In this chapter, I'm going to describe my view of what psychosis is.


So with the information from the previous chapters, we can now also better understand what paranoid schizophrenics go through. These people are often deliberately targeted by the evil forces, and they just realize that this is happening.

For example, during the time when I had just been targeted, I once received a compliment from a person that was taken over. As a result, I grew inside, so much so that I started floating and lost contact with Earth. This is Lucifer’s territory. For me this felt good, because it boosted my self-confidence, but random people around me reacted very negatively to me, and people suddenly popped up from all corners making rotten remarks at me, or scaring me. Everyone around me was targeting me. All total strangers to each other. It was all so coincidental, and you really feel the threat going on. But these are all taken over people who can see your psychic aura. They just see that you are no longer rooted, and then they make rotten remarks to get you rooted again. There are people in this world who constantly receive such abuse over themselves. This is called “street theater”. With me, it was only for a moment, because I listened to it, and was quickly rooted again, and that is exactly what they are aiming for.

People think they can conclude from the topics you talk about whether you are psychotic. Psychiatrists are guilty of this too. For example, if I were to say that I “receive” messages from my environment, they would say: you are psychotic! While it is precisely the way God and “God in others” communicates with people. Even if I give meaning to things, which the psychiatrist sees no meaning in, they say: you are psychotic. But who says nothing has meaning in your environment? A human being has two hemispheres of the brain. The left one sees more details, while the right one sees the big picture. Many people today are predominantly left-brain dominant. This means they predominantly have a stream of consciousness that works from the inside out. To balance this, so to speak, they must learn to listen more to others, whether they are positive or negative toward them. This allows them to learn to look inward and integrate a stream of consciousness that works from the outside in, bringing it a little more into balance. The logical consequence is then that you also start thinking more about the nature of reality because the dominant information right now in media and education is very left-brain dominant. You then begin to realize that most things are not true, with yourself as living proof. Reality is more comprehensive than people think, and there is a material (visible) component as well as a spiritual component (which is invisible). People who can look within themselves make contact with this invisible world, and automatically start searching for the truth, which they are so hungry for. These phenomena are no less real, than the visible part of reality. What makes psychotic people psychotic is that they become afraid of these phenomena. But seeing the invisible part of reality (obtained through study) is actually the normal state of humanity. But a large proportion of people do not see this part of reality because they have been brainwashed by incorrect materialistic information. So an example of this is that consciousness is a product of the brain, and that we are all separated from each other. This is because of the psychic state of repression and the ego that has not yet been fully worked through and released. You can only release the ego if it has first developed properly, but psychotic people have often done this under pressure due to unpleasant experiences in childhood, for example. This causes them to experience fear of the subjects they focus on. But there are also people who did have a healthy ego development, and learned to make contact with the spiritual part of the world. And those people talk about the same topics. And those are not psychotic at all.

Someone who has a “healthy repression,” like “normal” people (I don’t think it’s very normal at all), and thus also represses the not immediately visible part of reality, will think, “Oh, that’s coincidental! And those other 10 things are all coincidental too!” My therapist in my clinical therapy always said, whenever something remarkable happened in therapy, “In psychiatry, that’s not a coincidence!” But what if the whole world is a psychiatric clinic, and people who somehow “stand out” are targeted, and this is all coordinated from the top!? Most people have no idea how far it goes, but it is absolutely the truth. And with the help of the data that companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, store about you, they see which people ‘stand out’ and thus which ones should be made targets, ie: treated. Until they listen and evolve or sometimes simply change.

It happens a lot that people vilify their psychotic fellow man. Often psychotic people cannot bring their story out in a coherent way and talk about such extreme things that social workers label them “psychotic,” as in: “You don’t see reality but I do!” But the psychiatrist often has the inability or unwillingness to examine the invisible part of reality, and from that position they make the diagnosis. So the diagnosis also says something about the psychiatrist. I wouldn’t be too sure that the things psychotic people say are not about the same reality that the psychiatrist is in, because it IS the same reality. Some people just experienced extreme things. Usually saying that someone is psychotic is a way of controlling someone’s militant way of throwing emotions into their surroundings. And this is usually also the way to treat psychosis. Also certain well-known people are used by the ruling powers to villify or ridiculise people who expose the corruptness of the ruling powers, by saying they are schizophrenic or psychotic, which of course is very disgusting.

One symptom of psychosis is having delusions. With delusions, there is often a trigger in the environment, from which such a psychotic person then draws the wrong conclusion. At least, that’s how it says it in the big psychiatric handbook. Only when you have discovered the knowledge of the invisible world, then you know, that this wrong conclusion is often a correct conclusion, but that a kind of false reality is maintained by the therapists in which there is no room for the invisible part of reality, and where the therapist in question is unaware of the secrets I tell you in my story. With delusions, then, the triggers are often deliberately caused by Antichrist entities that have taken over those around you, in order to treat you that way, so that you eventually learn.

Another symptom of psychosis is having hallucinations. Hallucinations are said in the big manual to be perceptions that do not correspond to reality. But again, therapists uphold a false reality, in which there is no room for the invisible part of reality, nor are they aware of the secrets I tell you in my story.

This false reality is a typical phenomenon of our time and has everything to do with the Satanic influence that is upon humanity. Its purpose is to make people feel their anger so that they can then learn to control it.

Invariably, I again see people appearing in the media telling that they have been psychotic, and telling what they thought when they were psychotic. They then reveal time and again that they don’t think that way now anymore. Then I wonder: why didn’t you stay true to yourself? Why didn’t you explore your ideas? Why did you let your ideas be rejected by psychiatrists who really have no idea what reality is like? Why have you allowed your own voice to be destroyed? And why do you believe in the false reality that psychiatrists present to you? Usually psychotic people are taken over when they are in treatment at a mental health facility, for example, at the time the facility switches from Satanic treatment to Antichrist treatment. They then let you know that they are taking over people in your environment. Your intention is to intervene, not to have your own ideas invalidated. But usually such patients let their environment and themselves taken over, because they are not sufficiently aware of reality. And then suddenly things go the right way with them. And they are cured! There is, unfortunately, a very tragic reality behind this.

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Section 1: 1984-2017

Section 1


A brief overview of my childhood, how my treatment for severe anxiety and identity issues went all wrong, and how I deal with the disastrous consequences.

Section 2: 2018-2023

Section 2


How I discover information about entities taking over bodies and how these entities eventually open the attack on me and those around me.

Section 3: various topics

Section 3

various topics

An explanation for my experiences in therapy, multiple other things I have discovered in my quest for truth, and my opinion on additional matters.




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