In this article, I reflect on the hard teachers of the evil forces and consider whether everything you experience in your life is already determined.


In my next article, I describe how, after a few angry weeks, I have now become calm again. But in this article, I will put forward some contemplation first:

Just a few days ago, in my article about Ukraine, I wrote that the hard teacher of the 3 evil forces active in this world can also be called benign, but I have to come back to this, because actually they are evil and benign at the same time. Evil, because all over the world people are being deprived of their lives and violence is being perpetrated against people who, sometimes through their own fault, but sometimes through no fault of their own, have ended up in certain situations in which they do not fit within the boundaries that the evil forces are trying to impose, or don’t have the qualities to actively withstand these evil influences. Evil can have a transforming function, as I have always said, but some people are also unchangeable because they have been through so much! So if I stand by the information that I have always shared, I have to admit that it is right to use the harsh teacher, and that that is a good thing and that it ultimately advances the world. But it is still hard to justify these actions! I do understand the situation and everything being about balance. But all over the world millions of people are being whipped up by the hard teacher of the Luciferic influence, millions of people are being mistreated by the hard teacher of the Satanic influence, and millions of people are being murdered by personality takeovers, which is the hard teacher of the Antichrist influence. These evil rulers always point to the common people. They tell you it’s the common people turning to violence and the common people being mainly to blame for the nasty state of the world. They have an inability to look at their own behavior because they view themselves as God or carrying out God’s Plan, and you are not allowed to criticize God according to them. You can only be humble, and think negatively about yourself, as long as you think positively about God. This can be called satanic.

These evil forces see themselves as the developmental accelerators of the world, a heroic role they ascribe to themselves, and employ the motto “the end justifies the means.” They do not care that people are suffering because of their actions, because after all, it is your fault and the fault of other ordinary people, not theirs. People feel this threat prevailing in the world, and from that threat they proceed to the same kind of aggression, if they choose the evil path. Bad example from these evil forces makes bad followers, but you are the one to blame, according to them. Most people just copy the behavior of their own parents, not because they like it, but because they are put together the same as their parents, and certain problems are passed on from generation to generation. Even if you have done everything you can to change, you can get into trouble and not fit within the boundaries of the evil forces with your personality. But then you must die according to them! And so all the undesirables (undesirable persons) in the world are cleared away, without the common people immediately realizing who is behind it. Vagrants and addicts who become a problem, psychiatric patients who can no longer be helped, almost all famous people, and people who try to do too much good: all are dealt with or cleaned up when they cannot move within these strict limits for whatever reason. Because no good influence is allowed to be poured out over the world, because we all have already grown so far through the good influence that we have become detached from God and the original universe. So because Lucifer has been an asshole, so to speak, Satan (working the other way) must be an even bigger asshole and the Antichrist must be the absolute biggest asshole to get it off for good. It’s balancing good with evil, over and over again. And mankind who I believe did not choose to play this game gets the blame! It’s bizarre! So we are really walking around here on Earth with a bunch of psychopaths who desperately want to be liked! Which of course is very sad! They expect me to take responsibility for something I was not responsible for, to confess my guilt for something I was not responsible for, and then I even have to give my life too! Over and over again! But maybe when I am soon dead I will learn why I apparently chose this myself, the final piece of the puzzle … but in my opinion it is nonsense! It is lies that those spiritual gurus want you to believe. The fact is that there is a problem here on Earth, we are all learning, and people sometimes make mistakes. It is important to forgive these mistakes, especially if the people who made the mistakes have repented. But the marks left by the mistakes remain! Sometimes you just have bad luck! And this is not because you chose it before you started your life, but because we all just haven’t gotten that far yet as far as the general development of the population is concerned. No one living on Earth chose to end up in this madhouse. No one! As far as I am concerned, they are lies! Or the relaxation room between lives must be so nice that we immediately forget the pain we had in our past lives. But I don’t count on it directly. And all because we need to move forward, and evolve. What is the purpose of this? A genocide of the undesirables so that the best specimens remain? That’s easy. I can do it that way! By the way, where have I heard that before? Surely that is the idea we all so reject. How ironic. I don’t accept this reality! It is a deranged reality! But I can so imagine, since the evil that exists knows no bounds, there to be even worse worlds. All to punish man even harder. Perhaps if we had all received balanced love from the beginning, we would not have become undesirables at all! Anyway, apparently that’s just what we’re working toward, and which is actually not that common yet. But what is a world with free will, if free will is immediately taken away from you and then you are also not allowed to protest, but are told: you are only allowed to love, by which they mean: you must approve of everything, because we (the controllers) are not doing anything wrong! And if everything is so fixed in advance, why didn’t they put a better video in the video player! But I so imagine that somewhere the evil rulers are watching, enjoying themselves with popcorn, laughing hard at my indignation and pain, and that of many others.

However, these evil rulers also have a benign side. Because they give you enough time to recover from things before they send another new challenge your way, and for that I am grateful. So that shows that it IS about development. Also, they always provide you with the soft teacher first, before they deploy the hard teacher. So you have the choice to listen or not. And my hope is that they do that with everyone! And that their interventions are always right and just. It is important for human beings to do the necessary inner work, and keep their eyes and ears open.

Could I have been in my father’s body in a past life? Just to experience how to behave like that? And then being simultaneously my father as myself? And my sister, and my mother and everyone walking around the Earth? Surely so! And would what we experience in a life be all predetermined?
My life lesson number (the summed value of all the digits in one’s birth date) in numerology is 5 (32). If I had been born a day later, like a classmate of mine from elementary school, it would have been 33. That number has to do with the inner Christ. That classmate committed suicide. My soul number (the summed value of all the letters of one’s first and last name) is 33, though. 33 is considered an unreliable number by many people. As if you are an agent of the Matrix, selling only lies. Then I can only say: this number has been corrupted, so that one does not find out the original meaning. Many numerology sites, also simplify the master numbers 11, 22 and 33 back to 2, 4 and 6, while some really see them as separate numbers. Maybe all the people who are going to make it in this cycle have a life lesson number of 33 and a soul number of 33, in which case the ruling powers probably already know I’m not going to make it, if everything is predetermined. Then incarnating in a body would only be an experience we cannot influence, and we are just privy to the influences of all the planets. And we then learn by undergoing the mistakes of others, so it’s yours to see the consequences of these mistakes as extremely as possible, which provides you a clear picture how it should not be done, and therefore how it should be done, which you then have to communicate in your works. Nothing then stops you from having a shitty life every life, because you are but a passive spectator in your own body, and that even when you exert influence, the final result is fixed. But if with every life as a perpetrator you then get a life as a victim, and after every life as a victim you get a life as a perpetrator, we don’t really transcend this perpetrator/victim thing either. But maybe in the next life you experience what you were so lacking in your present life. And by getting clear about what was lacking, you can influence what kind of parents you will incarnate with this time, where you can get another lesson. And perhaps we will then determine between lives, which side we want to develop towards. I should hope so!

It’s quite special that I was just dreaming and suddenly felt a kind of physical punch, out of nowhere, at which, without being startled, I very quietly opened my eyes and thought, “Thank you for waking me up: I’m going to write again.” Then I look at my phone, and see that it’s 11:33 a.m. and my battery status is at 22%. Incredible. All 3 master numbers in a row, while I was talking about it the night before (in the previous paragraph of this article). So I woke up with that punch at just the right time to see this. That is enough proof for me that I am supported and there is more between heaven and earth, but I have no doubt about that since a long time. The entities that act on your mind at night may intrude into your dreams and tell or communicate something to you that way. Perhaps they can deliver positive dreams, but also very negative ones. And maybe this depends on how you behave in a day. It does motivate me to behave as balanced as possible….

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