In this article I describe how I often dream of dying, and I describe some experiences with this astral dream world.

Dreams of dying...

I don’t think I’ve ever told you this, but before I was targeted by the aliens/angels/demons, just after reading David Icke’s books, I dreamed of walking down the street and suddenly something jumped on top of me, holding me in a vice-like grip. I could hardly get any air, and tried to resist, which barely succeeded. Until, with all my might, I managed to knock the creature off me. It was a small grey alien. The moment I looked into its big eyes, it brought its bony finger to its mouth, and made a hushing gesture, Image: “Ssssshhhhtttt!” It was clear that I was not allowed to talk about the things I knew. The moment I did anyway in a conversation with my mental health case manager years later, I was immediately targeted by these entities. And that’s what this whole website is about. The dream world is just as real as everyday reality. And that’s what many people who travel through astral space, or people who have near-death experiences, will agree with. With astral travel you leave your body and end up on “the other side,” the astral world. This often looks like everyday reality at the beginning of the trip. You can see your bedroom, for example, but often everything is just a bit different, and there are various overlays that lie over ordinary reality. People who have experienced this, tell of it being just as real as everyday reality, and so I have no doubt the things happening in this astral world are to be considered real. However, when I first read about this, I did have serious doubts about what these people were experiencing. Whether it was real? Whether they weren’t just dreaming? Until I tried it myself….

One evening I was lying on my couch, relaxing. I closed my eyes, and focused (as described in the books) my attention while relaxing, on my head. Your mind will stay awake then while your body gradually falls asleep. I felt myself relaxing deeper and deeper and then I went into a kind of trance. I literally felt waves moving through me. At one point I even started to see these waves while having my eyes closed. They went faster and faster. Until suddenly I began to hear beautiful bells/clocks. I thought: now it’s going to happen, I’m going to leave my body, but I became so frightened by the thought of entering the astral world that I didn’t dare to go any further, so then I became aware of my body again, and I opened my eyes again. I felt my heart racing. But I was now sure that the people who talk about astral travel were not talking nonsense. Since then, my ability to focus has become much worse due to my mental deterioration, and I never managed to repeat it again, nor did I feel the need to. But there are many people who make nightly adventures. This can be addictive though. I have seen people doing it so much, they actually were getting a strange gaze, as if they were constantly looking into bright light, even though there was no bright light source around during the interview. Very peculiar. Those people look like real addicts. People who drink urine also often have that gaze in their eyes, very typical. So it can’t be healthy. It’s when you go too far into spirituality, and no longer have two feet on the ground. But astral travel is possible, and it is definitely real! Although you have to understand how to understand it exactly. Because if you only call everyday reality real, then you will not accept that astral travel is real, but if you understand that we have several overlapping bodies that can become detached and the astral world in turn also overlaps this world, then it is already easier to understand. The more we detach from wishes, desires that bind us to the ordinary material world, a world of illusion, the closer we get to the spiritual world, which is the true reality. Where we all go when we die.

So my only experiences with the astral world, are my “regular” nightly adventures in dreamland. Something recurring often with me is dreams in which I die. Sometimes while being tortured, sometimes without torture. Once, I was held down on a kind of stretcher. And then a kind of doctor came, with all kinds of equipment ready to drill me through my eye. One time I was on the street with my taken-over family, and there were other non-taken-over people around, and somehow I was put into a trance, whereupon I passed painlessly from the living state to the dead state. I saw my family again on the other side. They themselves did not realize they had died. Bizarre! And everything was the same as on the side of the living. Until I said we were all dead, and then they started thinking. It wasn’t the real energies of my family that I encountered either. They were all very different in my dream. And that’s also what some people tend to say about the astral world: That this world is a very polluted (in terms of good and evil) place, and there are a lot of deceptive entities in it. It could very well be, that when you die, you do see your deceased relatives, but this would then be nothing more than phantoms having the essence of the original, and your original family would long be moved on.

What invariably happens when I dream of dying is that it doesn’t hurt at all, and I pass from one state to another almost silently, and without much trouble. Even though I am being tortured, I don’t feel anything at all. Maybe that’s because of the big medicine cocktail I’m having daily or because in ordinary reality nothing is happening to me while I’m dreaming it. But it feels a bit like God saying to me, “Don’t you worry, boy! You can handle it!” I can’t imagine it being like that in real life, but the reassurance I get from these dreams is great, however unjustified it may be. I also once dreamt that I was very old and passed away, and it was my last vestige of strength that I literally let go of, and it was very gradual. Actually very beautiful…

This week, I got a live lesson in my dream from masters on how to recognize the 4 elements, earth, fire, water, air, in people’s personalities. It just made so little sense in my dream, that I became aware that I was dreaming, which I thought was a shame, because I thought it was quite an honor. At the “lesson” I received, we looked back at moments in my life, and how I could have acted better. The things I saw just never happened in real life. So another reason why I thought, hey, I’m dreaming! Suddenly I dreamed that I had a girlfriend and we were swimming in the water that runs through the village here. She said to me, “Do you want to see my real shape/form?” and she then got a huge mouth full of razor sharp teeth, which in my dream, oddly enough, pleased me. She tortured me with it and suddenly everyone swimming around us had such a big mouth full of razor sharp teeth. I wasn’t moved at all. Nothing could harm me anymore. Still, it was not a nice environment. I remember suddenly we were in a room in a castle. I was tired of all the torture, and tried to escape. I went through the door and went into the basement (which is an odd place to go really), but frankly it was even worse living there than upstairs. I thought: where have I ended up? Is there an escape from this evil reality? And I tried to open my eyes as if it were a dream. I snapped my nightlight on. But it didn’t come on. And then I knew for sure, I was still dreaming. My biggest nightmare used to be when I was a kid, lying in bed in the dark, and not getting my nightlight to turn on. And until now, I regularly have this recurring end of my dreams: of me turning on the light, but it doesn’t come on. I then know immediately that I am dreaming. Then all I had to do was open my eyes, and it was quite a relief that I was back in ordinary reality. So it can always be worse, is the lesson I take from this whole dream.

I saw this meme, Image, pass by on the internet. And I was very much reminded of how I’ve been feeling lately. I don’t give a shit anymore at most things that happen. Dragon s openly showing who they are on the internet. It doesn’t do much for me anymore, though of course I do confront it. Because that’s my responsibility. The only thing I still fear is being overwhelmed by injustice. People who, out of malice and incomprehension, flood me with lies and other filth. All I can do then is repost a link to the article they are ridiculing, so people can judge for themselves and see that it is lies these devils are proclaiming. I am also no longer afraid of certain thoughts. Normally when I rode in a car next to someone who was driving a little bit on the faster side, I would get thoughts of accidents, and that would frighten me. Now I can just allow the thoughts of accidents and I am no longer afraid that they will happen. It is so pointless to be afraid of such things. If you stay calm, you act best, and I am rock-solid, as far as that’s concerned. But while I am calm, I have a childlike enthusiasm in me that says: just let it go wrong inside me! It’s not that I want it to go wrong in reality, but inside I don’t mind! In reality I still have more control than I think! And with that, a kind of childish desire to drive fast and take risks. That’s me recognizing myself again, because I used to have that sometimes when being a child. So the exposure that the mental health care is giving me with the help of its dragons and its clones/drones, is paying off somewhat. At least I can feel some more of my power/strength. And at the same time, I am in complete control of that power. Although I absolutely don’t condone the way they treat me, by taking over people.

I said in an earlier article (From a dream to a song) that I have a corruption and can’t consistently walk the middle path in my eyes. Then when someone from Twitter was taken over, (see my article There is more to it than meets the eye!), I did not remain passive, and I did confront it, even though I became very anxious from the exposure. So I still proved that I could do it. But after that, I had to recover for a few weeks, at which point I received an indirect threat from my brother who was taken over, about my fate, (see my article I am not finished yet!). Now an old music teacher of mine called to ask me to help him with his computer. I know he was taken over too. I see him sometimes looking at my site, but he doesn’t say anything about it. He called six months ago, talking excitedly. I didn’t know him like that, and to me that is a sign that he has just been taken over. These entities have then gone into his body after they killed him, and so they have the memories of that person dying. This is painful. And that’s why they outshout themselves so much when it has just happened. Or it was just about getting used to the new personality they have, something that can also have an explosive effect. Now I’m going to help this music teacher with his computer, but I have slight hesitation. Should I even do it? But I’m just going to help him! There’s no escaping it after all if they want to strike. I’m doing my best to keep producing articles and videos, but if it’s not enough, it’s not enough. Should I start acting weird after Friday, you guys will know it happened….

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