In this article, I clarify some earlier concepts about evil and how to deal with it.

A brief clarification

In a conversation I had with someone online, I became aware that not everything I write about is completely understood by everyone. Someone I was talking to said to me at one point that I came across as a Satanist. This frustrated me, because I don’t want to be seen in such way. Satanists as they exist in the world believe that Satan is the god of this world. They worship themselves. They encourage evil, except for you, and engage in moral relativism. Satan = Saturn, and the god of the elite. It is also Jehovah/Yahweh, the god of the Christians and Jews, and Yaldabaoth, the tyrannical god from Gnosticism, and perhaps Allah, the god of Islam, which is a branch created from the Vatican.

I try to clarify in my texts that concepts like Lucifer, Satan, Antichrist, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, are nothing but mental states in the human mind. A way of dealing with your own emotions/instincts and those of others.
Do you ever feel yourself growing from love or encouragement? That is Lucifer’s work, so this is expansion with love, and this is the right place for Lucifer’s power. The right place for Satan’s power is the opposite of Lucifer’s, so compression with fear, which can be generated by opposition. This does not have to be crippling fear, but can simply be “awe,” the realization that there is something greater than you!
Some people tend to rather grow with love and can grow so much from love that they become proud, and vain, and fanatical/oversensitive/impulsive. You have too much self-love then.
However, you can also compress too much from the negative feelings of another person: the awe you have for that person will then be so great that you can no longer feel self-love. It is a state of hardening, cowardice, obedience and self-hatred.

The ruling powers try to polarize the people, in order for them to sway to one side. To the side of Lucifer (conservatives), or to the side of Satan (progressives). This is the blackened state of inner alchemy. In Satanism and Luciferianism this blackened state is an end in itself, think of the left-handed path and the right-handed path. Sometimes it is said that the left-handed path is the side of evil. And the right-handed path the side of good. Christianity, for example, is then seen as right-handed. And Luciferianism or Satanism as left-handed. But I want to approach it differently. And see the left-handed path as Satanic and the right-handed path as Luciferic. And they are both extremes. Being good can also turn to the ‘evil’ side, in the sense that you no longer intervene when evil is happening around you and you think that you are changing the world by just continuing to meditate, because ‘your thoughts create reality’ and more of that new-age nonsense. If you understand that “good” creates “evil” of equal strength, and “evil” creates “good” of equal strength, then you will come to the conclusion that you need both sides in yourself. But they can both go wrong. So how do you prevent that? You do so by balancing them both.

So Lucifer, Satan, and Antichrist are mental states, but at the same time they are also real entities, working for these different groups, whose goal is to catalyze (accelerate) your development. They take over bodies of people and from there they exert influence on the world. The Lucifer and Satan groups are for the most part just people like you and me, for these forces are thus states in the human mind, which all people have within them.
So you can grow with love. You can balance this by being bounded and learning to embrace these boundaries with love. This is Lucifer’s territory. This evil is basically not very realistic. And “morality” is the key to embracing the Luciferic entities.
Next, you can grow with anger. You can balance this by experiencing anger or rather, rejection over you yourself and learning to embrace it with love. This is Satan’s territory. Also this evil is basically unrealistic. And “understanding” is the key to embracing these Satanic entities.

If someone can embrace both Lucifer and Satan with love and speaks too much truth, then usually people around him are taken over to force him to speak up. This is the territory of the Antichrist. This is about being able to endure intense disapproval or threats of deadly force. So the key to approaching these entities is to commit your shadow to the good, and confront them by producing works, which is the thing the Christ in you would do.
The evil entities then increase the pressure by threatening this person and his environment, so that he is fully committed to this responsibility. Precisely this evil treatment, and handling it right, is the only way for humanity to go to the next level!

Thus, in order of evilness, Lucifer is the least evil, then Satan, and then the Antichrist. Those who have become desensitized to Lucifer and Satan, and balance/integrate both sides and thus awaken the Christ in them, can be threatened by the Antichrist. Humanity is here on Earth to rid itself of wickedness. And by doing the right thing, he can free both the Luciferic and Satanic entities from their fate. They have been put here on Earth because they failed in the previous cycle to rid themselves of evil within themselves or to contribute sufficiently to rid the world of evil. But if humanity learns to embrace them with love and uses the gifts of influence from these entities, then the evil of these entities will be made right.

The top of the Antichrist group gives orders to his left hand (Lucifer) and to his right hand (Satan). The Christ figure balances Lucifer and Satan and then gets this Antichrist to face him, with whom he maintains two-way communication, in this way: Image. So the Antichrist can be controlled by the Christ figure, who has the Trinity behind him, the highest God of this world (read my article: Angels and Demons). A person who has been taken over by an Antichrist entity can also play a positive or negative Luciferic role, or a positive or negative Satanic role. These 4 roles are the 4 elements: earth, fire, water and air. The entities from the 3 groups all have the four elements in them at the same time.

I suspect that the 3 modalities in astrology (the cardinal signs, fixed signs, and mutable signs) each represent an area of these evil forces. The cardinal signs then are of Lucifer, the fixed signs of Satan, and the mutable signs of the Antichrist. They all contain 4 constellations, one for each element. Whoever perfectly integrates the 12 constellations into himself, basically unlocks the 13th constellation, which is called Ophiuchus, the Dragon tamer. You are then perfectly equipped for life on Earth.

I saw this image pass by on Twitter, Image. A lot of serial killers have a mutable sun sign. That’s the territory of the Antichrist, and is about dealing with deadly violence. My father is also a Sagittarius and he unfortunately killed me in a psychological way before I could even handle it. And so it seems that your behavior is strongly influenced by your parents’ sun sign, and your own sun sign. At least, this largely determines the interaction of the characters and the challenges you face.

The person who said I came across as satanic was called Richard Simonite, he had first added me on Facebook, and we had had a chat. The next day he asked how it was going, and I answered him honestly that I was not feeling well at the time. Later I responded to a post of his. He then deleted me and created a new Facebook profile under the same name. So these are the kinds of things I get to deal with. They are people who are sent to make a little intervention, or manipulate me in some way, and then they are gone again. Usually they are very positive and of love and light, but can’t handle negativity. The only way they deal with negativity is to leave it external to them, and ward it off. And with that, you’re clearly polarizing to one side. Whereas the challenge is to be able to let in both positivity and negativity, but to use the negative in the service of the positive. In that way, a good balance is achieved.

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