This article describes our flat earth in relation to the 144,000 from the Bible, and prepares everyone for a big event, which means the end of the cycle in history.

Come fly with me...

Right, just when I posted some more articles last week, there they are again: small planes flying over my house. On I can see them all being marked as ‘Private owner’. They are the same kind of planes as in this link, which I posted earlier in my article Gangstalking and gaslighting. One airplane today arrived in a normal way and flew over my house exactly at 14h40. Yesterday as well. I could see on, it made a very small circle above a village nearby, probably so it could fly over at exactly the right time, at 14h40. People will think I’m crazy when I tell them this, but I don’t care. Last week I took a nap and I woke up at exactly 14h39. As I grabbed my phone to see what time it was, the clock jumped to 14h40. I’m not making it up. This happens all the time. I was also preheating the oven last week, and I wanted to see how many degrees it was already, so I press the appropriate button: 144 degrees Celsius. Of course I’m the one who gives meaning to that, but it happens so regularly that it just can’t be a coincidence anymore. I really don’t search for these kind of events, they just happen!

For those who are not aware of the meaning of this number: 144 is a number from the Bible for the 12 tribes of Israel of 12,000 people each, so that’s 144,000. These people are scattered around the world and they will be God’s servants in the tribulation. They have purified themselves of evil. When looking at myself, I see a terrible imperfect part in me. I can’t feel and hold the fire and therefore I can’t achieve what I would like to achieve. I want to fight so badly! Like a fool! I want to make it so badly, but I constantly feel inhibited. It is a prison, and I wish I could break free to really serve Christ the way I want to. When I read about it, I feel a burning sensation inside myself, but I can’t live it to the fullest. I do what I can, but my focus is abominably bad and that worries me, because it’s not how I want to be. As far as that is concerned, I really feel psychologically handicapped. As I said in other articles, I have experienced this disapproval of my core too soon. If you want to serve Christ in your later life it is essential that you experience this disapproval of your core, but not too soon in your life! You have to have built up your ego sufficiently first, in order to be able to let go of it, otherwise it will damage you, as happened with me.

I have had a lot of shame for myself during my life. The fact that I completely embraced my aggression in therapy and thereby overcame my greatest fears was a miracle in itself. At that time I often listened to the band Toto and one line in one of the songs was: “You turned a frightened little boy into a man without shame!” Every time I heard this sentence, I thought of my therapist in the clinic who has helped me greatly. She taught me that it’s okay to be angry, even if it’s not a justified anger. This allowed me to overcome my fear of harming others and I embraced my ‘free child‘ ego state! She then had to assess whether I could handle a follow-up therapy that would make me mature inside, so whether it was maybe possible I had another major trauma. As you know, if you read my other articles, this therapy turned out to be disastrous. My life became a real agony. I have always been able to smile. Except for the last year. It has gotten very hard to keep smiling. After all, you can read about that extensively in my articles. The energies on the human being are also becoming more and more intense. Can you feel them too? Actually I can’t feel my strength or anger anymore, but still more and more fire is seeping through my veins. I feel this fire mainly around my heart. It is said to be radiated here directly from the galactic core, these high energies, which act on the electromagnetic field called the mind in all of us. No idea if it is true, but there is a fiery energy in the air. It is not only caused by the daily events in our lives. No, it is just the other way around, the increased panic in the world, is precisely a consequence of the people not being able to cope with these energies which work on the human being from the cosmos.

I think it is no coincidence that our governments want another lockdown. The first one was to practice, and this one is for real. The intention is probably that everyone will be at home next week. December 21, 2020 is the day that a gigantic solar flare/flash is expected in spiritual circles. The real end of the Mayan calendar. The rapture. The day of the end of the cycle and the beginning of a dark period of some days (the internet will maybe go down or the sun will maybe go dark for a while to recuperate: don’t fear this, but prepare accordingly), till the 25th of december, which is the birth of Christ then which is symbolic for the birth of the Christ Consciousness on Earth. So the 21st of december can be the day that our civilization is reset and a selection takes place between the different people. ‘The Great Reset’ that you hear a lot about lately, is to make this reset symbolically clear to you. I am afraid that, if it happens, a lot of people will disappear. That will probably be chaos. And I have a suspicion that with a lockdown one might be able to limit the damage. Or, on the contrary, one can use it to carry out more far-reaching control measures by means of lies about what is happening, but I don’t think this is the truth however. I think the fear porn you hear everywhere is just disinformation, and not the complete picture. It’s purely to maintain the proper interactions between the people and the evil forces.

I don’t know if I can manage it myself. I hope I will be able to handle the energies. I can handle the compressive energy. But the sun stands for Christ, for the middle way, and will release a compressive energy as well as an expansive energy. And I have more trouble with the latter, because I can no longer experience this expansion to the fullest. But we shall see. Maybe nothing will happen again. Because people have predicted it wrong so many times. But at least Donald Trump predicted an early Christmas present! I also found this video, which is definitely worth watching.

In the beautiful videos of Devin Madgy’s Youtube channel (Flat Earth Paradise) and in the work of Eric Dubay, I came across information about Mount (Su)Meru and the rainbow bridge. Our earth is a flat round disk. The map of the earth fits on it like in the azimuthal equidistant projection you could see on earlier. When the flat-earth warriors got wind of this and started posting about it massively, the owner of the site took this AE projection down. But in this projection the North Pole is the center of the flat round disk, and the South Pole is the outer edge of this flat round disk, all the way round and thereby surrounded by a large snake biting its tail, the Ouroboros, or in Norwegian Mythology ‘Jormungand’, which may stand for a large electric coil or the self-sustaining torus that is interwoven with the Earth. In the middle of this flat round disk, at the North Pole, lies Mount Meru, which is a remnant of the Tree of Life Yggdrasil, the world axis (axis mundi) that connects our world (Midgard) with the underworld and upper world (Asgard), Image. Here are several beautiful videos explaining what that looks like: Video1, Video2. Our Christmas trees are a symbol for this Tree of Life. As you can see, paradise can be reached via the North Pole. Some even say it was the Original Garden of Eden, the paradise from the Bible.
This Tree of Life was ‘cut’ by the ruling powers of the time and the remaining stump is Mount Meru. The mountains that remain on Earth are the stumps of giant primeval trees. And deserts are artificial and are the grit of this huge scale logging work. More info about this.

Exciting world suddenly results, doesn’t it? Magical even. Anyone who explores the flat Earth will automatically come across a huge amount of texts that support it, for example Norwegian mythology, and the Vedic writings. Much more interesting than the boring, empty, hardened world view of the ball earth, which has been taught to each of us. Surely that is not true. As I have said many times before, we are meant to descend into the material and for that we need a materialistic image of reality which is diametrically opposed to the magical spiritual image which I am now sketching. We are forced to think that we are at the mercy of the forces of nature, that we are not protected, an image full of fear and hardening. But I am convinced that after the step to descend into the material, we are led back to Source, to the spiritual, which is the real objective truth of this world. I can also explain this with the effect of the 3 evil forces. Lucifer, who teaches you to discover and master the spiritual, then Satan, who teaches you to discover and master the material, and if you balance it in the middle path called the Christ state, then you will meet the Antichrist (these kind of alien entities in human form), who bring you back to the spiritual, but now equipped with the qualities and liberties you have acquired through mastering the first two forces, Image.

Wouldn’t it be nice if those who have purified themselves of evil, fly to the North Pole on the backs of the dragons released during the rapture, to undergo the ultimate test, entering the rainbow bridge, which leads back to Paradise.

The sentence “Vlieg met me mee naar de regenboog!” (“Come fly with me to the rainbow”) in the Dutch song of the same name, suddenly takes on a whole new meaning…

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