In this article I will describe a unusual dream I had, some other information, and I will be ending with a song that touched me.

From a dream to a song

I had a very unusual dream. I dreamt of being in my parents’ house and the hinges of my laptop broke (this has happened several times in real life). And my brother who is taken over, was helping me to fix it. Meanwhile, I was surrounded by people who are taken over, whom I confronted from time to time. For example, my sister, father, and mother, who are all taken over, had sneaked into the Catholic church in the morning with a key, and I had caught them. At the Catholic church, I was in a car and I saw my family coming out of the church. My dad was talking about an assist (it was European Championship Soccer at the time), and I said, “No, it’s ghost notes!” a term from music, which made the whole scene completely incomprehensible actually. My dad didn’t respond, and walked away across a bridge. I went home with my mother and sister, where I confronted them when they told me that they had not rang the pastor’s doorbell to get into the church, but had used their key (?) themselves, without telling it to the pastor. I told them they couldn’t do that. My mother immediately became angry with me. I asked why she got so mad at me, when she never used to be convincingly mad when I was little. Probably because she had been taken over. Meanwhile, I told my father, who was also suddenly there again, that I called out that it was ghost notes and why he ran away and didn’t listen!?

Suddenly I was in an open field, and I ran, and kept on running, and there was a big airship, shaped like a pencil in the sky, stalking me. I ran and still kept on running, and the ship came closer and closer, lower and lower. Until people came out, including a policeman. I was suddenly in a familiar place, a meadow near by. Suddenly I wasn’t alone anymore, ‘cause it seems there was another person who had been running with me all this time. This one climbed over a fence, and ran towards freedom. I, weighing 260 lbs, was not able to climb over the fence well enough. Suddenly the policeman had caught up with me. I started laughing at him. And I kept on laughing! Then more people from the airship came around: another man was talking to me, I asked him, “When were you taken over?” and his left eye tilted and turned into a little T.V. screen. Then another man came, looking a little battered around his left eye. I said, “You’re a victim still fresh!” and he said, “Indeed!” Then suddenly I saw more people who looked very normal, but were all presumably taken over, and they told me to come along. I went with them into the airship. I was angry at everyone, but everyone just kind of let me rage. Someone wanted to take my blood pressure, but I declined. At some point I let go of my anger, and I started crying. And I kept on crying. But suddenly we were at the destination. It was a place with people who were all taken over, a kind of cloning center. Suddenly I saw my sister walking by. She had on clothes she used to wear when she was an adolescent. And then I saw my mother, and also my father. The people who had been taken over put me on a kind of trolley and drove me across the street, which was suddenly in an ordinary neighborhood. I saw a lot of people who weren’t taken over, who didn’t realize what was happening to me. They were people who were on their way to school and to work. I had stopped crying, but tried to signal to the people in the neighborhood that they were kidnapping me. But no one understood. I thought, “It’s all in plain sight!” All of a sudden we were at our destination. I drove in, and was suddenly surrounded by the most beautiful people I had ever seen, with the most wonderful looks. Very diverse, but all of them that wonderful non-blinding light in their eyes. They said: is that Yeshua? I said, No, I’m Jesse Musson, (my real name, and what later turned out to be an anagram of ‘Jesus ‘n Moses’). I began to cry spontaneously, for I understood that they had kidnapped me to save me and bring me to the people, who had experienced the same thing as I had, the servants of Christ. Everyone came up to me and greeted me with a hug. They were so beautiful. I also saw children, whom I said hello to. And suddenly there was my father. I took his hand and spontaneously started crying again. My father said, “We did it all out of love!” to which one of the ‘kidnappers’ said, “But that doesn’t mean everything was easy!” I cried some more, but all these people were full of understanding. And then they drove me to a microphone, because I was going to tell my story to everyone. At that moment I woke up. And I thought, what the hell?

What stuck with me most about this dream was the beauty of those people. When I saw them, I immediately understood why everything that had happened had happened. The people were not all beautiful in appearance, but they had the most wonderful aura. Something I don’t have anymore, I think, especially the last few years I haven’t. So that’s why I thought it was totally weird, but it touched me deeply, a very special dream. I’ve never felt so reassured, as when all those people greeted me and hugged me. It was perfect love, and there were no enemies, though everyone was playing their part. I have never felt such love as from those people in my dream. I immediately typed it out with my sleep-deprived head.

On my closet there are some pictures of my family members. Old pictures. When they were still their original selves. Every day I look at them and try to connect with them, wherever they are. If I think of them, they will feel it, that’s how non-locality works. Everything is connected and everything that comes into contact becomes entangled. Most people repress this invisible contact with their anger. Anger is the thing that represses outwards, that allows you to stand out, and to have a sense of your own identity, but if you work through that and let it go, you start to feel the invisible contact that you have with people, without the entanglement necessarily causing problems, because the trick is to keep the ability to really connect. So that you can manage yourself in both worlds, both in the material and in the spiritual. Both in the objective world and in the subjective world.

In the article ‘Massive Walk Out Of Souls In Preparation For The Shift’ (PDF) by Michelle Walling, which was sent to me as a YouTube video by someone I am in contact with, I found useful information about the phenomenon of walk-ins, although the author of the article is talking mostly about the benign walk-ins, not the malignant walk-ins, which I am dealing with. At one point, the article says that you can also exercise control over the entities that have taken over the bodies of the original entities. In a perpetrator-victim relationship with them as the perpetrator and you as the victim, you will often think that these entities want to destroy you. I have said many times before, that this is not really their goal, provided that you show them to be sounding the alarm, and not accepting what they are doing, and at the same time listening to them. Then you will discover they also are listening to you, and what you give out to them, you also get back. So you can control them, as stated in the article, by giving up control. I have also noticed this in my contact with them. If certain things irritate me about my family and I express it in my articles, I invariably see that a few days later, on the weekend when I see them, they try to make up for it, as if they had read it in my articles. Whereas we never actually talk about that. That’s nice, because it means they are listening to me, just like I’m listening to them. I don’t let anger get the better of me in my contact with them anymore. Of course I am sometimes irritated, but then I just express it and they accept it. During the times I was still angry, they rejected me a number of times and indirectly threatened to kill me. For example, they would send messages in our family app group that they had lit candles and that “unfortunately the first candle went out, but the second one was determined to burn up completely!” by which they meant the lives of my family and friends they had ended, and they were going to live up the remaining years of their lives. They also made jokes like “I’m all out of breath, I’m getting to little oxygen!” with which they mirrored my shortness of breath and also indirectly threatened me. I was furious and very scared at the time, but knew that if I remained furious, they would end my life. So then I decided to express it constructively by putting it on the Internet, and to control my anger. Since then the contact has been free of anger and I know my place so to speak. So the entities are clearly control mechanisms of this matrix. And so there is a certain order you must remain within in this world. Since I listen to them and approach the contact without anger, and since I am positive towards them, they also listen to me, as also described in the article linked above. For example, I have seen my neighbors in the street bring in groceries for the first time, and seen an supermarket delivery service bring in groceries (all in the same week), while I described in my article To follow Christ is to be protected, that I have never seen that happen. So they are controllable, and listen very carefully to what I say, although most people will explain this away as a coincidence, which it is not. There is more order in the world than people think.

It is nice is that my taken-over family, even though I know they are not my family, still remind me of my original family, because they look the same, and behave more or less the same with the same habits and customs. However, the energy is totally different. And so I am always aware that they are not my real original family. Even though they took on all the responsibilities that belonged to my family.

But unfortunately, I have lost much of my courage to show myself regardless of what others say due to the treatment I have received from these entities. That is my imperfection, my corruption. I can no longer make myself big internally and stand up for myself and get my message out regardless of the opposition I receive. I listen too much to the opposition and it makes me feel bad. I am afraid of losing control over others and of feeling so bad because of the possible opposition that I no longer want to live. I am too focused on others, not daring to connect. The middle way (the way of Christ) is precisely the way, where you master both making yourself big and making yourself small internally, at the same time. To make yourself small is to accept that there is something greater than you, external of you. And making yourself big means expressing your power and confronting that which is bigger than you. That is real contact: the constant switching between focusing on yourself and focusing on the other. I am sick to death of the handicapped state I am in. And want to break free, but it is absolutely impossible with what I have been through. I guess it is the karma I carry with me. But that also keeps me from properly atoning for the karma from my past, because for that you need just this middle path and you need to actually take up and carry your cross. That means that by making myself too small, I am accumulating new karma and I don’t want that. If all this could be made good by having the will power alone, then the whole world would know me. No doubt about it! But it can’t.

We recently scattered the ashes of my late grandmother who died past December (see articles: Eye deceased grandma damaged and Carried by deceased ones), but I scattered most of it. Wasn’t even aware that my mom and my sister might want to do some of it too, because these entities aren’t my grandma’s real family anyway I thought, so I was reminded at one point by my family, “Maybe mom would like to do some too.” Of course, my family does have the memories of my original family, so maybe they still feel the loving memories of my original family for my grandmother in a way, just like I felt a lot of love for my grandmother. It’s still a strange situation. And I found it quite disappointing, how it is done with ashes from a cremation. You scatter it on a field, but it feels pretty disrespectful to do so, but that’s an objection I unfortunately found out too late.

The last thing I want to share in this article is that a few weeks ago my taken-over father sent me this video, of The Swingle Singers along with The New York Voices, singing Wayne Shorter’s song ‘Footprints’. My father, when he was young, had developed a friendship with Ward Swingle, who had founded this singing group in the 1960s. I sat on his lap as a little boy and one of my Christian names is Ward, which was a reference to him.
The lyrics of this song touched me deeply because it is typical of the situation I am in. It felt like my taken-over father sent it to me as a message from my original father. And that he and the rest of my family and friends hear me calling out to them daily, because I do.

Dear family and friends, I will continue to look for you. And follow the footprints you left behind….

Footprints - Wayne Shorter

Our love's a story that documents our journey
Memories are landmarks that comfort and assure me
You'll be with me always
Follow the footprints we left
and I'll find you there

Time's changing colors can drown you in a deluge
Painted in still-life, the past becomes a refuge
Free from pain and sorrow
Follow the footprints we left
And I'll find you there

Just like a treasure, your touch was stolen from me
When it seems heartbreak and loss will overcome me
I can hear you calling
Follow the footprints we left
And I'll find you there

I believe one day, that we'll be reunited
Silencing demons that turned up uninvited
But until that happens
Follow the footprints we left
And I'll find you there
I will find you there
We will find our way

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