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A web site about psychology, conspiracy, aliens - I'm a targeted individual as well - and the lies we've all been fed by media and education.

Introduction to this web site

Welcome to my new website! My name is Jesse Musson, born in 1984 and living in the Netherlands. I have had psychological problems since I was 18 years old. My thoughts sound very delusional to mainstream-conditioned people, but I’m convinced they are the truth, no doubts. People who are delusional, or have been delusional, often repress too little of reality. Therefore they have a view of reality that’s unconventional but nevertheless true in itself. It’s just a matter of reality being viewed from another angle. To know the things I’m talking about, you have to have done your homework, critically question everything you think you know about the world, and integrate years of information gathering. Because if you start investigating it, there will not be much left of what the mainstream thinks. With that in mind, and my question to postpone your opinion for a while, I would like to talk about something very important. It is actually a cry for help …

For the past few years, I’ve been a target of certain occult groups working all over the world. They call themselves dragons, and what they do is kill people. I don’t know exactly how they do that, but they can take over people’s bodies. This is called ‘droning’. The original person is then dead, and the entity which is then inside the body has the memories of the original person, which they use to mimic his or her behaviour, but is otherwise a completely different entity. I have done a lot of study in all these years about the lies of this world, and the moment I told my practicioner of my mental health facility that I had read about aliens, the dragons started to test me. They started with friends on Facebook who started posting dragon references and pictures of themselves as aliens. Later it also became closer to home, because as I say: they take over bodies. Probably an incredible number of people were killed that way, and at least they are getting closer and closer to me. First they started with acquaintances, then they harmed my neighbours, then my colleagues, and now they have arrived at my friends. So I have to sound the alarm. The dragons are the ‘aliens’ David Icke has written large books about. An example is Children of the Matrix, but The Biggest Secret, The Perception Deception Part 1 and Part 2 and Remember Who You Are are also very good. These books are full of evidence for a worldwide conspiracy and other special phenomena. Also the book by Susan Reed: The Body Snatchers, describes the story of someone in about the same condition. Those books are just the tip of the iceberg from what I’ve read about them, and my conclusion is that nothing is what it seems. Whoever has seen the movie ‘They Live’ (1988) by John Carpenter, understands what I mean. That’s exactly how it is! Among us are people who are not completely ordinary people, but a kind of ‘aliens’ in human disguise. They communicate with each other when they find someone who ‘can see’, in other words, who can see through their motives. Then, one by one, they take over people in that person’s environment and the person in question is actually forced, just like me, to seek publicity, because that’s the responsible thing to do, when something like that happens. You can do nothing ofcourse, but then they will definitely kill you, once they finished all the people in your direct environment. And if you do something, people may still wake up. I don’t know exactly how they take over all those people. Donald Marshall has a lot of information (read the part about the Vril aliens), but I don’t know if I should believe everything, although I do know he’s been taken over now. (Watch his Youtube clips). I do know that the dragons always have to tell indirectly what they’re doing, for the ones that have eyes to see. They do it in a very deceptive way. I know exactly who has been taken over and who has not been, because they let me know indirectly through dragon references or synchronicities, which are just too coincidental. So they’ll watch if you’ll allow it. This is due to ‘free will’ that applies on Earth. Some people of who I really couldn’t believe it, kept on coming up with dragon references without me having been talking about it, until it dawned on me, that they as well were taken over. My world is getting smaller and smaller. And I made this site, ’cause I was afraid they would take over my closest friends and family. Unfortunately this has become reality as well since some time. And that’s just horrible.

Read especially my first article for a more detailed description of my situation: Conclusion of my metaphysical quest for truth. Click on Articles (at the top) for all articles I’ve written.

Recently I also added an extended version of my life story. It describes how I tried to overcome personality problems and anxiety and identity issues, but ended up failing miserably due to an error in judgment by my therapists, and how I deal with the disastrous consequences. You can find this under Life Story (at the top).

Thanks very much in advance for taking heed of my story.

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