In this chapter I will discuss the many witness accounts of Satanic ritual abuse, and I will view the subject from different angles.

Satanic ritual abuse

There are many stories circulating that the elite of this world are involved in the sexual abuse and torture of children in almost every country in the world. Real evidence, of course, is completely forbidden, and rightly so. Though where there is smoke, there is often fire. What we can do, is take a look at witness accounts, though, and there are plenty of them.

The Satanic elite maintain close ties with the underworld. David Icke tells the gruesome details in his books. That pedosexuals are deliberately put in positions of power because they are highly blackmailable. They are then filmed in sex clubs and with the footage they are blackmailed into doing exactly what the shadow government wants, once they have power. David Icke mentions in his books the Thatcher government in England which was full of pedosexuals, and he states that it is the case in every country, that pedosexuals are brought to power, including the Netherlands. David Icke also wrote for years about Jimmy Savile, the English media personality, about whom dozens of testimonies of sexual abuse came out after his death. Jimmy Savile was close friends with Prince Charles of England, so it seems not very believable to Icke that this was a secret for Prince Charles. Icke also links the royal family of England to pedo networks, saying they are reptilian aliens who drink blood and kill children. But I think what makes them reptilian is the fact that they have been taken over, as I explained before, and that there is a different soul in their body, than the one they were born with, which Icke also points out in his books. And those replacement entities don’t live according to morality and truth.

Furthermore, images were found on the laptop of Hunter Biden, President Biden’s son, where he has sex with a minor, and a picture from a child trafficking catalog. But you don’t really think Hunter Biden would just hand over his laptop to a computer store if it had such material on it!? It comes across to me as a psy-op.

The Clintons, and Obama have also been exposed as links in pedo networks and as working in child trafficking. In emails made public by Wikileaks, Obama ordered over $60000 worth of pizza at one time, which is code language for “little kids”. Anyone who has taken in that information from Wikileaks tends to become furious. The story of Pizzagate and the Podestas is a striking one: several well-known individuals such as David Wilcock, and Janet Ossebaard expose horrific things that smack very strongly of the elite committing the most terrible acts. Most of them then present Trump as the savior who is going to deal with these evil Satanic powers. But I wouldn’t put too much faith in this. Furthermore, there is a chance that these things are all created to scare the hell out of you! And surely you don’t think Wikileaks is a sincere way of sharing secret documents! Maybe it started out that way but if you do something like this, you are guaranteed to be taken over. So the play you see on TV, of Assange being collected and transported, are just staged. The same goes for Edward Snowden, who of course was also taken over.

It seems, if you have been following the alternative media, that ritual Satanic abuse is happening all over the world, and judges, politicians, royalty are in it up to their necks. Here in the Netherlands, Joris Demmink is a common name, and one recent video of Café Weltschmerz also talks about child abuse by high-ranking gentlemen. Also Argos recently made a broadcast where they cover ritual abuse. The stories are really received with open arms, and there is no one who makes a critical comment on the stories, because of course victims are always taken seriously. But victims can also be people who are taken over and who bring lies into the world, to make the living souls of this world very afraid. Remember that there are also people who say that the aliens from the movie Alien really exist! I took all those stories very seriously for a while, but at a certain point you think so integrally that you take everything for true, and cannot imagine that people can tell big lies to scare you. So then it’s necessary to take a step back, and in the vast amount of information, start thinking about what is true anyway. “If this is true, then this is not true”, and vice versa.

Someone like Marc Dutroux, would have arranged children not only for himself, but for a large international network, which is denied by the justice system in Belgium, who say he was a loner. Because that’s always the story. They are all loners in the eyes of the Satanic powers, while according to the Luciferic powers, it is precisely the links with high-ranking gentlemen in politics, police and justice, that are hidden. But when the newscast draws its attention to it, you can rest assured that they are taken over people, and that both sides are controlled, both victim and perpetrator.

In the stories, the same thing keeps recurring: violent orgies of men in robes with children, mostly taken from Youth Care or from children’s homes from Eastern European countries, for example, children from juvenile detention centers or children who have not even been reported to the municipality, who are transported from place to place, and whose existence no one knows. Watch Eyes Wide Shut (starting at 1 hour 12 minutes, or the whole film if you like) and you get the impression that these are dark real events. Stanley Kubrick put them in the film on purpose to let viewers know what goes on in this world in elite circles, although the orgies in this film are with adults, which of course makes sense. Because, of course, the truth is too gruesome to show in a movie.

According to some, 70% of the world’s child pornography has its origins in the Netherlands. Justice protects the perpetrators, many of whom hold high positions in government or in the judiciary. Many times people ask, “where is the evidence?” But if you need real evidence (i.e. violent child pornography and snuff films) to even start investigating this at all, I have no hope for you. But keep in mind, that this investigating, time and again, raises suspicion that the testimonies are of taken over people. However, that does not mean that every case of abuse that takes place is staged. And it seems to me that the people who courageously come forward are often taken over and want to keep the attention away from real abuse that is happening.

Micha Kat is as well determined to expose the Satanic pedophiles, who he says thus also cut up babies, and have positions within the judiciary and the media, so that it can never come out in the mainstream. He just never gives details or any indirect or direct evidence. According to Martin Vrijland, he has connections to criminal people. When Kat started exposing the pedophiles in government, he was a lot more vulnerable. It could be that all the opposition hardened him, but it could also be that he has since been taken over and that is the reason for his changed energy. The same may be true of all the other people we see coming forward. But maybe he was sincere at first, that’s possible.

Another example we find with the interview of Ronald Bernard, who was in the banking world and had to put his conscience “in the freezer” to be at the elite meetings, where they also murdered children. One wonders, why the elite allow him to tell his story. If you know how far the control goes of the evil entities in this world, they could have easily stopped him, but they don’t. No, they give him all the space he needs. But even with him, it’s sure that he has been taken over, otherwise you don’t attract so much attention. Martin Vrijland also expresses his distrust of Ronald Bernard in this article.

If we then look further, we find a testimony by Anne-Marie van Blijenburgh who tells of the Dutch elite getting together and holding rituals in which they kill children. Mark Rutte, Geert Wilders, Ernst Hirsch Ballin, Piet Hein Donner. All are present, giving an almost surreal picture. But then again, these politicians have all been taken over. This happens to all people who have important roles in politics. And that probably just happens in their sleep, in a peaceful way, as I explained in Reptilian aliens. Antichrist entities then take over.

And here we have the story of Anneke Lucas, who has appeared in several videos (YouTube link). This story sounds believable as she tells it. She has a good sense of the psychology of perpetrators, and it is worth listening to. One of the perpetrators was an accomplice of Dutroux who was ultimately not prosecuted in that trial. She talks in another interview about a water tank she was put in, where if she relaxed too much, would have drowned. We see the same thing with Esther from Light on SRA.

And here’s the story ( part 1 | part 2 ) of Mariëtte Groothoff, who only later in her life regained memories of abuse by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and more high-ranking gentlemen and ladies. Remarkably, she says that some girls were impregnated by animals, and that living creatures (monstrosities) were produced from them, something Esther of Light on SRM also briefly quotes. So it seems like it’s being pulled into the absurd corner, perhaps to invalidate the whole issue. So it could well be that it is a controlled release of false information. The interviews had originally been published on the channel of Peter Bierhof, someone who once started posting about Gesara/Nesara, eventually got police over it and was taken over shortly thereafter. Because he had a different energy since then, he put on a different pair of glasses, so people think it’s because of that that he looks different, but the fact is that he is no longer himself. So for him to share these testimonies is remarkable, but the question is whether we should trust it.

When you know that all these powers work together, and that they work in the service of God, and that it’s not that it’s evil against good, where the good (Luciferic) is going to defeat the evil (Satanic), but that the gifts of both sides are needed in someone, then you understand that both sides present themselves as something other than they really are, to teach you to listen to your own voice, that little voice within yourself that you hear when you’ve lost all faith in another. Which is your own intuition and power.

Back to the ritual abuse: Below I share some documents, which I had found, that make it clear, if they are real, that children are being trafficked, incarcerated, and tortured and raped en masse, as conspiracy researchers have been saying for years, and which more and more people are talking about. In this case, they are documents from a company called Cymcorp. It is said to be mostly healthcare facilities where this is happening, and children are being held captive in military institutions, which can also be seen in the documents. The story goes that they torture, rape and terrorize children, and while they are doing it, they take blood when it contains the highest level of adrenaline. This is then processed into a drug, adrenochrome, which is very popular with Hollywood stars. As you can see from the documents, there are many children marked as suicidal. They are all young children, because they are the best to terrorize and release the most adrenaline. If a child is suicidal, they isolate the child, and increase adrenochrome production. If the adrenochrome is too low, the child is killed. In one document you can see the pictures of the psychopaths who would do this. They look like very normal people. But the question is whether the documents are real, or whether we are dealing with another sophisticated psy-op.

Here are the links to the documents:
Document 1   |   Document 2-1    |   Document 2-2   |  
Document 3-1   |   Document 3-2   |   Document 3-3   |   Document 3-4  |    Document 3-5   |   Document 3-6      

I think we have to distinguish between the Satanic powers that are used by God to encourage mankind to obey Him again. And the people who are really evil and do the most terrible things in the name of Satan and want to abuse people just to hurt them. That does exist. But the Satanic powers used by God also hurt you, but with them it’s always within proportion so that it encourages you to change.

The people who do the most terrible things in the name of Satan get a kick out of rituals. Consequently, they have several occult dates, on which they are most active, such as Halloween (October 31-November 1) and Walpurgis Night/Beltane (April 30-May 1). Many children are abducted and go missing and are sacrificed. Children growing up in such environments are trafficked and raped on an ongoing basis. They are usually not strong enough to stand up for themselves and escape from the environment when they are older. They regularly give birth to babies and they are killed immediately. And sometimes the mothers are forced to do this themselves, but the children are not only killed by adults, but also by abused children who are forced to kill those to whom they are attached, their fellow victims. In the process, they would also be forced to drink blood and eat organs. Check witness accounts of Satanic ritual abuse (for example Light on SRA) and the most horrific things become true.

Using symbols such as pandas and bunnies, Satanic people show what they do. The Dutch royal family also had regular pictures taken with pandas, due to Prince Bernhard’s presidency of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). On this Image we even see children dressed up as pandas, which would be nothing but sick mockery by the “high-ups” with the victims of child rapists/traffickers and pedosexuals, who often get, what they call, “panda eyes,” due to the nature of the abuse.

These would be a few Images of such children, along with a mocking Lady Gaga, shoving the “truth” in your face. But if you throw the photos through Google Images, we see that the one at the top left is of a little boy with large brain tumors. The girl on the bottom left is from Gaza and was hit that way by a bombing. The baby in the upper right I can’t find anything about. Still, it doesn’t mean the info about ritual abuse can’t be true. Usually real research is replaced by a few simple pictures. When those are debunked, you would think that none of it is true at all. But if you have read David Icke, or for example a book like the following, you will see that there are valid reasons to suspect the elite of child abuse, and that they have been linked to pedosexuality over and over again over the years.

Here we see a link to a series of 5 books on this subject, entitled: Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy & The Deep State - Joachim Hagopian. In particular, look at Chapter 36 of the 5the book. This chapter is about the Netherlands, the pedophile kingdom and Sodom and Gomorrah of the modern world…  It is an incredibly comprehensive book with detailed research. So is it all a lie? I don’t think so, but there may be another way it should be interpreted. I will share this later in this chapter.

The story goes that all the royal houses are said to be involved in Satanic crimes, and most of the celebrities put forward after selling their souls are said to be in on it as well. Here you see another Lady Gaga, mocking panda eyes, Image, and imitating a bunny with her fingers (which is also a pedo reference), and on the next page Jeff Bezos of, Image, then Alice Cooper, Image (again, note the bunnies), then Prince Bernhard with Dutch comedian Toon Hermans, Image, and then our own former Queen Beatrix Image. They laugh at the gullible people in front of them. At least, that’s the story.

People always reason upon hearing incredible information such as about ritual Satanic abuse with a phrase like, “They would never do that!” They think about others as they think about themselves or their own parents, who have always been wonderfully good to them. They apparently have not been challenged in any way in their upbringing by their parents and they simply cannot conceive that people can be terribly angry and do cruel things from there. They have been raised in ‘All is love’ environments, where the parents always behave positively, always talk about positive things, and the children are the center of the family. They then adopt this “All is love” mentality from their parents, and have no critical ability toward their parents at all, because there was simply nothing to be critical about. These people will never believe all the dark things that are happening. So it’s important that those people are made aware of this information.

Those who are abused are very likely to abuse other people in their lives. Because abuse triggers such aggression in a child, and neglect gives you nowhere to vent your aggression, you have to be very strong-willed not to go wrong yourself when you eventually become an adult. In elite circles, abuse would be almost standard. Consequently, many politicians would have a history of abuse. Children are deliberately exposed to chronic abuse (this happens outside of elite circles as well), so that (and it is often intended) alters split off, unintegrated parts, all of which have their own names, and their own way of dealing with the traumatic events that accumulated in these children’s lives. Because of these split-off parts, a child is very easily controlled, and can conform to the roles their parents impose on them, such as an important role as a world leader, a life as a spy, or “just” a role as a high society sex slave. And all to please the God they believe in, called Satan, and his Archons. Lives of elite children are laid out from an early age and if they do not accept their imposed responsibilities to do evil things, they will be taken over or killed. It doesn’t matter if you believe in Satan! But these people firmly believe in it and in lurid rituals they make contact with his minions who move in astral space, and from there influence people who are properly conditioned so that they are susceptible to this influence, mainly through fear.

Still, we may have to interpret some things differently. So I would like to make a big side note on the information of the last few pages, and that is that sooner or later all the people who come forward with this kind of information will be taken over by the Antichrist entities. These then mix lies with truth to lead people astray and debunk the possible truth of it all. It is never exactly clear when that happens. Sometimes I have doubts about whether it is the truth, and whether it is not just some kind of huge psy-op, in which many taken over Antichrists are playing along, but in a Satanic role. Satan is the father of lies! He turns everything around. How can the elite maintain that they are of a high class and the children they kill are of a low class. What makes you of a high class if not your ability to transcend your urges? What do they consider to be higher? That they make a lot of money and pull the strings including the strings of the underworld? I think for example of the murders of Pim Fortuyn, Theo van Gogh and Peter R. de Vries. And then I wonder: to what extent is what you actually see happening controlled? Peter R. de Vries was certainly taken over, otherwise you don’t get invited to every show on TV. Did he know he was going to be killed, and did he voluntarily leave his body at the moment he was shot, as these entities can? It’s crazy, but these Antichrist entities are higher retarded Angels whose function is to influence the perceptions of humanity. If this requires murder in which they themselves lose their lives, they have absolutely no fear of this. Surely they know that within seconds they will return to their own bodies on “the other side,” in astral space. These are things that most people don’t know for sure, but they do know for sure.

And furthermore, if they can take over anyone who can tell the truth, and you really don’t find anyone in the media talking about these Antichrist entities taking over people, how many people must have been taken over, and how big are the lies really? Are people being killed purely because the Satanic powers are super-duper evil and want to make all of humanity super-duper evil? Or can we still see even in this chaos the outlines of the Great Plan, which I have described in earlier chapters. The Great Plan, in which Lucifer and Satan seem real evil only to the undeveloped mind, as described by Rudolf Steiner.

The world is so very tightly controlled, that I suspect that if important ordinary people turn to evil deeds, the evil entities walking around this world as prison guards of prison Earth are aware of it, and purposefully carry out their treatment on these people, and intervene, by force if necessary, with the aim of forcing the person in question to learn, so that one gets rid of immorality. However, of course, they cannot intervene everywhere and monitor everything, because they are only with a limited number of entities. The Bible says with 200 million (the Antichrist’s army). But so I’m convinced that Satan is here on Earth to teach people to listen to the Son (from Father, Son, Holy Spirit), which is a state of consciousness where there is loving contact between you and your Satanic opposition, and this is only possible if it is also truly unreal evil. The insight and understanding that you then need to embrace the Satanic entities is that these entities operate primarily through lies, and use violence where it is needed, and that they would never allow it to seriously harm people.

Perhaps there is a moment in your development when you realize that all the stories you have heard so far about these Satanic rituals are only meant to cause as much fear as possible, so that people will be empowered and actively resist. If people can be so easily taken over by Antichrist entities, and they are all working under the same roof, then they can pose as whistleblowers, as perpetrators, but also … as abused children, … with the aim of giving people the idea that the world is a very dangerous place, where you have to fight to expose evil.

The Hampstead children told at length on screen that they were abused in Satanic rituals. In the video, you can see the girl. But later she retracts her stories. So then it looks like she was just taken over and therefore withdraws her stories, and perhaps the truth. Some people think that she withdrew it out of fear, and in Joachim Hagopian’s previously shared book series, there are many more details (search on Hampstead). But mostly the sources are blogs with a single article. And not much substance behind them otherwise. I think the girl, even in the part where she tells the “truth” about the Satanic rituals, has already been taken over, and that the goal is to deceive those people, who are sitting at home and who are easily angered. The girl talks like an adult, but so there may as well be an adult Antichrist entity in the child body. That, unfortunately, is what is happening here on Earth. That means that the original children may have been peacefully taken over (in their sleep) by adult Antichrist entities. Overtaken elite figures and other Satanic people then engage in mass sexual relations with these adult Antichrist entities that are in children’s bodies, in order to create the 70% of global child pornography that is made in the Netherlands. The Antichrist entities mainly want to sexually corrupt humanity with all kinds of perversions, and I think this is the way they do it in a controlled way, without harming children with real souls. I understand that’s a tough pill to swallow for most people. Because of course there are real victims of abuse, but the stories you see on all these YouTube channels could very well just be staged by taken-over Antichrist entities.

It is very bizarre to see a child acting like an adult! But I also saw my taken over nephew when he was 2 commanding his father as if he were an adult and his equal. While the rest of the time he acted like he didn’t speak a single word of Dutch yet. And a taken over son of friends has also been testing me, where it is obvious that he has had instructions. All the children around me have been taken over. Their parents too. If you want to know more about that, read Section 2 of my story.

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