In this chapter, I'm going to address misconceptions about the brain and its function.

Misconceptions about the brain

Through my experiences in therapy, in which my aggression was lifted up in my body until it took a physical place in my head, and through my experiences in a later therapy in which I let the aggression go and felt it sinking back into my body again, I knew the human spirit to be an electromagnetic field, and the way in which you deal with your emotions (which you learn in the first 5 years of your life through interactions with your family members) is essential to the way you perceive the world. When my aggression sinked back into my body, and I unintentionally lost the experience of these powerful feelings again due to a undiscussed and overlooked trauma, I suffered for some time from rather severe depersonalization (I was alienated from myself and others) and derealization, a phenomenon in which your environment feels unreal and no longer familiar. I knew exactly how to get home from therapy, but it felt as if I had never been in that environment before. Only in the course of time, when I got used to my renewed state, did my environment start to feel recognizable again. But both the deepest memories of experiences from my childhood and the essential memories which formed my Self, had sunk into my body. The aggression was an essential part of me. Controlling it by letting it sink back into my body, should not have meant I would lose all the recognition of my life memories, but due to the memories of my trauma, which were still present underneath my agression, the experience and the recognition of my memories disappeared anyway. This means, the way you experience your emotions (including aggression) is essential for how you will perceive reality. It became clear to me, the brain (and maybe your body) has a sort of antennas (keyholes) for memories (keys) and the nature of your emotional state makes you recognize them as being ‘your own’. 

The common narrative about the brain and memory, is that memories are stored in the brain. And that the content of consciousness can be reduced to brain activity. In other words, that the brain produces consciousness and that it is nothing more than a side effect of an otherwise completely materialistic reality. However, one of the first books of my search for truth was the book Consciousness Beyond Life by cardiologist Pim van Lommel. A fantastic book that changed my whole view of the brain and consciousness. In his book Van Lommel describes reality not being purely materialistic, but also having a spiritual component present. He describes all matter to be animated, like in philosophical panpsychism. And he describes the brain not being the producer of consciousness, but the facilitator or transmitter/receiver of consciousness like for example a radio or TV is. He substantiates his story using literature from various fields, including quantum physics. Of course the spiritual state you are in, determines whether you can accept this information. If you deny the spiritual part of reality, then you will never accept Van Lommel’s book, but that is foolish, because anyone who reads carefully will see that his interdisciplinary literature study answers many more questions than an exclusively material or exclusively spiritual paradigm.

Brain scientists often support their materialistic worldview with Libet’s research on the readiness potential that precedes the conscious intention to perform an action. The brain gives the first signal, and consciousness lurches after it. But this can also be interpreted differently: You have to view the body as the place for the ‘unconscious’. This includes all learned automated reactions. With the help of your mind and through interactions with your fellow human beings you can make these unconscious feelings conscious. To quote Carl Jung: “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious”, i.e. by learning to make your aggression conscious, or to let it rise to your head by undergoing a constant challenge. In this way you get a greater insight into your Self, and you will become aware of all those automated reactions stored in your body. The conscious mental field can thus directly influence brain activity through this kind of therapy. This also applies to conscious and voluntary suppression (or control) of emotions. It is mentioned by Pim van Lommel and summarized as neuroplasticity and is an important example of ‘mind over matter’. Yet there are an awful lot of psychologists and psychiatrists, who despite believing firmly in their profession, and knowing that you can influence the brain with consciousness, still assume that brains produce consciousness, and that consciousness can be reduced to brain activity. At least I have encountered them. They are just not well informed. But sometimes it is also because they are in too compressed a state of consciousness, so they are too much in the head, and thus have literally become “walking brains” without free will which they then proclaim as the truth, but is really just an unbalanced Satanic state of consciousness. Among many brain scientists I have noticed this. But know that there is also an opposite state of consciousness, the Luciferic state, where you are actually too much in the body, and you rebel in the other direction. This is just as much an unbalanced state that produces an unbalanced point of view, if one is not aware of the latest research.

In the book Consciousness and its place in nature - Does physicalism entail panpsychism?  by Galen Strawson, it is argued that if you want to describe reality purely physicalistically, you end up with panpsychism, just like Van Lommel. And I completely agree with this. For all properties of consciousness can be described physicalistically, but this is only one particular point of view. You can also describe the same properties purely non-physicalistically. This is a different point of view, but it deals with the same reality. And if you describe something physicalistically, it must include the human mind, which cannot be reduced to brain activity. There is a correlation with brain activity but that says nothing about causation. So you have to see the two things side by side. Van Lommel’s conclusion is that infinite consciousness originates in non-local space in the form of indestructible and not directly observable wave functions, which are present non-locally in and around the body. Thus, in Van Lommel’s approach, consciousness has no physical basis.

Quantum theory describes that particles can be entangled when they have been in contact with each other and then separate. People can also be entangled in contact in this way. This is when they have no identity of their own, or when they meld into others, a state I have also known, which was thus a result of being a twin, among other things, combined with another trauma. This entanglement works instantaneously. In Van Lommel’s book, we also find that non-local entanglement of consciousness has been demonstrated by putting subjects who know each other well and are well attuned to each other in separate Faraday cages, on which a sensory stimulus is then administered to one subject. Subsequently, a similar stimulus can be seen in the EEG of the other exactly at that moment, which can all be explained by non-local influence.

What Dan Winter, for example, and Charles W. Lucas argue is that everything alive is made possible by longitudinal waves, whether or not they are in an ether. The characteristic of these waves is that they are thus instantaneous. Compare it to 10 cubes that you put one after the other. If you push the first one forward a bit, the last one instantaneously moves as well. Another characteristic of these waves is that they pass right through Faraday cages. So this is another way quantum entanglement can take place instantaneously, both at the micro level, and at the macro level.

But quantum phenomena can only occur in closed systems with coherence, as far as mainstream science knows, and scientists therefore argue that this is not the case with a human being who interacts with the environment anyway. But nature is still smarter than some scientists! Please read the book The Rainbow and the Worm - The Physics of Organisms by Mae-Wan Ho to see quantum coherence in living systems, or look at the example of SQUIDS, and buckyballs, which Van Lommel mentions in his book, in which quantum coherence has also been demonstrated, even at higher temperatures.

If you know how you yourself are put together, you can also draw parallels to the content of your consciousness and different brain regions. For example, the deepest parts of the reptilian brain correlate with the automatic functions of your body, but also with the deepest feelings of aggression. The lymbic system, then correlates more with the emotions. And the neocortex, with the ability to channel the emotions and aggression for good. The whole purpose of the world conspiracy is to facilitate the harmonization of these three parts as much as possible. So that is the alignment of thoughts, feelings and actions, which is the great characteristic of the Christ-state.

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