t know walking around my apartment building. I was thinking: who is this woman? And when I got a little closer, suddenly she changed into my neighbor who is taken over. Very strange. I thought I imagined it, but it could just as well be that I was witnessing a shapeshift. If they can take on different bodies and different personalities, there must be some way they dump the original body. One time I asked my taken over parents what they had eaten. And then they looked at each other chuckling and saying. “Yeeeeaaah, what did we eat?” Would they somehow eat the original bodies in some kind of spiritual non-physical way? It’s just a wild guess. But in the astral, people are also eaten by those reptilian aliens, if Peggy Kane is to be believed. Perhaps they do the same in these realms. I’m just exploring the possibilities. Perhaps the matter around us is not as ‘solid’ as we all think. I’m sure there are simple explanations for how it works! But what I do think is that these entities have complete control over matter and can show themselves however they want, usually mirroring the fear of the victim.

For those of you who are getting really scared now, I’ll assure you by saying: They are not evil in the way that you may think. Otherwise, they would kill everyone they meet. The goal is not world domination, as some people (including Donald Marshall himself) think. They have taken over the most influential people anyway, but they are here for us, to empower us and teach us to do the right thing. There are casualties in the process, but they reason in such a way that if they can free one person with that, then it has been positive. And they only target you when you are ready for it. Although your life can always be taken away by being friends with someone who is being targeted.

A certain portion of the people walking around are just simulations. There is only a certain portion of living souls. The rest are all potential agents of the Matrix, who are meant to empower you. Have you ever noticed that you see so few people around you bringing in groceries to their homes? My neighbors never go grocery shopping. My neighbor sometimes goes out with his car, but I never see him coming back with groceries. My downstairs neighbor is sometimes cooking, but where she gets her groceries from: no idea. The other neighbor happened to drink the same thing I used to drink, but I never see her bringing in groceries either, while I come back a few times each week with a stuffed bag. Unbelievable. Those agents of the Matrix don’t eat. They only eat when you’re around. I see my across the street neighbor walking her dog 4x a day, in exactly the same way. But I have never seen her bring one bag of groceries into her house. I also don’t see any delivery cars delivering groceries. The same with my other across the street neighbor. I’ve never seen him get groceries. It’s so obvious. But people generally don’t pay attention to such things. But it is very remarkable to say the least, and it makes me laugh intensely sometimes. It’s really ridiculous! Where the hell am I? It sure resembles ‘The Truman Show’ (1998).

I sometimes ask people who experience similar things to contact me, but who knows, maybe that’s not so wise after all. Just stay as far away from me as possible. I received a long message in my mailbox that was posted on my site. It was from someone who is also going through intense things. In that message he says he was in contact with some kind of chatbot that acts like a human being, but I get the same idea about his message even before he mentioned it. As if there is no real human behind it, but some kind of Artificial Intelligence. If not, I hereby say “I’m sorry” to this person, but I don’t feel like making contact. All the people who contact me also want to video call. But I am not comfortable with that at all. Because I know from myself that I can’t guard my boundaries in live contact as well as when I do it over the mail with messages. It’s not that I want to make friends. In that respect I trust people too little and I have nothing more to gain in this life anyway. The only option I have left is to share everything that’s on my mind. People better stay well away from me. By doing independently what God wants, a power so great will rise up in the world that the world will change. And in doing so, I honor the words that my father used to jokingly say to my brother, sister and me when we were going somewhere, and I want to repeat these words to each of you now:

“Whoever loves Me, let him follow Me!”

They are the words of Christ, and they urge everyone to follow Christ, not as an idol to be worshipped, nor as someone with whom you have some vaguely intimate relationship. But as the principle of “living in truth” and taking action, precisely when things are made difficult for you in your life, when you witness injustice or evil. In other words, by taking up your cross. I thank my father for reminding me of him (and of Him) by speaking these words, as a motivation that I will carry with me for as long as I live! And remember: Whoever follows Christ is protected from these entities and has nothing to fear. For your love for these entities ensures that you have no fear of them, just as your love for God ensures that you have no fear of God.

1 John 4:17-18
In this way, love has been perfected among us, so that we may have confidence on the day of judgment; for in this world we are just like Him. There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love…

For me, this still remains a dream….

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