This article describes I'm having the feeling the entities from my previous articles may be logging onto me, much like in the movie Being John Malkovich.

Logging on to Jesse Musson

This article contains spoilers about the movie ‘Being John Malkovich’ (1999). I recommend you to watch this movie first or read the full Wikipedia article, and only then read this article.

I sometimes feel like the Antichrist entities are logging onto me. Occasionally I get a kind of spiritual sound in my ears, some sort of beep, and then I feel like they can see what I see. Kind of like in the movie Being John Malkovich. I don’t rule out that they are able to do that, maybe because they have my DNA, with which they are able to tune in on my frequency from the astral dimension, or maybe this dimension. Maybe they already have a clone of me at their disposal. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit. It does sound rather ridiculous, of course, but I really feel that they do it from time to time, this ‘logging in’, and in that way keep an eye on me. Because it’s really ridiculous how much they know about me. The other day I was kind of looking at the English translation of my texts. I usually put the Dutch texts through a translation machine after which I correct everything. It’s faster than having to think everything up sentence by sentence. Unfortunately, this often results in errors in the text in terms of sentence structure. And so I always perform the same kind of corrections. Now I was at my parents’ place the other day, and my father, who has been taken over, started talking about exactly the same kind of error that I keep correcting. Either it has nothing to do with it at all and it’s just a coincidence (my life is so full of coincidences that it can’t be coincidences anymore), or they know exactly which mistakes I correct. Also, my sister who was taken over said today that she thought the birthday card I had made her for our 35th birthday was so sweet, whereas two years ago (when she had just been taken over) she barely responded to it, which raised my distrust quite a bit then. I was disappointed with that too, but I never expressed this, but she seems to know it now. Bizarre! And there are a lot more examples of such things. Combining this with the beep in my ears and the idea they are logging onto me and I get another gut-feeling that something strange is happening. Should I just trust this gut-feeling? Perhaps they have the ability to end my life from the astral dimension and take me over. That’s an idea I’ve had many times. If true, the control this occult group has over humanity goes further than I initially thought.

I know that sometimes they have acted like these take-overs happen through a physical attack. For example, my female neighbor called me and told me that my other male neighbor had disappeared, leaving his keys on the trash can in our shared shed and the door of the shed being wide open. She then also said this neighbor eventually turned out to be at the downstairs female neighbor’s place, and they were both there now. When I walked over there, I saw no one was home at that place. So it was yet another lie from people around me. When I wanted to confront her in a very angry way, she invited me (in a very provocative way) to step inside her house ‘to talk about it’. I was convinced that if I stepped inside her home that she was going to take me over inside, so I uttered a firm ‘NO!” and then I quickly left. After all, I knew that Dragons when confronted sometimes proceed to take over the one who confronts. I had heard the Jordan Peterson Dragon say that on Joe Rogan’s show, “Sometimes when you confront a Dragon, you’ll die!” he said in a mocking tone, hinting at the original Jordan Peterson who had very likely confronted him when he was still in another body. But at times I have strong doubts whether it is all done through a murderous reaction to a confrontation, or whether they are also using other ways that we just can’t see.

In the movie Being John Malkovich, Dr. Lester (Captain Mertin) tells us that he jumps from body to body and so can live forever. Dr. Lester is one such body. And his next body will be that of John Malkovich, on his 44th birthday at midnight, which puppeteer Craig Schwartz has already made good use of, for he has found the portal through which Lester can take over John Malkovich. Captain Mertin explains that if he does it later than that specific time, he will be trapped in the body of a baby, which means he will see life through the baby’s eyes and cannot influence the person. That baby is the daughter of John Malkovich and Maxine (Craig’s accomplice), who was conceived when Craig entered his body through the portal. Craig took over John Malkovich, through his puppeteer skills, before Captain Mertin could do so. Eventually, Captain Mertin manages to force Craig out of Malkovich’s body, and crawls into it himself, along with a large group of elite friends.
Years later, it will be time to jump over to a new body again, and only then will the body of John Malkovich and Maxine’s daughter be the one that is taken over. Now if I relate this to reality, it clarifies there is a plan for these elite individuals they have to stick to, with set times when the takeovers will be, everything being arranged from the top. There will often be a whole group of people in one person. This may explain the talents and the power of these beings, but also the multiple personalities (dissociative identity disorder) that these elite people often have.

Of course, I am acutely drawing parallels to what is happening in my life. Perhaps there was a plan on which the people around me were taken over as well. This is because these entities can see into the future and know exactly who to take over to “treat” me effectively. I am not taken over, but perhaps they can log into my body to experience what I am experiencing, exactly as Craig’s girlfriend Lotte does, too, when she crawls into the portal to be John Malkovich, the first few times. John Malkovich doesn’t realize that someone is watching. He doesn’t until Craig takes place inside him and starts controlling what he says and does and eventually takes him over completely.

I definitely feel like that’s what’s happening to me. And as long as I keep producing articles, they’ll leave me alone. But maybe it’s just one push of a button that allows them to take me over. This does feel pretty scary, especially the thought that they can apparently already take a look ‘in’ me, even though they are not actually taking over me yet. Although I have no definitive proof of this. These entities mainly want to get you into a balanced state. They want to teach you a lesson, by actually harming you, but never so much that it kills you. This way you can regain balance, and let go of your militant anger. This is ultimately to make you a better man, although I sometimes think they’ve succeeded in corrupting me. Sometimes I just don’t know where I stand! But I’ve also noticed they protect me, and they act all nice to me, in that way energizing me. And they never make me more afraid, than is necessary to get me active. They have ended the lives of my family and friends, but quite possibly not in the painful way that some sources on the internet describe. I really hope those are just lies…

It also made me think of my nieces and nephew, who were very likely taken over as well. The Wikipedia page of Being John Malkovich states that children cannot be taken over because they do not yet have full control of all their functions. The person who takes over then enters the child’s body as a spectator, unable to influence the environment, a real prison. But still, I don’t think they’ve skipped anyone in my immediate area, as far as taking over is concerned. If they can take over children anyway, even a little boy of a few years old, and one of the personalities of the little boy is a Dragon of hundreds of ye ars old, then I suddenly start to think of something very dark. There is a lot of child sexual abuse in elite circles. And there are victims who have come out with the wildest stories, almost surreal. Could these be lies brought into the world by people who were taken over, sometimes also by children who were taken over, because I have seen testimonies from children about sexual abuse. These children came across as incredibly wise for their age and seemed very brave. I do often come across children on TV or YouTube who do not act their age and where it seems there is an entity inside who is much older and wiser. A bizarre phenomenon. And if these children have been taken over by hundreds of years old Dragons, they may be a lot more resistant to the abuse I am talking about. I have no idea what Dragons or people who were taken over are up to among their own kind, nor do I want to think about it, but this is producing bizarre ideas in my mind. That doesn’t diminish the fact that there are indeed tons of victims of real abuse or mistakes by people, just as I am a victim of a parenting mistake by my parents and a treatment mistake by my therapists. But it might explain the surreal stories about elite abusers and abused!

Those elite children may also develop multiple personalities due to the trauma of sexual abuse inflicted on them. But the question is whether there is then a link to takeovers with real entities taking up residence in the body, or whether a person is actually opened up to that by the abuse. Which comes first? The takeovers by hundreds of years old Dragons or the sexual abuse? Or are these things totally unrelated? And are only people who want to expose corruption in the system and people who can reach many other people taken over by these entities?

This jumping from body to body, like what happens in Being John Malkovich, I’ve come across before anyway. The elite and certain movie stars and rock stars do this so they can live forever. The last one I thought of who did it was Prince Philip of England. He is certainly still walking around on Earth, but in another body. I thought the same thing about Neil Peart of the rock band Rush. I once read a book by Solaris BlueRaven entitled ‘Eye of the Remote, Black Operations in Areas Beyond 52’. They had used far-reaching psychotronic and voice-to-skull technology to attack her. They could also control her body and exactly live mimic the drum solos Neil Peart performed at certain times with her body, against her will. Very advanced technology. I saw several patents for this technology. I found it too complicated to understand exactly what had taken place, but it became very clear to me, these band members of Rush are very dark individuals, I really have no doubt about that. Unless Solaris has also been taken over, and the whole story is a play, but I don’t think so. If you read the lyrics of Rush’s songs, which Neil Peart mostly wrote, you begin to understand a little bit, why the band members are dark individuals. The lyrics and music have an almost otherworldly feel. At an intermission of a concert, singer, bass guitarist and keyboardist Geddy Lee, said that they should take a break, because they “are a thousand years old.” The orchestra they use at one of their concert tours is also full of Dragons, with a scary energy, who regularly stick out their tongue like a snake’s tongue when they are filmed.
The audience at their concerts consists mainly of American nerds, who can exactly follow along every drum solo, but don’t realize what they’re actually cheering for. Those concerts are massive loosh-harvesting events. And perhaps even more people are being abused with technology around these guys. Solaris BlueRaven filed a lawsuit against these guys, but of course that didn’t make much of a difference, because a judge doesn’t understand sh*t of it anyway and doesn’t have the slightest idea that such things are actually happening, or is just in on the plot. That’s how powerful these guys are.
Neil Peart died last year, and I’m just sure that he jumped from body to body, and is still walking around on Earth. Typical of him is his unbounded energy. He clearly has a lot of aggression on the surface, probably the compensation for his bad childhood. A characteristic of this is not getting tired at all. I experienced this myself in therapy, when I was in my aggression. This is typical Reptilian energy. An aggressive inflated expansion of the mind. These types hate loving people, and target loving people in their environment by hurting them badly (by even using technology) so that they will also embrace their aggression, as they tried to do with Solaris BlueRaven. Because these guys dream of a world where everyone is living in their aggression, and where you can throw anything at each other, without the other person even twitching an eye. It’s really crazy. When I was in my aggression, I dreamed of that too. I wished everyone would be just like me. Losing the connection to people and keeping them at bay by inflating your consciousness with agression. It feels very powerful, you feel extremely big inside then, compared to other people. And you then see everyone around you acting all jerky and scared when expressing what you do to people in your fantasy (chopping them up), but you just think they are ridiculous, for having an opinion about that. It was special to experience that anyway, but now that I’ve let it all go, that image of how I was is still in my head, but only as a memory, and it’s giving me a great understanding of how these kinds of people operate, and what they actually wish to do to this world.

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