In this article, I address a trigger that took place on Twitter, in which an animal rights activist, who is taken over, threatened a Twitter user I follow.

There is more to it than meets the eye!

Unfortunately, another trigger took place in my environment. This time it was a message sent to someone named Anneke on Twitter. I had tweeted her once when someone had called her “ugly,” and had left a positive message where I mentioned her strengths. Now all of a sudden she got a message from a scary vegan animal rights figure named Susan, who clearly likes animals more than people. In the message, Susan calls Anneke an “ugly dragon,” and has attached a photo in which she has made her all green, like an alien. Here’s the message, Image. (Photo and names made unidentifiable). Anneke received this tweet because she had sent a tweet about barbecue meat. Those of you who are familiar with the information on my site know that there are entities among us who pretend to be humans, but are actually some kind of aliens, who study their targets extensively before they strike. This time the victim is Anneke, who in Susan’s eyes deserves death. She doesn’t say so literally, but those who are familiar with the information on this site know that these dragons, for that’s what these entities call themselves, make serious threats in an indirect way, and if you fail to do something, they might take you over. It can be read in full on this web site, what exactly this “taking over” entails.
Anneke takes it lightly and says she is going to sleep, being the green dragon that she is. So either they have already taken her over and she is now a dragon too, or they are threatening her life and are going to take her over soon. It seems like Anneke doesn’t suspect that this Susan and her dragon friends are actually threatening Anneke’s life. So in this article, I’m addressing Anneke specifically! Just in case she hasn’t been taken over yet….

Dear Anneke,

I decided today to still dedicate an article to the incident you experienced with the vegan animal rights activist Susan. Unfortunately, there is more to it than meets the eye. I went through such a similar thing with a lady I’d been getting along with for a while. She, after we hadn’t spoken to each other for a while, suddenly posted a lot of militant messages about veganism (even though she was never a vegan), and eventually she posted a picture of herself, having some kind of projection of a dragon alien superimposed on her body. I was shocked, because I had been reading books by the English conspiracy researcher David Icke, who argues there to be some kind of reptilian “aliens” among us posing as humans. How? By taking over their bodies! The movie ‘They Live’ (1988) describes these guys! I had expressed this in my conversations with my mental health worker. Since then they started testing me with all kinds of vague posts, so something that I first dismissed as ‘hard to believe’, suddenly became reality when I saw all those vague threatening posts. All just a little too coincidental. Every time I talked about it, a few days later the threats would show up. Evidently, these ‘dragons’ had infiltrated the mental health facility as well. I then responded to one of those posts, asking what had happened to this lady. Whether she had been taken over? Donald Marshall’s work describes this ‘taking over’, which they call ‘droning’. And it involves certain people being targeted by these dragons with threats, to encourage them to take a stand against these dragons, however scary it may be. And not to accept what they do to people. Those who ignore it, aren’t protected and can be easily taken over. This is the last challenge for man to overcome. To show courage out of love for his fellow man, and thereby overcome the fear of death. We are therefore in a spiritual development and not a Darwinian development. Just expressing what happened, using the information I am telling you now, and which can be read in my articles, makes you strong to keep these ‘dragons’ at a distance. I have been posting articles on my site for a year and a half to keep them at a distance.

You receiving a message from another such militant vegan animal rights activist, in which she depicts you as an “ugly dragon,” is no coincidence, and is purely intended to hurt and threaten you. It’s the pot calling the kettle black. She states that you are the dragon, but actually it’s her, who’s the dragon. What it means, ‘to be a dragon’, you can read in all my articles. I have already sent her a message to tell her to keep their claws off of you, but I encourage you to share this article I am sending you extensively, because as I said, there is more to these dragons. If people would know, how many people around them are actually human and how many have been taken over by these dragons, who can perfectly imitate the behavior of the original human (using their memories), - but sometimes like ‘Susan’ did now, show their true face -, people would be shocked. And yet it is good to publicize this. Because it forces everyone who is mentally ready to do so, to deal once and for all with this parasitic force that is active on Earth. Unfortunately I am still one of the few who actively does something with this fact, but I am sure that in the future more will be done by others as well, because these dragons are everywhere, if you have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Of course, I understand that it may seem crackpot, what I’m telling you, but it really is the truth. I want you to know that these parasitic dragons may carry out their threats if there is silence on your side. So please, above all, make a big fuss about what has happened. Do not accept what they are trying to do. My whole family and many friends have been taken over by these guys, and I have not been able to do anything to prevent it, because I did not dare to share everything I knew, at first. For the past year and a half, I’ve changed that, and (at times) I don’t give a damn what others think of me anymore. I know I’m telling the truth, and that humanity is going to have another big challenge on this one.

Oh yeah, by the way, these dragons are the army of the Antichrist, as described in the Bible. They want to do you harm, but this is ultimately meant to make you do good. This is meant to make sure that you can overcome the fear of death. If you do the right thing and keep doing it, until the end of the cycle (which is almost!), they will leave you alone immediately. This is how I still visit my family and friends. They have gotten a totally different energy and are not who they were before, but they do act normal to me, even though it’s kind of a performance how they act. But they only act normal if I keep doing the right thing. They are a step more evil than the Satanic entities, which also represent a group of evil on Earth, and which do threaten you, but not lethally. And the Satanic entities are one step more evil than the Luciferic entities, who are also a group here on Earth, and who actually encourage you. All have their own role, and these groups all work together to catalyze (accelerate) the development of humanity. This requires friction. And that, in the case of the Antichrist group, often creates victims. But you are basically in control.

I want to ask you to take this information and the rest of the information on my site very seriously. I am sending it to you because I love humanity, and you seem like a nice girl. But if you don’t do anything, I fear they will do to you the same thing they did to my parents and friends. And I don’t want that! But I only have partial control over it. You will still have to partly do it yourself. So again, I encourage you to share this article as much as possible. It comes from a good heart, and I really am tel ling you the truth. If you do the right thing and start reading and writing about this or making videos, they will leave you alone. I hope you can do it. If you have any questions, I’m available to you.

There is so much to discover about this world. Unfortunately, most people don’t get beyond the information they are indoctrinated with on a daily basis by the media and education, all of which is designed to distract people from what really matters. Showing love for your fellow man and showing courage to confront the different types of evil on Earth. If we all start doing this, we can leave life on Earth behind, and move on to a better world.

I’ve sent this article to Anneke directly. She was not pleased about it. She got very angry with me. (Don’t shoot the messenger!). She even closed her Twitter account and opened another Twitter account, while she didn’t do anything wrong. She is the victim, but she won’t listen to me! She is being made a fool with that tweet, and it is not my intention to rub it in again. But it could also be that she has already been taken over. Which is tragic…

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