In this article I describe that the clones around me all show their shadows at the same time.

Behold the shadow

In my previous article, I described at the end how I would go to an old music teacher of mine, who I strongly suspect has also been taken over. When I got to him, and I asked where the new computer was, he said, “I don’t have a new computer!” Whereas on the phone he had clearly said that he had bought a new computer, and that I should put a music application on it for him. Very strange. So it looked like I had come for nothing. So then we would have a drink. And in the end I installed the application on his old computer (so that his old application was up to date again), and I left. It was very pleasant. But something doesn’t feel right. I suspect, and I already described it at the end of my previous article, that the invitation I received was an invitation to take me over, but because I had posted something again this week (which protects me already for a year and a half), it did not go through. I could be wrong, but it’s just vague behavior on his part. And I know that if they are going to take you over, you always get an ‘invitation’. And if you accept that, then they think you’re okay with them taking you over too. Which, of course, is ridiculous. Because if I have to avoid everyone who I suspect has been taken over, then I won’t be able to see anyone at all, because I think everyone who I informed of my story has been taken over by now.

As I was driving back home, I got the brilliant idea to stop by my sister’s, to ask if she had heard anything from the garage where she is going to buy her new occassion. She answered the door in her robe, in the middle of the day! I asked, “Are you sick?” “No, she says!” “Are you out late then?” “No, not either.” Secretly she says, “It’s not a good time now!” So she may have had a male visitor, but she doesn’t have a relationship. Yuck! I hate that! And that’s really not something she would do. She’s been hurt by that before. But hey, Dragons don’t get hurt, so they can just do such things, without commitment. Later she called me, and said, “I had to take a shower!” Yeah, I bet you were so secretive about showering in the middle of the day. Grrrr. She just asked me if I wanted to have lunch with her, that’s really sweet! But I don’t really trust her anymore. In the end we still had a delicious meal. And she really does her best for me.

And then the garage called that she could take a car for a test drive. I went with her to the garage and she could make a long test drive, so we went to my parent’s house. At my parents’ house, a whole discussion ensued about which car my sister was going to buy. My mother has her mind set on a car, and then she starts making up all kinds of reasons why my sister should take it. Very controlling, a little manipulative. And it was a heated discussion. Plenty of dragon energy. These are traits that my original parents also had, but now they were magnified like a caricature. It’s clear then that the ‘children’ have to listen in everything (so that’s doing what my parent’s want), and there is no room for having autonomy ourselves, and unconditional support for the choices we make and the confidence of us making good choices ourselves. Like I said, my original mother had this trait too, but it’s magnified quite a bit now that she’s taken over and my father constantly wants to control what you add to the discussion, as if the negative things shouldn’t be said. Now also magnified in the taken over version of my father. Also, my father walked in from the garden, and needed a little time to get into his personality. This is apparently a bit slow. He didn’t say a word, and came walking in very strangely, and then all of a sudden he was startled, and said: “Hello guys by the way, I was in my own mind for a moment!”

My family has been very supportive for much of this year, but it’s like they’re starting to show their shadows now too, to get me used to that. They are now also regularly annoyed with each other. It is entirely clear to me that there is still messing around with the behavioral tuning of these clones. Because they all exhibit the same behavior at the same time. And it made me slightly irritated and I really had the urge to admonish them. In this respect I feel less and less fear of these Dragons. No, I feel a lot of compassion and think about how I can say the things I want to say as tactically as possible. Because I do not want to hurt them in any way, if that is at all possible. Because I see how upset and angry they get, as if they receive it in a very black and white way when I say something, though how they receive it, is still their own responsibility, although they won’t acknowledge that. Not saying anything and then writing an article behind their back doesn’t feel quite right either. So I really try to speak things out, but it costs me a lot of effort! Because it seems like they’re not really open to it anyway. And they are rowdy…! Either they are very quiet, or they are on the “full speed ahead!” mode. It’s all or nothing! I recognize this all too well, of course, from when I was in my aggression, at the end of my clinical therapy in 2004. Read Section 1 of my story. And that is a state, in which you take very little responsibility, and throw everything out at full speed. They all talk through each other, too. It’s tiring as h*ll. Never thought I could be bothered by this behavior. After all, I was like this at first too, so know exactly what kind of inner state goes with that. And how hurt I was when others made comments about it, so I really have a lot of compassion. I love them still.

Furthermore, I received some beautiful vacation pictures of my brother and his family. But I absolutely do not recognize them as the family they once were. My brother smiles very differently in photos than he did when he wasn’t taken over, and the children look like Dragon Brothers and Sisters to their parents. As if they are already adults, but playing the child role, like some kind of play. Very distinctive. And that ties in well with what I know about these Dragons and the mimicking they do. They tune into the original personality, and then they mimic them, but it comes across very unreal. And I don’t think I’m wrong as far as that’s concerned.

I was also with friends who have also been taken over. And one of those friends started talking about Little Dolph Werewolf himself out of the blue, so either he has read my article (Approaching Pentecost) where I mention that book, or they are trying to throw me off balance. Well, they are not succeeding.

I had mentioned before that people who had been taken over regularly lose a lot of weight. This is because a different spirit in a body creates a different metabolism. A friend of the friends I just mentioned had lost an awful lot of weight. She says it is because of diabetes, but again I have a vague suspicion that they will have taken over her as well. My mother told me today that the sister from my grandmother’s nursing home, who was at my grandmother’s funeral, had also lost a lot of weight, from diabetes medication was again the excuse. I’m just sure that she was taken over, because she was there when I gave my speech and told about my family and friends being taken over, and that Grandma was also taken over the last six months of her life, and so she died before that (read my article Carried by deceased ones). These Dragons are taking over everyone who knows about my story. Therefore, I would like to call on everyone who reads this, to do the same as me: go all-in, and produce material exposing these Dragons. As soon as they start talking about frogs, dragons, dinosaurs or other reptiles in your surroundings, know that that person has very likely been taken over, and you should not accept this, because eventually they will come for you! Very dangerous! And if you do the same as me, you are protected! For this, read my article To follow Christ, is to be protected.

By the way, I suspect, that all the people who approach me via Twitter or Facebook are “sent” by their reptilian masters. They talk to me once and are super positive, and then a moment later they don’t respond to anything I say. Very typical. I can already name 4 people which it happened with. It’s so predictable. And it is so obvious that they are sent to reinforce me or manipulate in any other way, but otherwise they want to stay far away from me. Well, that’s fine with me!

Someone I spoke to on Twitter told me that what he calls the Moon People (with whom he has telepathic contact) visit people at night and then influence them through an implant they insert in the neck and adjust. So that’s another slightly different theory than is described in my earlier articles. But they would never do that to someone like me, he said. I didn’t have to worry, according to him. I have to say that I think a little differently myself. Because I am still being targeted. This person asked if I ever had a pimple on my neck that keeps coming back. This pimple would then be a kind of scar from the insertion of an implant, which happens at night, and every month it is adjusted differently. But I don’t have a pimple like that. And in my family I haven’t really been able to detect it either. So probably it doesn’t really take place this way. But I thought it was worth mentioning anyway.

Also, something weird happened last night. I woke up just now and before, I had fallen asleep on the couch with my phone next to me. But I couldn’t find my phone. It turned out that it was lying upside down on the opposite corner of the coffee table. Strange, because I really didn’t put it there. And to make matters worse, the ashtray that a guest had used when he visited me earlier, was on the floor, with the cigarette butts next to it. Very weird! I did experience something like this before. I came back home from something, and then the cabinet above the hood was wide open. I hadn’t done that. So either I’ve suddenly become very unconscious in my behavior, or I’m sleepwalking, or there’s something more going on. As I just mentioned, some people get visits at night, for example, to install an implant. This will not happen entirely in the physical. I’ve heard it before on someone’s YouTube channel. This woman told me that several people are being targeted by entities who then, for example, suddenly put your keys in your house in a different place, driving you completely crazy. What I do know is that last night when I was sleeping I had the feeling again that they wanted to take me over. I then startle myself awake with a big “NO!” and then fall back asleep. One earlier night this week I even screamed it out. The neighbors must have heard it.

So there are plenty of unusual things happening, which I can’t always immediately explain. However, most people don’t look for anything special behind these things, but it’s the sum of it all that tells me there’s more to it. And, of course, the history of things that have happened before. I have no doubt that we live in a very strange world. Waving everything aside and not keeping all options open is easy in that regard, but never yields much truth.

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