In this chapter I describe how both the benign and the evil powers are currently harvesting souls on Earth.

Soul harvesting

Chapters How God influences mankind and The Millennial Reign of Christ contradict each other, which I also mention in the latter. In the former I’m describing a linear course of history. One that you can reconcile with astrology, and the various aeons humans are in. But research in the field of alternative history has also produced lots of information that history is largely falsified, and that the course of history of man was actually very different from the linear timeline normally used. If we take this seriously, then we would now be in Satan’s Little Season from Revelation 20, which is the time that the evil powers are let loose, after the Millennial Kingdom of Christ, which is obscured by the Middle Ages, and was only a dark period for the evil powers, who at the time were imprisoned. According to this view, we would now be just before the Last Judgment. It is striking that there wouldn’t then be an endless period for people to develop, but there would then only be limited time, after which all people are judged on how they have developed in this limited time, the final life of people being the sum of all earlier lives. In my article To leave no one behind, I describe how I’m hoping we can all eventually evolve to a higher state and leave no one behind in that process.

What I am very sure about is that both the benign powers and the evil powers are harvesting at this time, without people noticing. I happened to notice it because these entities started taking over my family and friends all one by one, and I got very close to the action that way. I think after being harvested, everyone is judged. You could see it this way: these entities take over your environment, so that they can treat you the best they can, so that you can be harvested yourself, by the benign powers. So these entities help me by making these sacrifices, which is a terrible truth, but you have control over whether they do this. By not accepting it at the first takeover (of which they indirectly inform you, if you are paying attention), you can stop them, but then you must immediately make a move outward (to the public) and write about it on a website, or some other publishing platform or take action in some other way where you inform humanity. This is the positive approach.

But if you prefer to look at it negatively, which I don’t recommend, you can state, that these Antichrist powers want to take over people around you, to in the end finish with you. The people around you are the loose ends, the people who might notice if I were to be taken over, so they must be dealt with. So they work from the outside inwards and eventually they end your life. Most people won’t survive this because they don’t know how to intervene, or they just don’t pay attention. I intervened and started expressing myself on my website about these events. So I did not accept their attempts to take me over, and I advise everyone to do the same, when you notice people around you being taken over. They always let you know, so be extremely vigilant. If they do take over people around you, because you intervene too late, but you do manage to protect you yourself, you can work on yourself with the help of the negativity of the taken over people, to work towards the state in which you yourself are harvested by the benign powers.

So a certain part of humanity (the part that has learned from their mistakes, and repents for their mistakes) is harvested during this time, and probably moved to a positive world. The portion that is evil and does not wish to learn will be harvested by the evil powers and moved to a negative world. And the vast majority who are “lukewarm”, in other words, the average human, will perhaps enter a new cycle to try again. So there is a Harvest/Rapture, but you must have your feelings, thoughts, and actions aligned, and have done enough good, to be harvested that way.

Upon harvesting, your soul is then taken from your body, and a replacement entity then takes control of your body. The same goes for those harvested by evil powers, and for all those around you. The danger of people around me being taken over has now passed. This is due to my change in emotional state, which has become much more loving, and no longer opposes the moral order that is here on Earth. And this is exactly what they want and aim for. See also the last paragraph of Lucifer vs. Satan and Christ vs. Antichrist. So Christ still rules at this time, which makes the information that we are in Satan’s Little Season a lot more credible.

The presence of this cycle coming to an end, also becomes clear if we take seriously the information surrounding the Great Reset and the WEF. These are the Satanic powers, warning us. So whether it is an end of a cycle or whether we really find ourselves before the Last Judgment of God, I will keep inconclusive for now. Because that remains difficult to judge, with the sparse amount of information I have. But I did get this greeting card, Image, from a taken over project supervisor at my work several years ago: It’s an Ice-Age scene with the text: Hang in there for just a while more! I saw the prehistoric birds in the background and an Ice-Age character directing this bird. That made me think of two things: on the one hand, the image of the Dragon Tamer (Ophiuchus), which is actually the thirteenth constellation, which you unlock when you are able to balance and integrate the characters belonging to all 12 constellations into yourself. The dragon tamer then is the one who is perfectly equipped for life on Earth, taming the Antichrist entities (which sometimes call themselves Dragons), so to speak, with his loving confrontational attitude. And on the other hand, it made me think of the beasts, which according to some, are released at the end of the cycle, and who are designated to perform the selection and move the people in question to the location where they belong according to their emotional state. I take this symbolically and say that it does not happen that way, but thus through a harvest, which does not become visible to most people.

There is also information that we will now enter the Christian tribulation, including Antichrist and Mark of the Beast, and that it will be followed by the Millennial Kingdom of Christ. Everything is set up for Christian people to believe that, but because of the presence of false history and tampering with the timeline (see The Millennial Reign of Christ), I don’t take it seriously. And it is most likely an attempt to make man believe she still has plenty of time, when that perhaps may not be the case.

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Section 1: 1984-2017

Section 1


A brief overview of my childhood, how my treatment for severe anxiety and identity issues went all wrong, and how I deal with the disastrous consequences.

Section 2: 2018-2023

Section 2


How I discover information about entities taking over bodies and how these entities eventually open the attack on me and those around me.

Section 3: various topics

Section 3

various topics

An explanation for my experiences in therapy, multiple other things I have discovered in my quest for truth, and my opinion on additional matters.




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