In this chapter, I will describe how to develop yourself in a healthy way.

A healthy way to develop yourself

Many people need a healthy path to self-development. But people often don’t know where to start. Therefore, in this chapter I want to give a few pointers. A healthy personality is aligned with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, which are sort of the boundaries of how you can handle your own emotions and those of another. Because of trauma, it’s possible we can’t quite fit in these constraints, and we are all subject to that, unfortunately. No human being is 100% healthy; we are all subject to the effects of the Fall of Man. And every human being has ways in which he goes outside the moral order. We can learn to go within the moral order, but that is a developmental path, and cannot happen overnight. Your fellow human beings and the taken over people around you, can help with this by being a mirror for you. Mirrors are those things that make you aware of your thoughts, feelings and behavior. Only when you are made aware of something can you acknowledge it so you can change it.

To develop yourself into a moral state, you must first recognize that you also have immoral feelings, and embrace them. Many people, especially religious people have difficulty embracing their immoral feelings. They suppress these feelings, which only increases them. Because suppressing them is counterproductive, it actually makes them aggressive, and that’s exactly what you don’t want. So it is important that you learn to feel them completely. You can use your imagination for this, so that you can direct these immoral feelings toward the people who have done harm to you in your life. It is important, of course, not to act on this. So in this way you can become as negative as possible.

Another way to become as negative as possible is to just become positive, focusing only on the good. For example, always obeying others, learning to meditate, and learning how to be all bliss and love. People often don’t understand that this is also a negative state, but it is. Because true love also has a shadow component, and it is not the John Lennon-esque merging into each other, which people see as “good” these days.

Becoming as negative or as positive as possible (nigredo/black phase in alchemy) allows you to learn about evil, allowing you to recognize it as you progress. From one of these two extremes, with the help of how people react to you (this serves as a catalyst), you will find your way to the morally balanced state (albedo/white phase in alchemy). In this way, you can integrate the opposite pole. For this, it is important that you learn to tolerate opposition until the middle path crystallizes. Without merging the two polarities, purify yourself of the two-sided evil, without suppressing the essence of these extreme states. The ruling powers try to polarize the people. That is, so that they tip over to one side. To the side of Lucifer (conservatives), or to the side of Satan (progressives). (Some people say it’s the other way around: this is true as well, it’s all ‘point of view’!). So this is that blackened state of inner alchemy from the previous paragraph. In Satanism and Luciferianism, this blackened state is an end in itself, think of the left-hand path and the right-hand path. Sometimes it is said that the left-hand path is the side of evil. And the right-hand path the side of good. Christianity, for example, is then seen as right-handed. And Luciferianism or Satanism as left-handed. But I want to approach it differently. And see the left-hand path as Satanic and the right-hand path as Luciferic. And they are both extremes, which can go too far. If you understand that “good” creates “evil” of equal strength, and “evil” creates “good” of equal strength, then you will come to the conclusion that you need both sides in yourself. But they can both go too far. And you avoid that by balancing them and taking the middle path.

Those who walk the middle path will face the third evil force, which is the Antichrist. They will teach you to deal with deadly threats. And they will push you into the reddening phase (red phase) of alchemy. You then learn to also become free in your ego, and after being horizontally balanced between Lucifer and Satan, to now also become vertically balanced between Christ and Antichrist, in this way: Afbeelding. This is the moment when the true Holy Spirit finds freedom, and after which you will be protected by God.

Whoever has experienced and allowed the three evil forces to act upon him in the right order will thus gain ultimate freedom in his personality and become a maximally loving human being. The three evil forces are arranged to force this development in everyone as much as possible. Anyone who experiences one of the evil forces too early may end up in a mental prison, so do realize your own responsibility, especially if you are raising children. Interventions should always be in the right place at the right time. That is the hallmark of true goodness.

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