This article is about some thoughts I had today, and describes some of my feelings about what I'm doing.

Diary post

To understand this article better, first read Section 2 and Section 3 of my story.

Several YouTubers indirectly suggest that I should not pay attention to people who were taken over. They are sometimes called clones by these YouTubers, sometimes aliens, sometimes organic portals, sometimes “the virus” or “the parasite”. These people who are taken over live off your vital energy, the attention you give them, or your anger, or fear. Anyone who remains unmoved in the company of these ‘clones’ is not a good ‘food source’ for them. The psychic energy they drain you of in contact is called loosh. Most people who talk about these entities say that they mirror what you share with people. So if you tell people out of fear that they might kill you, they try to trigger you with death references. (I’ve definitely noticed this in my contact with them). Then when you become angry out of your own sense of justice, they reject your emotion, so it compresses your core, and your agression is triggered. You could actually say that they are slowly hardening you to that kind of fearful thought, so you move toward a state of indifference for them. So they try to corrupt you in that way. Furthermore, they want you to share your thoughts with humanity. Several people have said that in this way they make you work as some kind of slave for them, but I think somewhat different about this. Because I want to work too, not for them, but for mankind. And I owe it to my family and friends, who have been taken over by them. Because of this, I sometimes have to make the difficult decision to share information in public, with the consideration that it might be picked up by anxious souls, who I then make even more afraid. Yet I am convinced that the information needs to be known to the general public, because every soul that wants to “graduate” from Earth, and return to Source (Earth is a simulation that has nothing to do with our original state) will sooner or later be targeted by entities that have been taken over. Still, I trust that people who can’t handle the information will remove me from their friend list, and turn their attention to other things. Sooner or later they will come across it again somewhere, and their interest will be piqued. Unfortunately, there is also a group of fragile souls who will read a lot about everything on purpose. These are the ones who go straight against their fears in order to conquer them. Those are people just like me. Unfortunately, I can’t rule this out, but I have to take the risk, because it is very important that this becomes known to a larger audience.

I posted the following text on Twitter and Facebook today, in response to this article (PDF) I had read:

Another possibility of how the mind parasites - those who have taken over my family and some friends - take over unsuspecting victims is by tuning in to their minds/bodies and causing a kind of anti-heartbeat, which goes right against the victim’s heartbeat. In such a way they suck the vital energy out of the victim until the heart stops. Then they take their place in the victim’s body. They are alive, are very aware of you, and want to take over you so they can experience what it is like to be you, as the ultimate antichrist (anti=in place of, christ=the christ in you).
It is very important that humanity becomes aware of these mind parasites present on earth, so that their actions can be countered. Nothing can happen to he whoever is aware of them and has control over his own aggression.

The people in my environment who were taken over behave very nicely and supportively towards me. They have all the mannerisms of the original persons, but they otherwise behave differently and, for example, say things that the original persons would never have said and have a different overall energy. Still, I can appreciate how they behave towards me and they are fine company, as weird as that may sound. They take responsibility for their roles. And I take responsibility for my role. That I should better ignore and avoid them, as some people online say, I think, is a thought based on fear. I did try this at first, but it is practically impossible, because they are everywhere. The best thing is to be brave, and go straight for them, so to not avoid them, but approach them with love.

Further, today I discussed with my mental health case manager this idea that I am acting like a slave, by continuing to post things, because I am afraid that otherwise they will also take me over. This is fueled by the idea that those who are aligning their thoughts, feelings and actions are allowing the Christ energy to flow through them, and you are then protected from these entities. However, most people are not protected, unless they follow me in what I do, and tell humanity about these entities. The thoughts of them taking over people and maybe wanting to take over me as well has proven to be very real when you look at what has happened around me, so it is also very real to take action in that. Anyone who experiences the same thing as I did, and doesn’t take action, I think is immoral in a nutshell. If you let it all happen and you don’t do anything, that’s a bad thing anyway! So those (mostly Luciferic) people on the internet can go *%# themselves. They always feel they are in a prison and then want to escape from it, not realizing that that prison is an imperfection in them, and in reality there is no prison at all from which to escape. They aren’t right in my opinion. And so it is my own choice to type texts and post videos. I am not trying to escape my responsibility. That’s for sure!

I was also talking to my mental health case manager today about my guilt. I feel guilty sometimes doing other things than working on my site or video’s. Sometimes I really need that, especially when the full Moon has just passed, when I’m a little less motivated. Men also have a sort of menstrual cycle, only without the menstrual part, and my cycle is now in sync with the Moon, because they triggered me purposely at just the right time, equalizing my cycle with the Moon. That did help me, because it gives a lot of insight into the influence that is on me. Sometimes I think they did that to charge me during the full moon, so I might confront them full on and they can then take me over, because in the article linked above and also in other places, it says that they often strike at full Moon. Then again, it could just as easily be positive, in that I now better understand when I should motivate myself more to share information (when it’s not a full Moon, that is), and when I should perhaps temper myself a bit (during the full Moon). In fact, they hinted earlier that your motivation depends on your cycle, when they had me print out a booklet that was about the Moon (at my work at the mental health facility, where a lot of people who are taken over actually work, who have ‘treated’ me for years). It is important that you do not become a slave to the Moon, and so it is important to also find the motivation and inspiration to do the Great Work when the Moon is not full in the sky. This still costs me a lot of effort, but I hope to become a little better at it each time. Some months I do better than others.

Another strange thing that happened last month, just before the full moon, is that I received a number of messages from a former colleague of mine, a very Christian woman, of whom I suspect she was taken over as well. She sent me an audio file on which she sang out loud, “The party can begin, for we are in! We’re going for it! Saturday! The party can begin, because we are in, it can’t get any crazier!” I really thought for a moment that this was her way of letting me know that the upcoming Saturday would be the Event, which I talked about in End of a cycle, and Be prepared! I even let this discourage me for a moment, because it seemed that I had already reached my goal, but nothing was further from the truth. I’ll have to hang in there a little longer, after all. And who knows, maybe that whole Event is a big psy-op! You don’t have to do it all for a reward either! And I’m not doing it for that either! I’m doing it because I love my family and my friends very much, and all mankind anyway, and I don’t accept that they have manipulated my loved ones in this way. And that manages to touch me deeply and it motivates me every time!

* A movie that captures the principle of loosh and the game of light and dark that we play on Earth very well is the movie ‘The Dark Crystal’ (1982) by Jim Henson (from ‘The Muppets’), highly recommended. There is also a series of it, but I have only seen the movie.

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