This article talks more in-depth about the moon as a reflection of the Flat Earth. Be sure to check out the amazing work of YouTubers Godgevlamste and Vibes of Cosmos.

More information on the Moon

After first adding an update to my article Freethinkers about the Moon, I decided to write a new article for this addition. For there were some more things to add. You’d better read my article Freethinkers about the Moon first, and then study the work of YouTubers Godgevlamste and Vibes of Cosmos.

I’m now sure that the real map of our Flat Earth emerges in the work of Vibes of Cosmos, because I held the standard Flat Earth map, the azimuthal equidistant projection next to it, (Image), and the Moon clearly shows a considerably distorted version of this map. There is additional land too, but that is presumably out of reach of our Sun, which may move up a bit on the entire circle every so many years. Ewaranon’s video, titled, “The Lost History of the Flat Earth”, explains this in full at the end of the video. Antarctica then is the land that is beyond the reach of our sun, as I have indicated it here, Image. And there are some other pieces of land. Buy the Atlas map from Vibes of Cosmos here and the book here, in which he explains how the Moon is a live X-ray projection of our Flat Earth. Definitely worth your time. But does it mean that Godgevlamste’s Crater Earth story is not true? Maybe partially! My attempt to indicate the continents in my earlier article on the Moon Freethinkers about the Moon is probably not correct, except for Antarctica.

It may well be that the Hereford map that Godgevlamste always shows, Image, is a map of what the Earth looked like before the Flood, and that this is indeed the work of “the parasite” as he describes it (which are presumably the Satanic entities, which are the karmic consequence of the, in humanity’s development, now over-expanded Lucifer consciousness). That would mean that this Hereford map is not a map of the crater, but perhaps of the other part of the Earth, where the sun does not shine now (look at the film of Ewaranon), ‘Antarctica’ + some pieces of land, Everything I have contoured yellow on this (Image). In fact, if you look at this one on its side, Image (view the original without yellow contouring here, Image) you can vaguely see the shapes of the water, Image on the Hereford map. One can then also see the large spit of land shown on the right of the Hereford map, although the Antarctic spit of land is much longer in real life than we can see on the contemporary image of Antarctica on Google Maps. And several pieces of land are also flooded, by the looks of it. But I admit, it’s not very good evidence.

The moon probably represents a total X-ray projection of the Earth. And after the Flood, it consists of what we know as inhabited Earth territory, and a huge Antarctica, which is no longer reachable by the sun + some additional pieces of land. The question is whether the displacement of the sun was a natural clock-like process, as Ewaranon points out in “The Lost History of Flat Earth”, or whether the controllers (the parasite) deliberately changed things, for example by having changed the energy field and the light source (the sun). Indeed, several people talk about Sun Simulators and support this with pictures where a second sun is visible.

Godgevlamste describes in his videos how the crater is overflowing with the Flood and how a tilt of the energy field creates Antarctica, which is considerably larger than we think. So you can watch his work just fine, but remember that the Earth is not on a crater of a big ball, of which the Moon is a reflection. But the Moon is the reflection of the whole Flat Earth. So we only need to replace in our minds the crater with the whole Earth to understand how things really are, when we look at Godgevlamste’s work.

In my first article, currently offline, I named how our Flat Earth with glass dome over it, is a bubble on a larger surface. This is also reflected in the Vedic scriptures I believe. I saw it once on a large poster based on the Vedic scriptures. And I’ve also read about an alien who was stranded with his spaceship (it was probably a djinn posing as an alien), who was interviewed by the authorities, (or it was just one big lie (with truths hidden in it)) who told that the Earth was a bubble in some kind of primordial water, which I’ve always found an interesting idea. So maybe then the Earth is a crater on a larger surface that we don’t have a map of yet. So we only see in the Moon a reflection of our world, and we have no view of the other worlds, contrary to what Godgevlamste says. I hope it can be understood what I am saying.

I understand that if you still believe the moon to be a ball of rock in space, which appears to be as big as the sun because it is at exactly the right distance, while it is actually a lot smaller; and if you still believe the moon landings to be real, then you will never believe what I say in this article, but if you go step by step and investigate what is true of these things, you will eventually find that what I say here is closer to the truth. The moon is not a round ball of rock in space; the official stories about its history are all nonsense; the moon landings were a big hoax; and the moon is not an alien spaceship parked in exactly the right spot. And it’s also probably not a place with reptilian aliens or moon people (as a Twitter contact once told me) who are going to eat us or our soul contents when we’ve just died. All very likely bullshit…!

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