This article describes some of my thoughts about the American elections, and how to view this in the development of mankind.

Bad loser?

While, after the US presidential election, the entire mainstream media (domestic and foreign) declared Joe Biden the new president, Donald Trump was quietly playing golf. He doesn’t care at all, because he knows exactly how things were going to go, and he probably has all things under control. Just browsing the internet for the claims of election fraud and you will be unpleasantly surprised. Vote counters posting videos of how they tear up ballots with Trump on them. Whole bins full of Trump ballots, glitches in voting computers (which were promoted before by the democratic party), dead people voting, pets voting, multiple votes from people: it all exists with an incredible amount of evidence. With every piece of evidence that’s displayed on Twitter (including Donald Trump’s objections), Twitter adds the message “these claims of election fraud are disputed”, so Twitter clearly wants to control the narrative. And we saw press spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany who is cut off prematurely and cannot have her say on TV because once again the narrative has to be controlled. It is war! And a very dirty game is being played. Both left and right media are against Trump. Who dares to speak about election fraud, is immediately put in place, by the hive mob.

As I said before in my articles, until now we have lived in a time in which it is important we descend into the material realm with all of humanity, and for that we need a satanic influence, which causes hardening, distance from each other (look at the corona 6 feet, all part of it), and a pushing forward of a technocratic elite, which is going to tell us how the world is made up. A completely material world, in which there is no room for free will, which the brain scientists who promote this cannot find in the brain, so then ‘it doesn’t exist’. No, you won’t find such a thing in the brain, and certainly you won’t when you don’t know where to look. Two things in this world are opposing each other which are: the chaotic aspect of free will, next to the orderly aspect of the natural laws. One cannot function without the other. Wanting to throw away the chaotic aspect, and exchanging it for a satanic world with a completely ordered false certainty and full of UNnatural laws, will destroy all possibility of freedom. In order to maintain freedom in this world, everyone will have to harmonize their thoughts with the nature of this reality, which is that order and chaos are codependent, that there must be room for chaos, and that order must be administered in the right place, without this chaos being destroyed.

Trump represents the chaotic luciferic part. It is the self-love and anti-establishment view that the globalist establishment hates so much. What they want is to get rid of this chaotic aspect in the population as soon as possible, so that everyone immerses themselves in this satanic impulse. This is done by pushing this side very convincingly from all media and education. This will only get worse. But there is hope, and that is when man takes the responsibility himself to express this luciferic chaotic part. Preferably when this chaotic part is at the service of the mind, on which the satanic works. We are all in a gigantic development, and the whole world conspiracy aims to facilitate this development.

Those people who shout the loudest about ‘conspiracy theorists’ and people having ‘conspiracy theories’ being wacko’s, are even too dumb to wipe their own asses. They have never done any serious research and they are walking automatons who just go with what they have heard, and what most people are negative about, which in their eyes must be ‘the right opinion’, of which they are unconsciously incredibly afraid to deviate from. If they had done their research, they would have found out that there is indeed a big conspiracy led from the top. The fact that this is a conspiracy that, by doing mainly evil things, ultimately does people a favour, and helps them forward, is never part of this conspiracy research. So I want to emphasise that here too. In the end it is essential that there is an evil impulse coming from the elite, so that mankind will be put in his own strength and starts to resist this satanic impulse, and thus learns to speak out to authority. Some people can already do this; however, the masses have yet to learn! If you are going to speak out against this satanic authority, then you will also be able to expect a reaction, a reaction that is against ‘humanity’ and ‘the human’, and it’s essential that by listening you become as insensitive as possible to this reaction, so that by finally acquiring understanding, you learn to see the usefulness of this ‘challenge’ and can embrace it with love, which dismantles it immediately. In the end it will upgrade humanity enormously, because one is no longer sensitive to that kind of manipulation/intimidation, and can then feel free regardless of the circumstances. But that is only possible if the chaotic aspect is preserved.

Unfortunately, the big plan does result in victims, which is why it is important to disseminate knowledge of it as widely as possible, so that the various forces are administered fairly. As I said before, all three evil forces (Lucifer-Satan-Antichrist) also have a soft teacher within them. With Lucifer this is encouragement and love. With Satan this is someone who is angry with you and calls you to account for your behavior. And with the Antichrist it is disapproval of your core, of who you are. If you do not listen to this, you get the hard teacher. With Lucifer, this is a kick in the ass, with Satan a lot of resistance (e.g. from the police or government), and with the Antichrist, your consciousness is taken over. You can overcome Lucifer with morality, Satan with insight and understanding, and the Antichrist with the sword of Michael, i.e. by becoming the servant of Christ.

After 4 years of demonising Trump and after 4 years of incredibly hypocritical bullshit about him being so indecent, I have to vent my opinion about him. Yes, it is true that he has said and perhaps done many indecent things in the past. At times when I see him, I think: such a pig you are, talking that much crap about someone else. But at other times I look at him, I see a quiet man, having a heart for the people, and who wants the best for America. It is quite clear to me at those moments that he represents the luciferic, and is going to lead the people back to God, just as the prophecy of a very religious man in Italy predicted, in 1983. You do not have to be the best example of God’s word for that. Lucifer is the light bearer, which ensures that the light of Christ is carried and can be fully expressed. And that is what we are going to see! I therefore have no doubt that Trump will simply be getting a second term, even though Biden and the entire media are now claiming that Biden has won. Also listen to the prophecies of Kim Clement, also about Esther, who is, I think, Amy Coney Barrett. Some big things are going to happen. The game is being played dirty, but Trump is certainly prepared for this. And if not, there is always the possibility that a certain Event, (which I warned against in the articles End of a Cycle and Be Prepared!), will keep Trump in the White House for a while and the new president will not be installed yet.

Although, it’s certainly big what’s going to happen, it’s important to stay impartial and not worship his image, as a lot of people do. Because the light he brings, which is sorely needed in this world, will be incomple te when it isn’t balanced with the gifts of the opposite side. You need both to be the real light as a servant of Christ. And both extremes call for a loving confrontational approach!

I notice that I maybe have too much hope that Trump will indeed drain the pedo-deepstate swamp. But it may very well be that the whole Trump story is just a dead end. And that we will now have President Biden, or a civil war that grows into World War III. This would be a big disappointment for Trump and his patriots, and would disprove the whole Q-story, while the information about the many pedos in governments all over the world is still the truth. And it being disproved in this way, is probably exactly the intention. That is how controlled opposition works!

Today is 11-11-2020, a special date. I hope you’ll have a lovely day!

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