In this chapter I describe how the Christ figure relates to the 3 evil forces.

Lucifer vs. Satan & Christ vs. Antichrist

In this chapter, I will elaborate a little further on the 4 different mental states: Lucifer-Satan-Christ-Antichrist.

Do you ever feel yourself growing from love or encouragement? That is Lucifer’s work, so this is expansion with love, and this is the right place for Lucifer’s power. The right place for Satan’s power is the opposite of Lucifer, so compression with fear, which can be generated by opposition. This need not be crippling fear, but can simply be “awe,” the realization that there is something greater than you!

Some people are more about growing with love and can grow so much from love that they become proud, and vain, and fanatical/oversensitive/impulsive. Your self-love then goes too far. This is Lucifer’s territory. This evil is only realistic for the undeveloped mind. You then face the Satanic entities, which you must face with the help of “understanding” and “insight” to balance your Luciferic state.

However, you can also cower too far from the negative feelings of another person: the awe you have for that person is then so great that you can no longer feel self-love. It is a state of hardening, cowardice, obedience and self-hatred. This is Satan’s territory. This evil is as well only realistic for the undeveloped mind. You then face the Luciferic entities, whom you must face using “morality” to balance your Satanic state.

Lucifer, Satan, and Antichrist are thus mental states, but they are, as you have seen in the previous chapters, at the same time real entities, working by means of these behavioral modalities, with the purpose of catalyzing (i.e., accelerating) your development. They take over bodies of people and from there they exert influence on the world. The Lucifer and Satan groups are, for the most part, just people like you and me, because these forces are thus states of the human mind, traits which all people have within them. Here are typical Luciferic and Satanic traits that I borrowed from Hans Stolp’s website:

LuciferSatan (Ahriman)
Young peopleOld people
Higher necessityChance
Too closeDistant
Astral BodyEtheric body

The path of Christ is the path between those two extremes, the middle path.

If someone is able to embrace both Lucifer and Satan with love and speaks too much truth, usually people around him are taken over to force him to come out. This is the Antichrist’s territory. This is about being able to endure intense disapproval or threats of death. So the key to approaching these entities is to commit your shadow to good, and confront them by producing works, as the Christ in you would do.

The evil entities then increase the pressure by threatening this person and his surroundings, so that he dedicates himself fully to this responsibility. Precisely this evil treatment, and dealing with it properly, is the only way for humanity to move to the next level! By doing the right thing, humanity can free both the Luciferic and the Satanic entities from their fate. In other words, the bad deeds of these entities will then be redeemed.

Evil is actually good administered in the wrong place at the wrong time. Something good like encouragement or criticism, we need both, is only good, if it is administered at the right place and time. Too early (Lucifer) or too late (Satan) is what makes it evil, especially if it also gets to the wrong people. When Lucifer is administered in the right place, it is “encouragement of the good,” and when Satan is administered in the right place, it is “criticism of evil.” When I talk about Lucifer and Satan on this website, I usually describe the gifts they bring, that is, when you administer them in the right place and time.

In order of evil, Lucifer is the least evil, then Satan, and then the Antichrist. The top of the Antichrist group gives orders to his left hand (Lucifer) and his right hand (Satan). The Christ figure balances Lucifer and Satan and then faces this Antichrist, with whom he maintains two-way communication, in this way: Image:

So Lucifer, Satan and the Antichrist can be steered by the Christ-figure, who has the Trinity behind him, the highest God of this world. However, if you aren’t aware of the Antichrist, you can just as easy be taken over by the Antichrist, although they will always announce this with their deadly threats. At which point you can still intervene by producing works.

The evil forces intervene only where it is necessary, where a person (you, or someone in your surroundings) clearly thinks, feels or acts outside the boundaries of a healthy personality. So Lucifer, Satan and Antichrist guard the boundaries of a healthy personality. And the boundaries of a healthy personality are … the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Antichrist influence is present to teach you to listen to the Father. The Satan influence is present to teach you to listen to the Son. And the Lucifer influence is present to teach you to listen to the Holy Spirit. All three have their own evil purposes, but ultimately they serve God. And we have to see how not to act, so we ultimately learn how to do act.

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