In this chapter I will describe the 4 natural forces, which can be unified by the 4 elements, and I will explain the physics of consciousness some more.

Life principles

In the chapter Flat Earth I have already described that the ether was thrown in the dustbin by Albert Einstein, in exchange for his theory of relativity, but that this was a deliberate detour to hide God as well as the fact that we are on a flat stationary Earth on which God takes care of us. Also check out this video: “Relativity Does Not Exist”, by Eric Dubay. It is pretended by atheistic believers that a small anomaly created the entire universe and that everything happened to run so streamlined that there is now complicated life. But it can also be over in an instant, if only for a moment something goes wrong. It is a cold, senseless picture, which is thus painted, and it is based on nothing. Because if one would really take one’s opposition seriously (this applies to religious people as well) and think integratively, and take all the information that is there seriously, then you can come to a picture, in which there is certainly malice and uncertainty, but it becomes visible that in this chaos there is a very loving and meaningful order, and that human beings have a very central role in this order.

The 4 natural forces known to physics; gravity (Earth), the electromagnetic force (Air), the weak nuclear force (Fire), and the strong nuclear force (Water); can thus be unified by using the Elements, into a view, in which the meaning of esoteric concepts is preserved, and which allows the integration of “the spirit” into physics. No complicated maths needed. It is what often has nothing to do with concrete reality anymore anyway.

The oscillations formed by consciousness organize themselves into toruses, which I showed in the previous chapter. Gravity is a consequence of the acceleration of ether, and this inward movement is the reason is that you can turn inward and look into your own mind, and, for example, lower your aggression (or coherent electromagnetic charge) into your body. This is phase conjugation in action and converts transverse waves into longitudinal waves, which is how human beings become conscious. So consciousness is “the implosive collapse of charge into toroidal fields”, as Dan Winter describes it. Phase conjugation is known from optical physics, where mirrors return a wave coming from a certain angle in exactly the same direction from which it came. With ordinary mirrors this is different, because the light is always being reflected across the imaginary normal line, in the other direction. So awareness arises when you hold the mirror up to someone about their behavior in a focused way.

According to Nassim Haramein, the gravitational attraction of a proton-sized black hole is exactly equal to the strong nuclear force. And gravity is the current that pulls toward the center of this black hole, the zero point, straight into the metaphysical invisible world. So it is not a physical thing, but a way how ether flows in any object, as I stated earlier. So gravity is a compressive force. The electromagnetic force, which according to Haramein is compatible with the weak nuclear force and levitates or radiates, is the flow of photons coming out of the zero point and flowing into our world from the center of the torus (the metaphysical world). The zero point at the center of a torus is thus a matter generator, ether consumer, and photon producer, and is thus the singularity and the entrance and exit to the metaphysical world. (See: Cosmic Core website).

If you however still want complicated math (like the “show-me-the-maths”-people) and thereby some juggling with the abstract concepts of physics, check out the work of Charles W. Lucas Jr.. He has unified the 4 forces of nature into an electrodynamic theory of vibrating electrically neutral dipoles. In doing so, he presents the model of an atom as a torus, a kind of loop of moving charge, which is thus very similar to the torus I described earlier, because those are also loops of moving charge that appear to vibrate. He does assume that we live on a round Earth, one that keeps getting bigger (he says this can be seen in the stretch marks of the celestial bodies), but you can also, if you are as proficient as he is, create a theory that describes a flat Earth. Too few people are doing this. Too many people defend theories that are not necessarily the truth, even if they work, and certainly few people integrate their theories with the existence of a God. It’s always just the materialistic theories that get the podium, whereas if you do a good literature review first and go straight to the things you tend to reject, you’ll find more satisfactory answers in no time, but for that you have to turn inward. But in terms of philosophy, most astronomers or physicists are at a dead end. They can only talk about relativity or quantum physics or string theory, but their creativity to come up with other ideas that also work is stifled, I feel.

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