This article describes my experiences with gangstalking and an example of gaslighting.

Gangstalking and gaslighting

Ever since I started posting information about the ‘aliens’ who are targeting me, small planes have been flying over my house regularly. All day long! And every few days a dark helicopter flies right by my house. I know for sure that these planes fly over my house to gangstalk me but it doesn’t frighten me at all! It is always the same kind of helicopter. A dark blue, almost black helicopter. I am familiar with this phenomenon because it also happens to several YouTubers that I follow. Richard Bruce, and Benjamin Couwenberg. These people also expose these ‘alien’ entities, and especially Richard Bruce is followed everywhere by these kind of helicopters! He always films them and shines an instant light on this phenomenon in every video. A few months ago I received an email from someone who had seen my channel, and he had seen close-up pictures of airplanes and helicopters, which clearly contained ‘optical errors’, as if they weren’t physical airplanes or helicopters, but holographically ‘projected’ objects. The person who mailed me even went so far as to say that they are entities, that can take any form (he called it djinns), and that fits in well with what I already know of the Antichrist aliens, who very probably can take any form they want. Furthermore, my neighbors (who have also been taken over) have hung glistening ribbons on the gallery of our appartments, only where they live, so not at my part of the gallery. They say it’s against crows, but perhaps these shimmering ribbons serve a different function. To distinguish my house from theirs, for instance, from the air. After all, it is one block. Apart from that, I see this whole phenomenon as a great compliment. Apparently I do something right after all! Because if something is not allowed on Earth, it is to be benign. We all have a good part in us and an evil part, but whoever has conquered his evil part, and therefore has two good parts, is being targeted. This can be through gang stalking, or through the voice-to-skull phenomenon, in which people hear voices and are often diagnosed with psychosis, or schizophrenia, which is a way to disprove your beliefs, and to balance the militant attitude with which you handle yourself in relation to others. It is possible to treat psychosis, just as they have secretly done with me through mental health counselors at work and through people who are taken over. They know how to say just the right thing to work on your emotions and treat you effectively. If you show that you are also listening to someone else, even if they are negative towards you, then you overcome your psychosis. It is all one big game, in which your enemies play their role, and you are challenged to play your role. So you can also view your enemies as your best friends because they help you to develop yourself. That this is often a destructive process and causes suffering, seems negative, but if you go for it, you will eventually conquer the whole world, and you will rule over everything and everyone. Look at the following statements of Jesus:

Gospel of John 16:32-33 - “Behold, the hour cometh, yea, is now come, that ye shall be scattered, every man to his own, and shall leave me alone: and yet I am not alone, because the Father is with me. These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”
Gospel of Thomas 2 - Jesus said: “He who seeks, let him not cease seeking until he finds; and when he finds he will be troubled, and when he is troubled he will be amazed, and he will reign over the All.”

I think this is incredibly inspiring, because reigning over the All, has nothing to do with power or dominant display of power (always winning!), but on the contrary with overcoming the evil in yourself and in others. But often you will be challenged. And this brings me to the next subject, something that happened today, and which made me furious:

This afternoon I went with my sister to my grandmother. Grandma has also been taken over. Even for a woman of 104 years old, these killers have no remorse. When they did it, a piece of her tooth broke. That was a few months ago. Since then, her expression on her face has changed and she’s no longer demented, but she’s acting as if she’s demented, while she knows exactly what happens around her. Her facial expression is now very harsh and totally different from how my grandmother’s eyes looked. She also constantly chews on paper (she literally eats up the books she reads) in a recalcitrant way. Again I was watching her behaving like that and my sister that’s been taken over was playing along the game, as if nothing crazy was going on. I thought: what am I doing here?! They don’t even act convincingly! Afterwards we were welcome at my parents’ house, where we had dinner. My sister talked about electricity and we got into a discussion about all kinds of things. Because when I’m excited about something I’ve read, I want to share it, and the first thing my taken over sister does then, is refute the things I say. In the end we had a discussion, and then I thought about it for a while, and then I decided to say one more thing. Suddenly my taken over mother burst into tears, that she had the feeling that I was brainwashed and she got completely scared of it, while they are the brainwashed ones, taking everything they’re offered in mainstream culture as if it’s the one and only way. In other words: they turned reality/truth completely around, right to my face, and with her crocodile tears she made the effect even bigger. Pure gaslighting was what happened here. I shouted acutely that I didn’t accept it and with a lot of swearing I took off. I don’t want to deal with such people, such losers, constantly acting out their roles as idiots, and using the qualities and properties of my real parents to manipulate me. Disgusting people. They seem to be abandoned souls in a previous cycle who didn’t make it. So they were really losers and now they are allowed to practice what they are good at (that is ‘to be evil’) to help humanity in its development (or lead them astray). They are not completely useless then! As you can hear, I am furious! First they take over almost everyone in my environment (that is: they murder everyone), and then they manipulate the heck out of me. Would they be able to feel love? Such monsters! While they’re trying to twist it in such a way that I look like the monster! But I have absolutely no doubt about that! I know who I am and I know what I stand for. Trust is where it has gone wrong in my life. And I will overcome what happens when you suddenly lose trust and stand face to face with whoever triggers it. I will tell them the truth, no matter how much effort it takes. If that means I’m gonna die, so be it.

And so I move from event to event and each time I become a little stronger and a little more persistent in my conviction. I am all alone, nobody is there for me as far as this is concerned. When we look at Jesus saying that there will be tribulation, but he is not alone because the Father is with him, then I can only dream of that feeling. As far as that is concerned, there is an emptiness in me and I feel like the son who has lost his whole (cosmic) family. Surreal. I am now alternately nurtured and manipulated by people who are taken over. I prefer to keep as much distance as possible from those taken over people, but I do not have anyone else who can nurture me emotionally, so that after a fight that harms me, I can find my energy again. That make s it all awfully ambivalent. My taken over parents and sister have done their best in recent weeks to give me some confidence again, so I should be grateful to them for that, but I wish I did not feel so dependent on them anymore. But at moments like this, I realize that, whoever is in their bodies, they do not stand behind me. And then I really choose for myself and more importantly (even though I might lose everything) for God… 

A beautiful end of this article!

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