In this article, I review Susan Reed's book ‘The Body Snatchers’.

On Susan Reed's ‘The Body Snatchers’

In her book “The Body Snatchers”, Susan Reed (real name Jennie Gosbell) describes the experiences she had with her partner, who she discovered was a Reptilian alien. She describes how these entities take over human bodies, resulting in two spirits in one body. Contrary to what I have always said, about the original person being dead, Susan Reed believes the original spirit is still alive in the body, but the soul part has been released, and the control is now lying with the Reptilian spirit that has entered, which of course could very well be.
Susan Reed is clairvoyant, which is why she was so aware of this other side of her partner back then. Another side, consisting of cruelty, a superiority complex, and all kinds of telepathic abilities, but also human qualities like intelligence and helpfulness and the ability to have fun.
I also see this in my own family, especially the helpfulness is very noticeable in them at the moment. They do a lot for me, even though I know they have been taken over.

Susan Reed’s partner at the time, Brian, describes how when he took over the body he’s in, he also got the emotional baggage of this person, which he can’t deal with. It makes him want to hurt people. When I think about my own emotional state, this surely will be another tough challenge for them, should they take over me, because my emotional prison feels absolutely terrible, especially if you’re used to being free emotionally. It’s not something you can handle overnight. It’s because it’s been very gradual with me, and I’ve had time to get used to it, that I can handle it, but someone who feels this all at once will go absolutely nuts! He won’t know what to do. That is why these Reptilian entities need their aggression. In that way, they are able to handle such explosive differences in emotional state when going into another body.

So Susan describes how there are two different entities in one body. The Reptilian host that controls everything is in a different location, but is in control of the human’s mind in Susan’s location. And they can talk among themselves. So there is a definite connection. And maybe there is some kind of Queen that they are all connected to (my addition).
I have a strong feeling they have made that connection with me as well and can see exactly what I am doing that way, but they have not taken over me yet. So it seems that the Reptilian guest is thus coming into my body from time to time, as I describe in my article Logging on to Jesse Musson, but they have not yet taken over me, for I am still in control. That’s why I’m starting to believe less and less of the stories that some people describe on how they take over people. Like a snake that’s put into you through your mouth, or a worm being put into you through your eye, or a tongue or protrusion sticking into your eye. In my opinion, that would cause way too much mess. I think they could just control it through the astral world with the push of a button, but maybe I’m wrong.

Susan Reed also describes the Reptilian entities telling people they will take over them before they expose their actions to the world, but they actually cause people to expose their actions with their controlling interventions, is my opinion. That comes across as rather silly. Until you understand that they want you to expose them. They are warriors, and they think, “Bring it on! We can take some resistance!”

The book is quite incomprehensible at times, because it is so complicated, how these entities can affect us all. For example, Susan Reed describes that she sought out several entity removers because some Reptilian entities stick to her person as well. She had not been taken over, but they were attached to her, is what I understand from it and she sensed that thanks to her clairvoyance. The entity removers even make contact with these entities and they tell her many ‘secrets’.

The ultimate evil plan of these entities, according to Susan Reed, is to implant us all with, say, a chip or whatever, so that they can control us all, and eventually finish us off. Because they want the Earth for themselves alone. This comes across as incredibly banal, in my opinion! You hear this a lot, but it’s so funny on the one hand. It’s like a cartoon. If there were no more humans, these Reptilian entities would have no one left to parasitize on, so then they would have no reason to exist themselves. They want attention from humans so badly. So we can put these so-called evil plans into perspective. It is a kind of astral cartoon to scare people. But humanity has to start realizing its immense power. Then they will never allow it to happen, I am convinced! They are not supposed to allow it either, but right… you have to start somewhere.
These entities may well believe these lies, but on a higher level this is absolutely not the plan and they are only digging their own grave by wanting to kill people just like that. They will all be conditioned to take steps toward these evil plans (an example is vaccines, which also cut people off from God), but the more people wake up, the more it will backfire. And that’s also the reason why I tell my story so extensively on my website and always try to bring in a somewhat higher perspective, that these entities mean to empower you, and once you get in your power, they won’t bother you anymore! In several of my previous articles, you can read how best to approach them, and how you can make them stop bothering you. For example, in: A brief clarification and To follow Christ, is to be protected.

It is also sometimes said that these entities want to take away your capacity to love. They supposedly want to suppress that. But in my opinion, they just want to take that adolescent dependent way of experiencing love to the next level. A mature relationship is based on empowering each other so that you learn to work through your anger. Love is one phase. That is Lucifer’s territory. But anger is the second phase, which is Satan’s territory. And then the Antichrist teaches you to find the right place for your aggression, in the service of love. It all has to be worked through! So in my opinion, it’s a lie that they want to take away your ability to love from you, although of course you can choose to interpret the situation that way, and look at it that way. And even if they would want to, they should never succeed in that, and you shouldn’t let them after all!

Susan Reed says that she hears from one of the entities attached to her that her partner Brian, who has thus been taken over, has taken thousands of DNA samples from all the women he seduced. With these DNA samples they can improve their gifts, making them even more superior than they already are, and they can also control people better and see through them better. Yes, in such a way, with those kind of actions, we would all be able to be superior! Real superiority doesn’t come from physically messing around with DNA, when you’re not skilled at it at all, is my opinion. As if you were God, and as if we are in the f***ing X-men movie! No, real superiority comes from getting more specialized treatments and from love and care. These are the things that transform DNA the most! And you can keep your soul with it! You might have lots of supersonic abilities, like telepathy, and x-ray eyes, but if you can’t yet deal decently with your own emotions and those of others, you’re really just a little toddler! But that’s just my opinion! But fortunately I am convinc ed that they will get that care from their superiors, and we from them, although torture and murder is a strange way of care, but it is probably due to my inferior soul that I don’t see the truth in that.

Also through food, money and education, etc., these Reptilian entities try to put humans at a disadvantage, according to Susan Reed. And that’s something I do recognize, also from other people’s work. Food, money, education, sex, politics, science, religion, authority. These are all areas where these entities try to thwart us to the maximum and try to deceive us! But it is precisely by using these entities to develop yourself that you can eventually break free from the lies in all these topics. You simply will not resonate with them anymore! And you’ll start looking for the real truth, which can better explain your personal state of being.

Then Susan Reed describes the spaceships these Reptilian entities have and the classic story of them wanting to take over multiple planets and not being from here, but I get a little tired of these stories even if they are true. It’s all so banal! I don’t get that kind of imperialist shit either. It might make for an exciting story, but it comes across as so incredibly childish: “Yaaa, we’re going to conquer all the planets! And kill everyone, so we can be all alone on those planets we conquered! Yaaaaa! That’s what we’re going to do!  But first we’re going to increase the human population, so we’ll have lots of meat to eat! We’ll eat till we’re nauseous! And everyone will see our superiority! Or at least: we ourselves will see our superiority, because of course humans are no longer there. Yeaaaaah!!! That’s what we’re going to do!” Totally banal, right? Or is that just me? If the plan was to kill everyone, I think they would have done so long ago.

Then Susan Reed describes several weapons that these entities use. I have touched on this before in my article Jokesters or Monsters?. Weapons to cause brain hemorrhages, or brain tumors, heart attacks and so on. In my street there have been several people with brain tumors and brain hemorrhages in the past few years. Very suspicious! And I wouldn’t be surprised if these people have all been targeted by these entities, in that way. These people all getting brain hemorrhages and tumors independently of each other really isn’t believable to me. This is absolutely done by these entities. When I hear of someone having had a brain hemorrhage, I always suspect these entities to have done it, because they are among all walks of life. This is how they infiltrate humanity, so they know exactly what is happening, and know exactly when to intervene.

Also, the Reptilian entities have stretched a kind of net over the Earth, which ensures that we cannot escape when we die. They have put enlightened souls like Krishnamurti and Gandhi in a kind of soul prison, so they don’t appear back on Earth, according to Susan Reed. I have heard this before also from some MK-ultra super soldiers. They come up with the most terrible stories anyway. You can’t fantasize horrible things, or there will be someone online telling you that it’s really happening. The world is not all Love and Light, that much is clear. There is also another side. But wouldn’t there also be a lot of made up stories?

Susan Reed also describes, to top it off, that these entities mess with our memories and our karma. Tough lives in which you repay a lot of karma are erased, so your next lives become tough too because it seems you haven’t repaid anything yet. Under hypnosis, with her clairvoyant gifts, she can see exactly which of her past lives has been adjusted.
Then again, I think: if those hard lives teach me things and I become a better person because of it, then bring on those hard lives. I don’t believe so much in the unlimited evilness of these entities. Yes they are evil, yes they do evil things. And that certainly needs to be confronted, but these wild stories are just not true, in my opinion.

In my opinion, these entities have been appointed by God to play a certain role on this planet, to accelerate the development of humanity, so that people will start feeling the inner Christ within themselves and confront the suffering that exists in the world. Precisely by feeling the pain from suffering that has been done to you, you can be moved to confront this suffering and thus make the world a better place. I carry my twin sister’s spirit with me in my heart. And I cannot bear to feel the pain my sister must have felt when she was taken over. Same with my parents and the other people who these entities have taken over, though I definitely have it the strongest when I think of my sister. I feel her pain and can’t bear it, also because I know that I also have a part in the pain that she has gone through in her life, and that gives me such an absolute regret, that it moves me to continue on forward, as well as my fear of receiving more pain myself. ‘Cause I also feel my own pain every day, and it is not a minor pain. This ‘feeling the pain of others’ is essential to confronting evil. Humanity will eventually start to care about the suffering of others en masse, and that is essential for moving on to the next level. For that to happen, the pain must first become unbearable, so that it spurs you into action!

So we should not close our eyes and we should certainly speak up, preferably with as many souls as possible, but my advice to everyone is: always ask yourself what these entities have to teach you. And then use that to your advantage. There is a lot of disinformation, and many people misinterpret all the data. They often look at it from the All Is Love perspective (expansive love), where all forms of compression or contraction are evil. And that really isn’t the truth. There is such a thing as non-destructive compression of the mind. That’s compression that makes you grow inside. Every person who believes in God the Father in a real way knows this power.

When I hear wild stories like the ones above and think that Our Father would allow all this, I’m straight up thinking God is a huge klutz. But God is not a klutz, God is perfect. And my experience with these Reptilian entities is that they are tightly controlled and that there is a Great Plan that is working towards the Knowing of all things, including yourself, and towards all-encompassing love and freedom! The most important lesson I have learned in my life is to listen to my opposition. This again (I have said it before) does not mean that you immediately do what they want, but it means that you get to know them so that you can effectively confront them and so that you can mutually help each other further. This is the love that humanity so vehemently needs!

Susan Reed’s book ends with a news paper article, that she has died under strange circumstances. She has probably been killed, since she would never take her own life, according to what she writes in her book. Let us remember her and watch and confront the absolute murderousness of these entities.

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