In this chapter, I will describe my views on politics and voting.


All political parties, authorities, the courts, corporations, youth welfare, education, etc. are controlled by the same Satanic powers at this moment in history! This means that they have the function of “adversary” and thus go straight against your interests, with the aim of compressing your mind, so that you start to feel your anger and learn to integrate your shadow.

In politics, we have the “cartel parties”, the establishment, which clearly always want to have the upperhand, and the parties that aren’t controlled or those that hold the cartel parties accountable are blackballed, hoping to get all people on board for the plans of the cartel parties. Many times this succeeds, because the people do not pay attention and often already go along with something when they have “heard” it somewhere. Furthermore, people are taken over at strategic points, who threaten to become whistleblowers, and thus all people who pose a risk are dealt with, because Satanic policy is the policy that must now be poured out over humanity. Further, they then take over the people with the largest constituencies in the party, without anyone noticing, and then their plan is successful. If there is discontent among the people, you just create a party that gets to capture all the votes, that is just as controlled at the top as the other parties, and then the people are satisfied again for a while. With lies, you can keep everyone in the party happy. Unless you need a reason to dissolve the party. Then a crisis is created. It is all drama and one big play. Meanwhile, the parties that are a bit more Luciferic (that is, the parties, which still show morality, such as Forum for Democracy) are made out to be Nazis, because the Nazis also pursued the good, especially in the first years they were in power. But they turned to using violence, and then good can become very evil. But by opposing that Luciferic side, a counterforce arises that is even more evil than the Luciferic, and so it is these Satanic powers that are calling the shots today, and are in fact working against humanity. However, the Luciferic powers contain the will for freedom on top of which a balanced personality must be built, and if you do not want to polarize, you will also have to see the usefulness of these views in politics. So we must learn to listen to this side, extract its gifts, and embrace it with love. But the same applies to the Satanic powers, because man not only needs encouragement, but will also need the counterforce, which can tell you what you are doing wrong. But in the present condition, the Luciferic powers want to intervene too quickly. And the Satanic powers, on the contrary, usually do not intervene at all and want to spread immorality. The right place is when they both move to the middle. For that, the Luciferic powers must learn to understand the function of the Satanic powers, and the Satanic powers must learn to show morality. But they are never going to do this as long as they have people behind them who agree with their policies.

So humanity is polarized into camps. And this is done on purpose. The different camps are pitted against each other so that there is maximum friction and the greatest opportunity to learn from each other. As a result, a specific development is enforced, one in which you are maximally strengthened. Whoever finally realizes, that both sides are not right and have only part of the truth, and opposes both camps, gets the masses against him, but has achieved maximum morality. That, at the highest level, is the goal of polarization. Because there is such a huge inversion visible, where the ruling powers and the people show how things should not be done and in which evil is incredibly encouraged, the ruling powers make it a certainty that whoever cares about the suffering of his fellow man will have to move against the masses and show real courage in order to bring this up and bring all this suffering to an end once and for all. That is important, so that you can be sure that it is always a personal development that has led to that realization, and not a group development in which one person ignites another, out of identity weakness and out of a kind of hive-mind phenomenon. This is to make humanity ultimately super-strong in its identity, and to make it deal with evil once and for all.

But since the Satanic powers that control the cartel parties have the goal of going against you and your fellow human beings as long as you wake up and say “Stop!”, I therefore recommend that you never vote. The Satanic influence is one of being on top of you, until you obey these Satanic powers in everything, and surrender your autonomy. It is essential that people continue to feel the self-love associated with Lucifer and stand up for themselves. Or just stop playing the game. In fact, when you vote, you give away your voice to the people’s representatives who will never represent your interests, and that giving away means keeping your mouth shut the rest of the time. After all, it was your choice to let the representatives of the people do the work for you. So I advise you not to give away your vote. Then the rest of the time you can make your own voice heard and influence that way. After all, you don’t think you have to go into politics to change people’s hearts, do you? If you only want to address policy, then you are not addressing the problem at its source. The source you need to reach is precisely the people who approve of bad policies, and who keep going to the polling stations, thinking that it will make a difference.

What the Satanic cartel parties (known in conspiracy circles as “the Cabal”, who stand in opposition to the Luciferic “Alliance”) want is to pull the world into a tyrannical globalist unified superstate where man’s free will is extinguished and we all become walking brains: robots, who have to work for this same elite and receive privileges in exchange for obedience. Don’t think your opinion will be asked then, because your opinion simply doesn’t matter. Watch several speeches by the elitists at Davos or the WEF, and you can see how little room there is for your opinion. It is the elitists against evil humanity. And evil humanity must obey. And to do so, they want to use technology based on so-called “science”, which is nothing but a rape of the truth, and only serves to better monitor, control, and punish you when you disobey.

The European Union is an example of our elite’s attempt to make a united world. There are also plans for such unions in other continents, and they should eventually be merged into one great world order. The elite then persuade you to vote mainly for the parties in favor of unification. They tell you that then there can never be another war. But what they do not tell you is that with such a globalist world order, the war will no longer be between the various countries, but will be between the elite and the people.

Yet we should not listen too much to the fearful stories of those who have been exposing the elite’s plans for decades. Many of them see no way out. But the way out will be for the Luciferic part of the people (that is the part that does not go along with these Satanic unification plans) to confront the Satanic elite. And that confrontation will change both the Satanic elite and the Satanically polarized people who approve of their policies, and the Luciferic part of the people rebelling. Some of it will probably kill each other, but the confrontation also provides the opportunity to learn from each other, and learn to integrate both sides, which is the path of the Christ-figure, as I explained earlier, who embraces both the Luciferic and Satanic powers with love, and shows morality with which to satisfy the Luciferic powers, as well as understanding and insight, with which to satisfy the Satanic powers. That is the way out, of all this.

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Section 1: 1984-2017

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