This article describes my advice to prepare yourself for something big, possibly Project Bluebeam, a big war, or a giant flood.

Be prepared!

Our Dutch King Willem-Alexander warned in his speech last Tuesday that we must prepare for some ‘external shock’. I have a great suspicion that this could be something incredible. Anyone who has read my article End of a cycle, knows that there is a chance that the cycle of history will soon come to an end and that there may be a selection between different people, a rapture. People who have learned from their mistakes will be separated from people who haven’t learned from their mistakes at all, and those who are in between will enter another cycle of thousands of years to try again. In many places you can read about Project Blue Beam, an event that will merge all world religions into one world religion, and who knows, it might usher in a Third World War. Or maybe it’s the other way around. And will we first get a war by, for example, a large atomic bomb on a large city and this eventually leads to Project Blue Beam. There is a lot of uncertainty in the Christian world, whether the rapture will be a pre-tribulation rapture or a post-tribulation rapture. Or somewhere in between (‘pre-wrath’). There is also a lot of information that the elite of this world is creating false flags (such as September 11, 2001), in order to impose increasingly far-reaching control measures on the people and eventually bring us a tyrannical New World Order (multi-lateral world order as our prime minister and the king call it in their speech). But I am convinced that the people will wake up in time precisely because of all these misdeeds of the elite, and take their task seriously to confront this Satanic World Order and its followers. If you see this as your task, then go for it! Everyone has a role to play on this world. That something incredible is about to happen is something which is certain. All information found in books and on the internet, leads to this event. On lots of web sites, you can also find info that there will be a giant flood. Maybe it’s to scare people, but some of these video’s or web sites support this flood with a lot of bible texts, so be prepared!
The Luciferian Trump is now going around the world to make peace in all kinds of countries, but this will not be accepted by the Satanic globalist elite. It is the “calm before the storm” (as Trump himself indicated a few years ago), because he is completely in the know about what is about to happen. In many places it is said that nuclear bombs are going to fall. But there is also information on the internet that nuclear bombs do not exist and that we are protected against these forms of warfare. On Youtube there was a documentary that explains in great detail that, for example, the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki weren’t nuclear bombs, but instead a lot of fire-bombs were thrown. Galen Winsor who eats radioactive material is also very interesting. And besides that, there are a lot of clips of so-called nuclear bombs, where everything is wiped out from a certain side, except the camera. Definitely fake. Anyway, I find out that many of today’s sources of fear, when you start investigating them, have no basis in reality. And that we are very much fooled by the powers that be.

In an earlier article (currently offline), I write at the end: “Then together we can usher in the coming millennium of the Holy Spirit, the Mother of matter, who is the mirror for the human soul”. But I have good reason to think that I am wrong, and that the coming millennium is not the millennium of the Holy Spirit, but a millennium of ‘rest’. I have seen in a lecture by an American priest a division of time that was explained as follows: From -4000 to the year -2000 are the millennia of the ‘Father’. From -2000 to 0 are the millennia of the ‘Son’, culminating in the birth of Christ, which could not be fully understood back then. From the year 0 to the year 2000 are the millennia of the ‘Holy Spirit’. And from 2000 till 3000 (about so) will then be the seventh millennium, the ‘day’ of rest. We are only a bit behind, and incredible things will probably happen before we get some rest.

The claim that Jesus Christ comes back as a human being is pertinently false. The story of Jesus is a retelling of even older myths from Egypt and Sumeria, which are code for how the human mind is constructed. The story of the birth and crucifixion of Christ can also be found in the stars (astrotheology). Christ will return, but only in the hearts of people. Many people do not yet dare to stand up for themselves and for the things they know. Who knows, maybe something very bad will have to happen before they will go public, but they will go public, that’s certain. So do not give your strength away to an external God, in exchange for a false security or the promise that you will be ‘saved’, but stay with both feet on the ground, and speak the Word of God, the Truth, regardless of the consequences, that is the Christ in you! He who gives away his power to an external God will not be of Christ but of the Antichrist. So do not just believe what is written in the Bible. It has been deliberately corrupted with Satanic influences to deceive people! So not one Christ will come back, but there will be many that stand up to enlighten mankind! And to bring the universal knowledge of this world back to mankind. 

The other Abrahamic religions, Judaism and Islam have also become corrupted with these Satanic influences. Just look at the Kaäba, the big black cube, around which Muslims walk and pray. This cube stands, if you look at it diagonally from above, for the Hexagon of Saturn, and the rings of Muslims walking around it form the rings of Saturn. Saturn is Satan. And this is the God the elite believes in. Satan can also be understood as the ‘minions’ of Yahweh, or Allah, who express themselves not only in religions, but also in government, the military-industrial complex, education, the media and so on, and even in secret societies such as Freemasonry. It also stands for a false way of keeping laws, contrary to the natural laws (the 10 commandments) and the natural right that people have. Whoever discovers these things about the different religions, tends to throw the baby out with the bathwater, and seeks salvation in the New Age religion, or is seduced to dry materialism, but that is reactionary, and therefore can’t contain more truth than what it opposes. 

The Satanic influences can also be seen today in the education of people. It is the force that works against mankind. It is putting a child in a psychological prison. It is being on top of somebody, not giving somebody their own breathing space and not letting them make their own decisions. It is having to ‘comply’ with all kinds of rules. So the average religious upbringing certainly checks these boxes. It usually contains all kinds of rules, to prevent someone from becoming ‘evil’, but these are false laws, and do not give someone the opportunity to develop themselves in complete freedom. 

David Icke describes in his book Remember who you are… the concept of the Saturn-Moon matrix. He suggests that Saturn is the source of this Matrix reality, and from there electromagnetic waves (of a false reality) are sent out to the Moon, on which they are amplified and then sent to Earth. People can be in tune with these electromagnetic waves, but they can also escape from this Matrix so that they become insensitive to these mind-control waves. Those who read the chapter Flat Earth probably wonder why I am talking about planets while I do not literally believe that the Earth or the planets are those round things in space. But I do believe that all the information we can absorb in this reality is symbolic and should not be taken literally. These symbolic truths can also be found in, for example, the daily news items! Many of these messages are just a kind of messages to mankind. It is a way to get to know things, and to understand things. In the end, all the information you can find on this planet is ‘controlled’, and you can view everything at a higher level where it is no longer true. The real truth then is the ‘all-encompassing nothingness’, the solution of all opposition, becoming one with God. It is making peace with the evil forces, the aliens, and knowing that evil has a role to play in this world, and is set up in such a way that it gives an opportunity to get back to God. Sometimes we lose everything that is dear to us because of this and because of an impossible interplay of events. But what you can do then, is to do the right thing and keep doing it. Even if it is sometimes too late. After all, it is better late than never.

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