In this article I describe some thoughts surrounding a possible end of this world, and my wish that no one will be left behind.

To leave no one behind...

What makes people eager to leave this Earth? What makes them want to move to a better world? Is it an escape from reality? Or is it something they have truly earned? What makes sure, someone experiences just the right thing (however much suffering it is), through which he can reach God in the end? Is it something you choose while preparing your life in the spiritual world? And what makes sure, you, for example, survive, and someone else doesn’t. Nobody has any say in what he will be going through as a child, right, and how teachable he has become as a result. It’s such an unfair thing. If I had gone through what some serial killers have gone through, I might do exactly what these serial killers do: kill people. But what makes me reach a different state? Is everything predetermined what you will experience in your life? Or can you turn things around yourself? Not if you haven’t been given the power to actually do so, it seems to me. Do murderers have determined before their lives that they are going to murder in their upcoming life? Have I chosen to be threatened by murderers of whom hardly anyone knows their existence? You almost have to have chosen it if you want to keep the meaning and significance of life! If you are rewarded for remaining faithful to God, then it must be that you have chosen this yourself. But what if you are handicapped and cannot comprehend it at all? Then you can’t consciously choose it? Will you be a lost cause? Absolutely not, I would think. On the contrary, you then have the task of teaching people something, even though it may not be in the usual way.

I always emphasize that evil and misfortune has something to teach us. In a world without evil (whether worked through or not), you wouldn’t be able to learn anything, because it is precisely through pain that we can distinguish and learn to use our various inner functions. But that means that evil people also have a significant role to play. The developmental process is certainly accelerated by evil, as long as it doesn’t go too far, but is used in a good way. But would you still call it evil then? Everyone has a role, and we are all in a learning process. People make mistakes. Some people act evil on purpose, without it being deployed in a controlled or focussed way. These are very likely not the entities I often talk about, because they deploy it in a very controlled way, it seems, (although their decisions are about life and death). No, they’d be rather ordinary people who have gone astray. This is the real evil, and must be confronted head-on. But should we confront the entities I mentioned in my earlier articles? Or should we mostly give them space and allow what they do? I think I know the answer. We should always confront what we think is evil in the other person. By being open to their reactions, we can learn, and your image of evil starts to develop. You will find the right way to approach it then. I will never stop talking about what happened to me, and the many people around me who were taken over. People need to know that this has happened and is happening. But let’s also see the function it serves: to make you even stronger than you already are!

So these are things I’m thoroughly thinking about. Once in a while you yearn for some relaxation. Hanging out on the couch and watching some TV is usually not an option, because after an hour of watching, I am amazed by the amount of filth that passes by. Wherever you look, it’s everywhere. Encouraging plastic surgery on one channel. On another channel, people hugging each other having plastic in between them, because of Covid, and all kinds of people endorsing the ridiculous Covid rules. Then the encouragement of all kinds of gender crap, and the total breakdown of the traditional family. Then all kinds of weird games. The same celebrities everywhere. The audience at all those TV shows don’t care either, they clap for anything. Then I turn the TV to Pinkpop (a Dutch festival) and I see thousands of people going crazy on very dark crap made by very dark people, and I don’t mean the color of their skin. It all has to be as aggressive and as immoral as possible, then it will be successful. And people laugh at that, they even defend it. But you should know what really goes on behind the approved immorality you see on TV. How much abuse takes place, emotionally and physically. And how fake the world really is. How the world is made up of lies. And that almost everyone you see on TV is somehow controlled, or has been taken over.

I don’t like most people at all anymore. I feel like the little boy who doesn’t feel safe among humanity. Who has never felt safe among humanity. I so long for purity. A purity that may not exist here on Earth. A purity like the love of a mother or a father for a small child. Ultimate safety. I have known that kind of safety in part, but as is part of growing older, you later detach yourself from it, and deal with insecurity by trusting in your own strength and capabilities. But this feeling of the world and the people being imperfect, so imperfect that it no longer feels safe, that has always been with me. It seems more and more that all the actions we do on Earth are in some way tainted. And that you have to be of good character, to go against that. Because you will have to go against it, if you want to preserve your morality. But you’re seen as a sourpuss in any case, if you make your grievances known about the world. People just avoid you when they have read your texts. That says more about them than it does about me, because in general I approach people with love, even if it has a critical component. Once in a while I get a nice message from someone who encourages me. I would hereby like to thank these people.

It is now June 21th, 2021, the day of the Summer Solstice, a day which many people online have again been anxiously awaiting. Would it be the day of the solar flash that until now, still remained on the agenda? The day of ‘the Event’? Would it be accompanied by a major disaster? Or would it remain quiet? Would it be the day of the Revelation of the Antichrist, when a certain portion of humanity will fall away. Or, as we have seen many times, would nothing happen at all? Would it be the case that a small portion of humanity would transition to a new world, or would we all just promote? It would be so nice if we could all get everyone to that point. For everyone to make steps forward. I’ve always found it a terrible feeling to develop as an independent person. I always felt like I had to leave my dear twin sister behind. I wanted to take her with me. Many people have no idea what it’s like to always be with your sister from childhood. And yes, then when traumatic things happen and developing seperately means the other person might get hurt, you really just don’t want to ever leave anyone behind. But people always choose to go their own way. You can be very firm and try to make them see something, but in the end they will have to experience this themselves, sometimes by remembering the seed that you planted to them, and sometimes by taking the path of the hard teacher. Someone with whom I exchanged a few emails once told me that truth cannot just be told, but that it has to be realized by someone, for example by encountering it themselves. And I can certainly agree with that.

But I hope that in addition to terribly frighten the people I reached so far with the truth, I have been able to reassure them as well. I hope I made clear that there is a way to transcend the opposition you may also feel within yourself. Perhaps I have failed to reach many people. It is said that repetition makes your message clearer, and people then slowly start to listen to it, but if I have said something once, it disappears from my system forever. Very inconvenient. But that also allows me to let go of certain things, knowing that people can always read it back.

For now I have only one dream: that every child in the world would grow up in love. That people let their children grow up in love. Balanced love, with room for bo th a nurturing role and a critical inhibiting role. A child should only have to deal with his own destructive urges, and a loving guiding hand that teaches him to transcend those. A child should have nothing to do with any other destructiveness. Should this summer solstice become a destructive day for innocent children or for innocent people who haven’t had many opportunities in life, and a higher power like God is responsible for that, I can only say: God, You’re a dick, and I’m going to slap You in Your divine face, in a manner of speaking, should I end up on the other side. Should a lower power, such as the elite, be responsible for it, I will do everything in my power to communicate this to humanity.

I am writing this article by night. Today was Father’s Day. I had a nice day with my family. They acted like my family would, even though I know they were taken over. I even had a little romp with my dad. As big and powerful as he used to be, this time we were equals. It gave us and my mother great fun, too, and I’m carrying the memory of my real father and everyone who was taken over in my heart with me. It has become a strange reality, almost dreamlike. But I feel intense love! Should this be the end of everything, I am at peace with it, and can only quote Jesus’ words which he said on the cross after quenching his thirst just once (!): “it is finished…” Not to compare my ordeal with that of the Christ (I wouldn’t even dare!), not because I did everything I wanted to do (far from it), but because I did everything I could mentally and emotionally bolster…

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