This article describes the Event that marks the end of time and will be the end of this cycle in history.

End of a cycle

During the time that I, in my search for truth, arrived at the information I’m about to share in this article, and for the first time expressed my thoughts sparingly to my mental health practitioner, my life was turned upside down by the Antichrist-‘aliens’ (about whom you can read in other articles on this website), and since then my search for truth suffered a terrible setback, in the sense that researching things was no longer as easy as it was before, cognitively and emotionally speaking. However, I have changed and in a general sense I now speak out a lot more than before, even though I don’t feel much power for it. So I cannot go into detail in this article because I know too little about these subjects, but overall I will make an attempt to share what’s on my mind. 

Anyone who has read my previous articles has seen me write about Abraxas from Thuban, the Lucifer dragon who made a huge information dump on the Birth of Gaia forum, years ago. In that forum he, like many others on the internet (David Wilcock a.o.) talked about a big event that would take place in the near future. An event, whereby the sun would give a huge plasma burst and herald the end of this cycle in history. Those who know the work of Terence McKenna know that the history of mankind is divided into cycles, in which even certain important events can be predicted. This cycle is now coming to an end, and the Last Judgment will be pronounced on humanity. The Book of Revelation is for example one giant warning for this. A certain part of humanity (the part that has learned from their mistakes, and repent for their mistakes) will be promoted and moved to a positive world. The part that is evil and purposely fails to learn from their mistakes will be moved to a negative world. And the greater part that is ‘lukewarm’, will enter a new cycle of thousands of years to try again, in short. This event is the Biblical Rapture, the Apocalypse. How it’s going to take place, I don’t know, and I don’t know whether it’s true or not. Several people on the internet talk about an event that selects a group of people ‘naturally’ to continue life. This corona crisis would be a fake exercise, and the real deal would take place at the end of the year. What all these people have in common is that they pride themselves about them being among these 144,000 lucky ones, 144,000 being the number mentioned in the Bible. Even the people in the responses to the relevant YouTube videos have already decided for themselves that they belong to the lucky ones. Furthermore, the internet is full of people who warn with great fear of the evil plans of the elite, whom by means of 5G and laboratory created diseases that are put in the meat or drinking water are going to reduce mankind to 500 million people. Search the internet for The Georgia Guide Stones, and you can see what supposedly is the plan of the evil globalist elite. 

According to other sources, the 144,000 people acting in the spirit of the Christ figure would survive the event, but I have doubts whether this will happen in a supernatural way. I received a greeting card from my new project supervisor at my work (at the mental health facility) with an Ice Age scene and the text ‘Hang in there for just a while more’. I saw the prehistoric birds in the background and an Ice-Age figure controlling this bird. This reminded me of two things: on the one hand the image of the dragon tamer (Ophiuchus), which is actually the thirteenth constellation of the Zodiac, which you unlock by balancing and integrating the properties that belong to all 12 constellations, or 3 modalities (cardinal signs, fixed signs and mutable signs) of 4 elements (fire, earth, air and water). The dragon tamer would then be the one who is perfectly able to cope with life on Earth, and tames the dragon-aliens with his loving confrontation. And on the other hand, it reminded me of the Locusts, designated by some Biblically educated people as the creatures to be released in the Event (the Rapture), and designated to perform the selection and move the people in question to the location where they belong according to their energy field. In addition, Abraxas from Thuban’s information dump states that the electromagnetic vortexes in the centre of the Earth will turn inside out to show and broadcast to the whole universe how to NOT behave as a civilisation. Perhaps this will as well have consequences for the electromagnetic vortexes that comprise the energy field of a human being. Perhaps these vortexes also turn inside out, so it would be important that you have turned inside out psychologically on Earth in recent years, so that you can handle the energies that are released in this event. If you want to see more of the vortexes on this flat earth, you should really check out the Flat Earth Paradise channel on Youtube. 

But I’m not sure whether this will eventually happen as described here. It may as well be that by means of laboratory created diseases, lethal 5G technology, and nuclear war, we are indeed coming to our end, and those who have their feelings, thoughts, and actions aligned (which is the hallmark of the Christ Consciousness), and who are therefore perfectly prepared for these disastrous events (by means of a garden full of vegetables, a way to purify water, and other survival aids), are the ones who will survive. In that case, the average Christian who, as I describe in the Corona article on my site, is mainly preaching about God, but no longer has any idea what the concept of God means, is absolutely not one of the lucky ones. 

I don’t see me preparing myself in the way the preppers do, sending a message full of fear into the world. I’m not like that anymore. I also get my groceries from the supermarket, and I am well aware that this makes me dependent, and that if the financial system collapses soon, we will all have no more money and no food. But even though I have a lot of fear in daily life, I am no longer afraid of anything. I’m embracing the future with all my heart, and if that means giving my life, then so be it. Because of my poor mental state, and my deteriorating physical health, my life will come to an end anyway. In this period I will try to share everything that is on my mind, for those who can benefit from it. 

I wish everyone the best! And thank you for reading this article.

posted on Apr 30, 2020 by Jesse Musson

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