In this chapter, I'm going to show some evidence for a flat Earth.

Flat Earth

Most people take for granted that we live on a sphere and move through space in multiple ways. But this is actually a pseudoscientific idea for the following reason: No one can prove that the people on the other side of the world are actually “stuck upside down” to the sphere because of gravity. Nowhere on the globe can one show that phenomenon in an if possible smaller form, only at the far ‘zoomed out’ level of the sphere. So we have to take the space agencies at their word, because they are the only ones who can confirm it or not, we cannot replicate it ourselves, to see it with our own eyes. Now NASA, for example, is full of Freemasons and Nazis and because of their history of lies, I really don’t take what they proclaim seriously. Also, look at the many “pictures” of Earth that all look different, and are clearly CGI (computer generated images). In recent ‘pictures’ of the planet Pluto, Image, the Photoshoppers had Pluto, Mickey Mouse’s dog hidden in the surface, Image. They laugh at you behind your back.

The Moon landings were also fake, and were shot in a studio by Stanley Kubrick. It is also clear from the attitude of Neil Armstrong, who never did an interview, that they did not go to the Moon. In this video, he reveals that “parrots are the only ones allowed to talk, and they don’t fly very well. And that there is much to discover “if one removes truth’s protective layers”. Many people tend to judge another person by what they themselves would or would not do, and therefore assume, that such a large organization as NASA would never hide things like this, yet it is the truth. Many earlier so-called images from space, show air bubbles, because they were shot in pools. Sometimes they use zero-gravity aircraft as well. Also rockets supposedly going into space mostly fly into the nearest water with an arc. Launch pads are also always near water. Link. And there is a lot of video footage that shows astronauts pretending to hover while it is clearly visible that they are suspended in some kind of harnesses.

For those who want to know the proof of why the Copernican theory no longer holds true, they should watch this clip. I will summarize what the essence of the proof is: 

Physics before the late nineteenth century, including Maxwell’s electrodynamic equations, assumed that space is filled with an ether through which electromagetic waves propagate. In 1887, the Michelson-Morley experiment was done, to see if there was an ether wind around the Earth, which should arise as the Earth moves through the ether. By projecting a beam of light in the direction of the ether wind, as well as a beam of light at right angles to the ether wind, and then measuring the speed of light in both directions, one could find out how fast the Earth was moving. The result was that the speed was 0. So in other words, either the Earth was stationary and Copernicus was wrong, or there was no ether. Albert Einstein then developed the theory of relativity and threw the ether in the dustbin. And this is still the consensus (a consensus in science is not science) in our physics and astronomy today. In 1913, however, George Sagnac did an experiment that proved that the ether did exist, and thus that the Earth was stationary and the Copernican theory as well as the theory of relativity were incorrect. 

What happens next is that Sagnac’s proof of the ether is never mentioned anywhere, and the whole physics community worships Einstein as an idol, or a God. And the worst thing that happens in that is that they confuse reality with a theory. So if you then say, “In my opinion, this is how it is!”, they say, no, you don’t understand how it works! You have to delve more into the theory. Then I can only say, “What would you rather understand? Reality or a theory? Theory is not reality. But this is what happens when people do not make contact with the invisible. Precisely making contact with the invisible/spritual in addition to the material allows you to solve the riddles of the universe, because reality IS in a certain way, but you can assume that it has not yet been written down in detail, so you can actually only look at the visible observations and the rest is still invisible. Then if you cannot think freely with the subject of “yourself” interacting with the still invisible part of the objects in reality, then you start putting too much value on (materialistic) theories, and you start confusing them with reality. Then it becomes more of a belief, the theory is then the truth, and this is how it is with physics and astronomy, unfortunately, although I am convinced that Einstein’s detour is a deliberate path to present people with a “false” reality.

Further evidence for a flat Earth is, that Heaven is always up, and Earth is always down, whether you are on top of the Globe, or glued to it at the bottom upside down, Image. That people actually believe that air balloons in Australia (Image) fly down upside down under the sphere, and that the Eiffel Tower is glued to the side (Image) is something I cannot understand. Because when you travel there, Heaven is always up again. Why is Heaven not down sometimes? Or right? Surely that could be just as well, if we are floating in space, where there is no up and down. But no, Heaven is always up. No matter where you are!

As the Moon orbits the Earth, it must undergo constant velocity changes to maintain its joint orbit around the Sun. The same is true when the Earth orbits the Sun, which in turn supposedly orbits the galactic core. In this clip it is explained. The absolute velocity is then ignored and it is then pretended that there is only relative velocity and the celestial bodies know exactly which other celestial bodies to listen to as if they were attached to them, and there is no “contamination” from other celestial bodies pulling on a specific object. Not very believable! Then when you see the images of the movements all the celestial bodies are supposedly making, my bullshit alarm goes off. Who controls all those planets? Gravity? It’s miraculous! But really just weird! It seems created exactly that way, and no, not in a so-called Big Bang, an idea once proposed by a priest. But especially don’t say it was created, in physics or astronomy circles, because it’s like swearing in church.

The evidence for the Globe is based on bad philosophy, in which theory is confused with reality. By using this theory (relativity), we can pretend that there is curvature, which is not actually there. We can pretend that we are flying through space at a gigantic speed, which we are not. We then pretend that the atmosphere and all the objects in it are at the same relative coordinates, even if the earth moves, otherwise it cannot be made true. So the atmosphere is also stuck. Because if you take off in a hot air balloon and stay in one place, the Earth really does not rotate away from under you. But if you then say: imagine then that you are hanging above the moon with a spaceship, where there is no atmosphere, does the moon rotate away from you at about 1 kilometer per second (because that is the so-called speed of the moon)? Then they have no answer at all! It at least invalidates the argument that the spinning Earth atmosphere is responsible for the air ballooon so-called spinning along with the motion of the Earth.

Similarly, a projectile you fire to the West doesn’t reach farther than a projectile you fire to the East. So supposedly because the atmosphere rotates perfectly with the Earth, including all the objects in it. And that’s without a container, because the transition from the atmosphere to the vacuum of space, is just open. Yeah right! And if everything is perfectly rotating with the Earth, why do we see clouds moving? Image. Is everything moving and nothing is at rest? Then why can we experience absolute peace here on Earth? Because the movement is so perfect that we don’t feel it, they say. But the existence of a God is excluded! Such nonsense again!

Furthermore, I don’t believe that airplanes while flying around the Earth have to adjust downward every so many kilometers to stay at the same altitude. That’s ridiculous. No, they just fly over a straight surface. In fact, the document that they themselves use describes (at page 7 of the pdf) that the model they use for the calculations is a flat non-rotating version of the Earth. The flight paths in the southern hemisphere are also weird. They often make stopovers in the northern hemisphere. Which is perfectly understandable on the flat Earth map. But on the ball-Earth makes no sense at all. Also, bridges are never made taking into account the curvature of the Earth. They are also straight. And we could go on and on! Actually, we all know that the Earth is flat, but we pretend when we drive or fly over the flat surface, that it looks like circling around the sphere in real life. Like some kind of virtual reality. It’s bizarre! 

The same thing applies to submarines, Image. Those don’t have to dip their noses down every so many meters either, to stay at even depths. And if there were curvature, what’s the point of lighthouses? You can see them from miles away anyway, when they should have disappeared long ago under the horizon, due to the curvature of the Earth. Even train tracks laid kilometers across the land, or canals, do not take into account curvature of the Earth. Some people say that’s because the curvature is negligible, but that’s not true. For a 50-kilometer distance, it takes almost 200 meters of elevation change for the curvature. Absolutely no allowance is made for that, simply because there is no curvature.

Where earlier in this chapter I cited the experiments of Michelson-Morley and Sagnac proving that the Earth is stationary, I would also like to cite the experiment of heliocentrist Airy, inadvertently demonstrating that the stars revolve around the stationary Earth, and that it is not the Earth that rotates. Here’s a good explanation of the experiment and why we can draw the aforementioned conclusion.

The skyline of Chicago (Image) is visible from the other side of Lake Michigan, a distance of 100 kilometers away. The weather report then says it is a mirage, but the Chicago skyline (here too from another direction: Image) is not the only example out there: The skylines of Philadelphia and New York can also be seen from 200 kilometers away! Impossible, if the Earth is a ball with a circumference of 40,000 kilometers. And so many more examples have been documented. There is just no curvature, Image.

The sun “setting” does not set, but simply disappears into the distance. Watch this video and it becomes clear! Also how perspective works. Because even with a flat earth, you will see that parts at the bottom of objects will disappear from view, making it seem that they disappear behind a curvature. But nothing could be further from the truth. Because if you zoom in on the object in question, you can bring it back into full view. And, of course, there are limits to the zoom lens you use and to your eyes. This video is the best demonstration of how the celestial bodies work on a flat earth. It clearly shows that all of them as we see them in the sky above us are projections and they are projected in a different place for everyone, no matter where you are, of course always within the horizon limits of where you are. This kind of movie intelligently solves the objections that ball believers have come up with after inspecting flat earth information.

Furthermore, water also always finds a flat level, so when people then say that it is glued around the spinning ball, and it apparently curves exactly along with the curvature (Image), that still evokes disbelief in me. Besides, if we are spinning through “space” at so many miles per hour, why does nothing fly off? Image. “Gravity…”, is always the answer! But that says nothing about why things behave the way they do. Because sometimes gravity sticks things together; sometimes it makes spheres move at a fixed speed supposedly around each other in a perfectly predictable orbit; sometimes, however, you can escape it (look at birds); and sometimes the smaller object actually pulls on the larger object (logical!), like with the tide, when the Moon pulls on water on Earth, but only if it’s salt water! Yeah, right! And sometimes gravity forms nebulae. And sometimes something is “torn apart by gravity!” (I heard that the other day in a video about space, which as usual contained only CGI (computer-generated imagery)). But that would then be at a different “life stage” of such an object in space.

So in short, there is lots to learn and say about the subject. And I have only touched on a small part. And if the authorities are lying about this, what else are they lying about? With the help of a huge number of taken over people infiltrated among all levels of the population, the ruling powers can very easily control the thoughts of the living souls here on Earth, so not everyone has to be aware that they are lying. The lie is different on every level. Disinformation and lies occur not only in organizations such as NASA, but also in the ordinary population, where the taken over human being is greatly participating in the lies and influencing those around him/her. Even in the comments under videos, many people who have been taken over react, upholding and endorsing the lies! So be very aware of this. The conspiracy is vast, and serves to hide God. It ultimately gives you the maximum challenge to move forward. And one step of that is descending into the material, for which you have to uphold a one-sided material image of the Cosmos, which is not balanced, an image in which God does not exist, that everything is chance, and that we are at the mercy of the forces of nature! But nothing could be further from the truth. The world is full of meaning, if you learn to see a spiritual component in addition to the material. That is a balanced picture, and the real middle path.

Some more reading material

For more proofs, read these books by Eric Dubay. Those few proofs the heliocentrists think they have are trumped by the massive amount of evidence there is for a Flat Earth. Once you go flat, you never go back!

The Flat Earth Conspiracy
The Atlantean Conspiracy
200 Proofs the Earth is not a Spinning Ball

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