In this chapter I'm going to describe the torus, which is the way in which energy flows organize in the world within us and around us.

The torus as related to the elements

The world is a great field of oscillations created by consciousness. Your brain when it is not repressing things, when it is thus free of unbalanced defense mechanisms, is the perfect receiver and sender of this consciousness, as I also explained in Misconceptions about the brain.

In fluid dynamics, the torus (Image, donut) is seen as the only self-organizing form that allows fractal embedding of energy flow. This is about the way in which energy flows and osscile in this field, which is primary to the “physical things” themselves. Toruses occur on a small scale, but also on a large scale, and they can maintain their identity while also interacting with lower and higher levels. You can also think of the human spirit as such a big torus with two opposing vortexes, in which charge can flow up and down, conducted through the water in the cells, which is in a special plasma state (read about this in: The Fourth Phase of Water by Gerald Pollack).

The torus containing 2 vortexes (Image), can be divided into 4 parts. These are the 4 esoteric elements: Fire, Air, Earth, Water. The outer upper part is Fire, the lower inner vortex is Air, the upper inner vortex is Earth, and the outer lower part is Water. Dan Winter and Nassim Haramein have the answers to how this all works, in terms of the physics of it. But also the periodic table of elements from chemistry can be fully expressed in these toruses, which arrange themselves into multiples through Platonic bodies. This video course by Johan Oldenkamp explains in detail the various fields of study using these wonderful principles, for which I thank him. You will no longer doubt that the Earth was indeed created with us humans on it, after you have seen this, because the principles have an incredible beauty, which universities professors are not aware of and only wish to fragment and hide. But in the end, there is a universal integral foundation behind all these sciences.

The torus with 2 vortexes in it (Image) is not a thing, but it is a way in which energy waves flow. They can be integrated with the 3 evil forces (Lucifer-Satan-Antichrist), if we understand that the expansive forces are Luciferic, and the compressing forces are Satanic. Man, by means of boundaries in his development, first integrates the compressive element Earth, upon which he himself develops boundaries. Then, through the encouragement of mischief, he integrates the expansive element Fire, upon which he becomes completely detached in terms of his actions. Then man should be triggered in an opposing way with criticism, and he will learn to integrate the compressive element Water, upon which he develops an emotional life. If his Fire is well developed, this critical treatment will cause no harm, provided that man is given space to express his feelings. He must then learn to understand the point of view of those above him. Then, with the help of the encouragement of love,the next step should be taken, and he will learn to integrate the expansive element Air. He then also focuses on mental development, and will learn to think before doing anything.

But man can develop even further, and that is when the currently integrated forces begin to combine: we then get Earth + Water, which represent higher feeling, which is about the connection with the Soul; and the combo of Air + Fire, which represent higher thinking, which is about the connection with the Spirit. In this way, Lucifer and Satan are strengthened. This is about the middle way between Lucifer and Satan, which is the way of Christ, who in fact after being “horizontally balanced” must then also be “vertically balanced” (Christ with the Antichrist), in this way: Image. Perhaps this is where the concept of the crucifixion of Christ comes from, but I am not sure.

Psychology is a complicated interaction of all the different forces, which can be read by the different entities from the works you produce, if you have reached at least the Christ-level, and you start producing works out of this inner impulse, in order to confront the Antichrist entities. (In the chapters How God influences mankind and Lucifer vs. Satan and Christ vs. Antichrist, you can find further details).

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Section 1: 1984-2017

Section 1


A brief overview of my childhood, how my treatment for severe anxiety and identity issues went all wrong, and how I deal with the disastrous consequences.

Section 2: 2018-2023

Section 2


How I discover information about entities taking over bodies and how these entities eventually open the attack on me and those around me.

Section 3: various topics

Section 3

various topics

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