In this chapter, I'm going to briefly describe my interpretation of what is happening in the sky above us.

Astronomy and astrology

The so-called planets that follow certain orbits in the sky are presented by NASA’s spectacular CGI (computer-generated imagery) as perfect round balls with all sorts of pretty colors, and there is a lot of fantasizing about what the characteristics of all these planets are, but to my mind, planets are not worlds that you can or cannot live on, even if the images people see through their telescopes are real. Most movies about “space”, consist only of CGI, and NASA also only comes up with CGI in their representations of the planets. And I don’t understand that very well. Because if you have such a high budget, and you have the best telescopes, why do you only get a few bad pictures. The CGI that NASA uses now is a lot better than it used to be, though. But look at the early footage, and it is abundantly clear that you are being fooled. “Space may be the final frontier, but it’s made in a Hollywood basement,” it sounds in the song Californication by The Red Hot Chili Peppers. It’s true! If the “planets” are really planets, why aren’t we flooded with images? Probably because we can’t get to the planets at all by going up into the sky. They are nothing physical! They are spiritual entities in the sky, not worlds on which we may or may not live.

You can’t use the redshift that astronomers see in the spectral lines of an object in the sky to determine distance, according to Halton Arp, an American astronomer, since there are stars whose measured redshift is completely different from the quasars they are attached to. So chances are that in those cases the distance is the same, and it is not the distance (or rather the speed at which the object is moving away from you or toward you) that is responsible for the redshift. In this video he explains. Scientists are just too stubborn to accept this evidence and they’d rather shut someone up. And so there goes the idea that in order to reach these other “worlds” through “space”, you have to fly the USS Enterprise through space for centuries at Warp 9. Yeah, right!

The Vedic scriptures also depict our world many times larger than how we are taught it in school. The ball is an absolute lie. And the videos there are of ‘planets’ with moving ‘moons’ in front of them are not real as far as I’m concerned. And even if they are real, that says nothing about the shape of the Earth, especially if you take into account that these so-called planets are not really worlds. They are also called “wandering stars,” and they all have their own influence on the people who are on the Earth’s surface. The planets are our governors, and your consciousness when you reincarnate is, as it were, pinballed between these governors, and that determines what kind of life you will face, always with the goal of learning experiences, and at the same time standing trial for what you did wrong in previous lives. The Earth then is the flat surface over which the planets and the sun revolve. As, for example, Dante also views it: Image.

Perhaps (I am only suggesting an idea) the ‘planets’ also called wandering stars are the suns of other layers that are ‘in front’ and ‘behind’ the Earth’s surface, but not visible. Mercury then is the sun of the first ‘level’ where we may have all once started. Venus is the second level. Our sun is the third level. Mars is the fourth level. Jupiter the fifth level. Saturn the sixth level and so on. And the living surface, our Earth, is in the middle and the planets (wandering stars), which are actually suns of the different layers, circle above this. Those who do their best may go to the level where Mars is the sun. Our sun is then just a planet in the other layers. A similar idea is worked out in this video. Also check out the rest of the content from Vibes of Cosmos.

Also read about the Saturn myth in “The Saturn Myth” by David Talbott and the work of the gentlemen of the Thunderbolts Project. I interpret this myth to mean that before our world assumed its present planetary configuration due to the Luciferic Fall (my interpretation), Saturn, a brown dwarf star, was our sun. And that that was the time when peace reigned on Earth. After the change of the plan for the path of development for Man, the configuration of the “planets” that are in the Heavens changed. Immuanuel Veliskovsky describes this in his book “Worlds in Collision.” And the people who lived on Earth at that time depicted the plasma phenomena with which this was associated in rock art. For this, read “Thunderbolts of the God” by David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill, for example.

Astrology is a science in itself, but as soon as people talk about influences being upon them, the average audience quickly begins to laugh, purely because they do not know themselves, are not aware of the influences upon them, and so they do not see the truth of this science. There are people who have studied it in detail. Johan Oldenkamp is such a person. TV astrologers are then allowed to catch off real people interested in the science of astrology so that no one ever takes it seriously. Furthermore, much of the serious information is behind big paywalls, so that if you are seriously interested you have to spend considerably before you can get anything of value. Besides, every astrologer has his own way of doing astrology, because the real truth is hidden as usual. Everyone may have (a) piece(s) of the puzzle.

It’s however clear that the planets all behave like a great clockwork. Consider the album of the taken over Dragons of the American rock band Rush, called Clockwork Angels. Angels of the Clockwork. The Clockwork created by God, the timekeeper, who is also called Saturn/Kronos or Yahweh, which in my opinion is not a very nice guy.

Furthermore, I always have to laugh when scientists are once again invited on TV shows to talk about possible life on other planets. Of course, they always remain very “scientific” (read: dry and empty), so they talk about that they could conclude using their measuring instruments that there are bacteria on exoplanets or more of that nonsense, but the real alien history that exists on this world in alternative circles that deals with interdimensional “aliens” pretending to be humans is, of course, not brought up, because that is not scientific. So in that way you look at the world with a very narrow view. It is pure propaganda. Empty propaganda, because nothing interesting ever comes out of it. And it is purely to keep the narrative going, that we are moving through space at miles per hour in this way and that way, which we are not doing. In that regard, we can just trust our senses, although that is the first thing our poor children unlearn at the indoctrination institutions called “schools”.

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Section 1: 1984-2017

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