In this chapter I'm going to describe which forces God uses to influence mankind.

How God influences mankind

Yahweh is the god of the Bible. He was an entity that created the first human being on Earth. Some say he did so through genetic engineering. Others say humanity was materialized on Earth as a product of the consciousness of God, who wanted to know himself. God then is “all that was, all that is, and all that will be. Perhaps Yahweh was able to incarnate his own consciousness in a human body. In any case, the human being he materialized or created obeyed him. He was thus a God, though not the highest God. The supreme God is the Trinity, who created various hierarchies of angels, each affecting humanity in its own way.

According to Rudolf Steiner, it was first planned that in the future humanity would take the place of the lower hierarchy of Angels, upon which all the various orders would move upward. But the plan was halted and it was decided that humans would be given the task of becoming a physical being in order to become independent of God, the ultimate path for self-realization of God in the universe, to then form a new hierarchy, as the Spirits of Love and Freedom. This required the sacrifice of the Fall. Lucifer tempted Eve in Paradise to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil: the capacity for evil was then born. Man no longer listened to Yahweh, whereupon Yahweh turned into the vengeful and jealous God found in the Bible. Lucifer thus rebelled against Yahweh to make mankind free. The goals of the Fall of Man have been achieved today and now it is a matter of returning to the original consciousness, but as a freely individualized being of love. Not one being of the existing hierarchies has ever experienced this.

But in order to return to the original consciousness, a second force was needed, a counterforce that could ensure that Lucifer’s expanded consciousness did not drift into wickedness. That was Satan, who acted as Yahweh’s police force, so to speak, freeing man in another area of the mind. The Satan force is the karmic consequence of the effect that Lucifer had on mankind, making sure that Lucifer’s rebellion and self-love cannot go too far and a path can be taken back to Yahweh. That is the Great Plan.

God is watching from above how we are doing. He has, roughly speaking, three ways to exert targeted influence on learning people: two I have already named. Those are Lucifer and Satan. God can encourage you through people around you, which is Luciferic treatment. From this you grow until you start floating and lose contact with Earth. And He can antagonize you through criticism, which is a Satanic treatment. From this you shrink until you harden and lose contact with spiritual reality. Sometimes it is said that there are only two emotions: love and fear. Love then is the expansive reaction to the Lucifer force and fear is the compressive reaction to the Satan force. In other words, good and evil. But this way of looking at it is actually a little odd, because both extremes of good and evil can eventually become too much. People need both sides in their development, both the light and the shadow. This is how a human being can come to know himself. How he can learn to Be. And how he can enter into loving contact with his fellow man. He who has developed both sides in himself walks the middle path between Lucifer and Satan, and this, according to Rudolf Steiner, is the path of the Christ-figure. It is the intention of the Great Plan that we all learn to walk the path of Christ. For we are on Earth to learn and rid ourselves of mistakes, in order to become perfect, just like Christ. If we strive for this, then every act of every human being in the world will become a religious act. This has nothing to do with the exoteric form of religion practiced in this world, which has been corrupted completely, but has to do with balancing your inner state so that you can communicate with your fellow man with strong love. This also has nothing to do with how some people see the Christ figure: as someone who accepts everything. No, Christ is representing a love that’s imbued with strength. You are both light, and shadow, but the instincts are under control. And you have the strong will to know and proclaim the truth, even in the face of great opposition.

Lucifer sees the prey and is the current in yourself that works from future to past, which is thus the young-making power. And Satan sees the predator, and is the current in yourself that works from the past to the future, and so is the old-making power. The center is the present, and that is the heart. He who sees the consequences of his actions, has learned, and has long-term goals, has found the place for the old-making force. So the latter is not something to be eliminated in an artificial way. Both forces are needed.

The third main way to exert a targeted influence on human beings besides Lucifer and Satan is by taking over people through the power of the Antichrist. The soul of such a person is then replaced by an Antichrist soul, which can almost perfectly mimic the behavior of the original soul using memories. The only thing that this Antichrist cannot mimic is the energy a person used to emit, so you notice it especially there that someone you know is not the original person anymore, at least if you sense such things well.

The Antichrist entity that has taken over a body can then generally exercise the three roles, of Lucifer (encouragement), Satan (criticism), and the Antichrist (disapproval). Lucifer and Satan are the left and right hands of this Antichrist, and they listen to his orders. But they also listen to the Christ figure, who thus comprises the middle path between Lucifer and Satan. Those who walk that path are targeted by this Antichrist. These entities then begin to take over people around you to eventually finish by killing you. So they also take over you, if you give them the chance. So the Antichrist works from the outside in. He does this in order not to be noticed, and to deal with all the loose ends without anyone noticing. So he is very calculating and evil. Whereas a man must learn to embrace Lucifer and Satan with love, if the Antichrist is in his Antichrist role, man must keep the Antichrist at bay as much as possible by severing ties. The Antichrist peels off your consciousness layer by layer by constantly rejecting your anger. As a result, your power becomes more and more loving, until finally you become free in your ego and are no longer afraid of anyone. The Antichrist needs your indirect permission to take over people around you, so if you notice that people around you are being taken over, for example by trying to trigger you with, say, references to reptilian aliens, vampires or werewolves, or the very things you are afraid of, raise the alarm immediately, and share your story. In other words, produce works. This is essential to keep the people around you and also you alive.

Almost all people who are famous have been taken over. But also people who speak too much truth can be targeted to be taken over. And further, psychiatric patients, who suppress their shadow or who cannot be helped anymore. The Antichrist makes victims among all people groups, but it is up to you whether they are successful in what they want to do.

So it is important that you establish a reciprocal relationship with these Antichrist entities. So you should not be aggressive towards them, because then they will immediately take you over. It is important that you listen to them carefully and, using your capacity for anger and sorrow, process what they give you to process, until you let go of them and don’t care about them anymore. Eventually, humanity will also learn to deal with this power and will learn to persevere in the Christ-state and proclaim the truth to the world, despite the opposition of this Antichrist. It is meant to ultimately make humanity super strong.

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