This article is about the funeral of my grandmother. I felt carried by deceased ones to tell the truth!

Carried by deceased ones
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Today was my grandmother’s funeral. I had prepared a speech, and my family had planned me to speak last, which was really convenient for me. In the speech I clearly say that I am convinced that my grandmother already died 7 months ago and that she was taken over by another entity. Whether this happens with some kind of implant, or whether it happens with a device that disturbs the electromagnetism of the mind, causing the mind of the targeted person to leave the body and it being replaced by another entity, or whether this change of entity happens purely as the walk-in phenomenon without a physical trigger, controlled from the astral dimension, or whether it actually happens as described on Donald Marshall’s site, where a shapeshifter (someone who can change shape, the djinn from the Koran are an example of this, or the reptilian shapeshifters David Icke talks about) sticks a protrusion in the left eye, thereby poisoning the brain, causing the original person to die and the ‘drone’, which is part of a hive mind, to take over control, unfortunately I owe you an answer to that. Because I don’t know, even though my grandmother’s left eye was damaged in the corner of the eye. What I do know for sure is that there was another entity in her body during the last 7 months, which looked completely different from her, had a completely different gaze, and was acting out my grandmother’s behaviour, while in the meantime she understood everything very well. She didn’t seem demented anymore either, but she acted it. And this I’m very sure of, because I know my  grandmother well and recognize her for sure when I’m with her. The fact that other people (for example the nursing home) didn’t realise this, is because they don’t see the information I’m considering as a potential option at all. Most people don’t have much imagination when it comes to reality. That’s only something you see in movies, they think. While it is precisely when you, during your development, let all the knowledge you have accumulated in your life sink back into your body, thereby transforming your fantasies into reality, then these poles of fantasy and reality merge together again, especially if you go even further and let go of your ego. Then you can see the fantasy of reality, and the realism in the fantasy of, for example, movies and series. For most people these are two totally different things, and that is indeed one step in your development, to bring about the separation between fantasy and reality, just as there is also in one phase, separation between yourself and another human being. Most people stay in this state and see reality as something in which everything can be made predictable, and in which there is no room for the unknown. And then during the evening they flee into the fantasy world of Netflix, in which everything is possible, and into which they let their emotions flow, instead of expressing it into the connection to other human beings, and thereby opening themselves up to the reaction. Because if you do that, then the separateness can get an extra dimension in which, while feeling that separateness, you can start to feel one with other people at the same time. You are then actually everything and nothing at the same time, the ultimate middle path. So yes, people have very little imagination when it comes to reality, and completely ignore the possible options that can be there if you try to fathom the invisible part of reality. Because it’s not only invisible. After all, there are clear triggers that make you doubt, including the fact that my grandmother and mother and father and sister are totally different in terms of energy they put out (it’s sometimes pretty toxic), they react to me in exactly the way that it benefits my treatment of the mental health facility in which these entities are infiltrated, with behavior they’ve never shown before, and the dinosaur/reptile triggers that previous people have given (that never happened before). For me it’s totally clear, but for someone who experiences all these things as separate from each other and doesn’t know the information I’ve studied, and with every trigger thinks: “Oh, that’s a coincidence!” and “Oh, they (all those people) might just be interested in reptiles!” and “Oh, the Covid restrictions have been tough on grandma!” probably not! Well, then you have a enormous blind spot, if you ask me! Then I really don’t have any hope for you, to be honest.

Well, I briefly mentioned in my speech at the funeral what is going on in our family, and it was a real truth bomb, I guess. Everyone will have their own thoughts about it, but that’s okay too. My family that is taken over - (on my brother and his wife and the children I am not entirely sure, but I have my suspicions) - reacted well to it. They really tried to involve me in their conversations afterwards, but I found it terrible to hear the speeches of my fake father, fake mother, and fake sister. It’s just some kind of acting what you see and what comes across as very unreal, even if it includes tears. It doesn’t seem authentic, and that hurts so much, and that creates such a distance between me and my ‘family’. But I have to say that they took care of everything, and that they really did take their responsibilities that belong to the life of my parents, and brother/sister seriously. As far as that is concerned, I didn’t interfere much, because I had a hard time with that, especially since my thought is, that my grandmother passed away already 7 months ago. Let the dead bury the dead, is what Jesus said after all. So yes, it is something positive and something negative side by side. In the end, they wanted a family photo at grandma’s coffin, but I didn’t want to be among them, because it doesn’t feel like my family, even though they are super nice and have really done a lot to keep everything on track. Afterwards I had dinner at my parents’ home with all my family members, including my brother’s family. But it actually took too long. I pushed myself beyond my limits. When I came home, I was gagging a lot, and that’s when I noticed that it took too long. Tomorrow was supposed to be my grandmother’s birthday, and my fake mother asked me to come for a cup of coffee, but I’m going to say no to this. It just feels so wrong! And I want to do some other things. I’m surprised I can sit and eat with my fake family.

The Second Epistle of John (in the Bible) says some remarkable things. That you have to stick to the teachings of Christ and look no further than that, which I absolutely do not adhere to, because I think that if you want to get to know evil, you first have to know for yourself what it is about and what it feels like, in order to do transform it through confrontations and out of free will into something good. And it says as well in this Epistle that you should not let people who do not follow the teachings of Christ into your house. But in these materialistic times that is a lot of people. The Second Epistle of John also says that you shouldn’t greet people who don’t propagate Christ’s teachings and a lot more of such things. And that you should not sit or eat with them. Even though Jesus was so clear about love for your neighbours. So that is strange. If I constantly point the moral finger at everyone who I think does not propagate Christ’s teachings, or of whom I think he is evil, then I indeed have some day’s work to do. Is that what being a Christian is all about? It’s always striking when I surf the internet, that you meet a lot of different people. One of them fights Trump, because he is evil. The other fights the State in general, because it is evil. Another one fights the Social Justice Warriors, because they are evil. And yet another one fights against the Reptilian entities, because they too are evil. And what is called ‘evil’ then, is always that which you deny the most in yourself. I am not saying that we all have to become evil and view that as an end point, because I am convinced that we have to ultimate ly put evil to an end on this Earth, but in your core you have to allow that evil within yourself first and then transmute it to goodness through further challenges in life (both in thoughts and feelings, and in actions). The essence of the energy then changes. And then you will have no one opposing you anymore and you will in no way allow your family to be taken over, as I may have done in the beginning by my passive attitude of back then.

In the Gospel of Matthew we see that Jesus sits and eats with the tax collectors and sinners and loves his enemies. “Healthy people don’t need a doctor, but the sick do!” are His words. And that is something I gladly concur with. I love everyone, I’ve always said that. But I have to learn to live with the fact that my family has been taken over, which I more or less allowed, if you will put it that way. That’s awful! I don’t wish it on anyone. I feel so terribly guilty and I wish I could have protected my family and those many other people who have been taken over. I made a big mistake because of my fearful passive attitude, or maybe more my militant attitude, I don’t know. My family constantly lets me know from the other side that they love me, but it hurts so incredibly, that sometimes I feel a big resentment and then start confronting these fake entities, especially on the internet, which is safer than in real life. And at the same time I sometimes eat with my fake family and at those moments I don’t feel my anger because they are being nice, when this anger totally should be there, if you look at the seriousness of what they have done. That is incredibly difficult! And on top of that I am really devastated by sadness at some moments, longing for my real family. I once got a big fleece blanket from my sister, which I often lie under. Then it feels (sounds a bit crazy) as if we are together after all, just like we started our life together. It’s a very precious gift to me, the best gift ever and it still touches my heart when I think about it. My dear twin sister…

I had made two speeches to read out today, one containing the truth, and one that left out the truth. The service today started at 2:30pm (which is 14:30 here in Holland) and at that moment I was looking at my phone! And I saw 143, which stands for ‘I Love You’, and this gave me the power to read the speech containing the truth to those people in the room. I thought of all those people who are in heaven, my grandmother in particular, but also my other grandmother and grandpas, my father and mother, my sister and maybe my brother and his family, my aunt, my good friend, all the people who have been taken over and all the other people who went in a different way and I felt that I was being carried! The fear disappeared immediately. And I told everyone the truth! Quite a victory. There was only one flaw: if only there had been more people present!

I feel combative! In a good way!

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