In this chapter I pose the question of whether we may be in Satan's ‘little season’ after Christ's Millennial Kingdom, which may be cloaked by the Middle Ages.

The Millennial Reign of Christ

History as known from the year 0 is a bit strange, because we have a period of 1000 years, from 500 to 1500 in which not much happened: the Middle Ages. In Volume 1 of Anatoly Fomenko’s History: Fiction or Science  (Volume I | Volume II | Volume III | Volume IV | Volume V), we find that the timeline we use in history books is the Scaligerian timeline, devised by Josephus Justus Scaliger. But Fomenko argues that there are many problems with this timeline. And that many events that supposedly happened in ancient times actually happened in the Middle Ages. The timeline of known events thus becomes a lot shorter. Also, Roman numerals are misinterpreted, causing shifts of 1,000 years, as well as smaller shifts. Read from pdf page 375 (336 of the book) in Volume 1 by Fomenko for detailed information. What becomes plausible through this, is that the timeline has been tampered with quite a bit. For example, we see a lot of coins and maps showing years like I621 or J731. Usually it is then pretended that we are dealing with 1621 and 1731. But it is striking that the first sign (I or J) differs from the last sign (1). The first sign is probably an I or J followed by the real year 621. The I and J’s would stand for Iesous/Iesu/Jesus. On buildings commonly seen in cities worldwide, these I’s or J’s are often replaced with 1’s. But there has also been a lot of messing around with 1s, I’s and J’s in other places.

That is why Rene Mäkel of the website De Loonslaaf went to look at the Stevenskerk in Arnhem here in the Netherlands, where there are still a lot of old tombstones, and he found many tombstones there with dates with J’s and I’s. See here 12 parts of the series Tartaria in Arnhem (sorry, only in Dutch), which can also be watched on his YouTube channel. The part with the I’s and J’s is Part 8.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 |

The year numbers on coins, maps, and tombstones would represent the year in Christ’s Millennial Kingdom, so that means we need to dive into the Bible and consider that more of what it says may be true. It could mean that the tribulation and end-time prophecies brought out in the Bible book of Revelation took place in the past, before the beginning of Christ’s Millennial Kingdom, just like the Second Coming of Christ. The absolute wealth of cathedrals and other architecture in this world would then be evidence of this Millennial Kingdom, which ended in the early 19th century after 1,000 years, with a great catastrophe, a kind of reset. There is evidence that the quality of construction/building materials at that time was much better than today’s construction, and it is often impossible to understand how ancestors of people who were more primitive than us (after all, they were still walking the streets by horse and carriage in the early 19th century), manufactured such beautiful and intricate architecture.

I have presented humanity’s spiritual development so far as a linear progression. I have described that the Luciferic powers gained the upper hand after the Fall of Man, and that when the Luciferic influence became too great, God intervened with the karmic consequence of Lucifer’s disobedience: the Satanic powers, which then began to assert their influence, ensuring that humanity can take the path back to obedience to God, while maintaining Luciferic independence. But it could also be that we are not simply in a linear progression in which we evolve back to God, as suggested in the work of Rudolf Steiner and, for example, the work of Blavatsky, but that there are cycles, lasting, say, 7,000 years, in which certain specific events can clearly be discerned, and that the evil forces (Lucifer/Satan/Antichrist) are teaching us in this, as I stated in an earlier chapter, to listen to the benign forces, the three parts of the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The first 2000 years would then be the millennials of the Father, the second 2000 years the millennials of the Son, the third 2000 years the millennials of the Holy Spirit, the 1000 years remaining would then be the rest “day,” the time of Christ’s Millennial Kingdom. So it is then very important how you use these forces for your development.

Evidence that a reset occurred can also be seen in the wildly popular “mud flood” research, which states that probably in the first half of the 19th century, a global mud flood occurred, and that the so-called global “Tartarian” civilization (which I call Christ’s Millennial Kingdom) was reset at that time, after which the traces of this civilization were erased with a false history. The buildings of this civilization are mostly intact, but the lower floors of these buildings are buried under thick layers of mud. In many buildings you can see this by the road that runs right through a floor. The so-called cellars that then seem to emerge are mostly only part of what is still underneath in some cases. The Ridderzaal at the Binnenhof in The Hague, too, was a higher building in the past, because here too there is a thick layer of mud at the level of the lower parts of the building, shown in this clip by Martin Liedtke.

There are more rumors that something strange happened in the early 19th century, and that the people who were present in the cities in those times did not actually belong in those cities. In other words, they rediscovered these cities (which were built in earlier times)! Also, the fact that there were many orphan trains in those times and those orphans found new parents with whom they then mostly went to work, lays the suspicion that in that way children were forcibly and deliberately cut off from their origins. The many emerging “madhouses” also raised the suspicion, that the people who knew full well what their origins were and refused to deny them, were put into these madhouses, where they received mostly inhumane treatment, and which was the beginning of the demonization of these so-called “psychotic” people, who actually saw the very truth. How do you deal with people who know the real history? This is how!

The many Saints depicted in ancient images may also be evidence of Christ’s Millennial Kingdom. The Saints then are those who received improved bodies at the beginning of these 1,000 years because they remained faithful to Christ in the years after His death. These bodies probably did not need to defecate and urinate and this explains the total lack of sanitation in the buildings of that time. For such intricate architecture, and then no sanitation, is remarkable to say the least. During these 1,000 years, then, the evil forces were temporarily confined.

What we know as history would be completely falsified, and the Middle Ages would be artificially added, and serve to mask this Millennial Kingdom. Us living in a time of only lies is absolutely obvious! We would be in the time now, after the time of the Millennial Kingdom, where Satan and the other evil forces are let loose for a while, before the Last Judgment takes place, which explains the rise of materialism in the world from the 19th century onward, and the huge amount of lies, because Satan is the father of lies! Those are Christ’s words.

It also means that we may be “the rest of the dead” (Revelation 20:4-5). This means that we are the souls who died before the Tribulation or the souls who did not choose Christ during the Tribulation. And that, after the Millennial Kingdom, we participated in the “Second Resurrection/Resurrection,” in which we were most likely incarnated in new (imperfect) bodies, and we are now given a chance in this short period (“a little season,” i.e., presumably about 220 years) to purify ourselves of evil and still choose Christ until the Last Judgment takes place, which could be any time. Here’s a video of an 1814 Bible, which states that the Seventh Millennium, that is, Christs’ Millennium Kingdom, has already taken place and began with the birth of Jesus.

The Last Judgment then, in my opinion, would be the split that I foresee, where the part of humanity that has not learned is moved to a negative world (which might represent the New World Order), the part that is lukewarm (lukewarm) enters a new cycle to try again, and the part that has learned and is in Christ is moved to a positive world, where they live eternally in the mind of Christ. What is meant by this generally has nothing to do with how many Christians live, but then involves the challenge of keeping your feelings, thoughts, and actions aligned for most of the time!

A good YouTube channel, which has listed these possible truths, is Exploring Tartaria, especially the following three videos: 

“Exploring Tartaria, Old World Secrets Revealed!"
"The Timeline Deception"
"The Timeline Deception Part II”

If you have taken note of information surrounding the falsification of history and the many other lies, it sounds like a credible story as this YouTube channel describes it. Other than that, they are really wonderful videos, so enjoy them! And a final tip is the channel of CONSPIRACY-R-US and this video, about the Millennial Kingdom of Christ and the Second Resurrection/Resurrection!

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