This article is about my deceased grandmother who had been taken over by the Antichrist entities about 7 months ago.

Eye deceased grandma damaged

Last night I got a phone call from my parents that my grandmother passed away. I already wrote in earlier articles (Gangstalking and gaslighting) that my grandmother had been taken over by another entity since about May. How they do this I don’t know exactly, but such an entity most likely pricks with a protrusion (proboscis) on the head or maybe with the tongue (they can shape-shift) in someone’s left eye, in this case my grandmother’s eye and then poisons your brain, after which you’re part of the hive-mind and your original consciousness dies. When I stood near my grandmother’s dead body today, I paid close attention to the left eye, and there was indeed a wound in the corner of her eye. I didn’t open her eye, because I didn’t think that was respectful, but there was a good chance that she has a bloodshot eye as well, as far as it’s still possible. Doctors and funeral workers of course don’t recognize it for what it actually is, and probably do not think anything of it. And so the truth will soon be cremated. That I’m still talking to my parents is incredible! It is obvious that they are acting all the time, they are absolutely not my parents anymore, and I just go along and cooperate. Inside I feel a big boundary and I don’t feel like being with them anymore, but as soon as they call, in other words: as soon as I am connecting to people, my resistance disappears deep inside again, and I participate in everything, like a slave. I just lack the power to take up my cross and confront the murder of my grandmother, and other family members and friends, colleagues and so on to whoever wants to hear it. I am so tired of being who I am. And I will be the next one maybe! And my Facebook friends to whom I am addressing this, I’m afraid, will also get their turn. And I just feel totally powerless to do anything about it! I am totally numb. With what I am going through in my life, I should be furious. Furious! I should feel murderous rage! And tell the whole world about it, no matter how much resistance I get. But instead, I’m typing a text on my site, hoping that someday someone will see it. I’m handicapped big time. After all, that’s why I ended up in psychiatry. They sometimes say that you choose your parents before you incarnate, based on what was most lacking in your previous life. Well, all credit to my real parents. They did a lot of good. I learned a lot from this life. I now know what kind of parents I will choose in my next life, if that choice is given to me. And I will address exactly the same issues in my next life as I share with you now. The only difference is that I will have the strength to take up my cross, as Christ did, to confront these evil bastards. That is what I want! And that is what is going to happen!!!

And the fact that the murderers with their fake acting behaviour support me more than my real friends, gives me the impression there’s surely something wrong with humanity. Everyone incredibly ignores what I say. Everyone is afraid for their lives, if they believe it at all. Most of you won’t believe it, but maybe you will get your turn as well, maybe faster than you think! So remove me from your friends list! Or follow Christ’s example to confront this murderous evil. People let themselves be terribly deceived from birth. Almost everything we learn is false. And certainly this spoiled generation of which I’m part, who thinks they are here on Earth to “enjoy” or whatever and to satisfy all their needs. Fuck you! How dare you have such a good time and behave like a fucking hedonist, while your brothers and sisters (because that’s us) are just being murdered, and while the world is full of horrible evil. Do you think you have earned a price and that’s why you have a nice life? And if you do care, why don’t you do something? And then these people who tell me: “You have to solve your problems on your own!” Gee, thanks! They think it’s all in my head, like I’m some retard who can’t judge situations. If you confront them with that, then it remains quiet, as the cowards they are. How can you actually think such things? The difference between my head and the heads of most people is that I have deprogrammed myself, and have done my homework! And I have a weak spot, but that weak spot has nothing to do with my ability to judge situations. Most people read: “Oh psychological problems. He must be crazy! Then I don’t have to take anything he says seriously anymore! Unreliable source!” And they’re off my site! And then pretending you turn into a dangerous lunatic if you’re on medication! As if people can’t go crazy without medication! As if they have no personality. A strange way of thinking! But writing something off, without having examined it, is the most disgusting way of thinking you can have. Don’t do that to me, because I’ll crush you!!!

Dear Grandma, I already said goodbye to you 7 months ago! You did so well, lived very moderately for 104 years, you never complained, and you gave birth to a beautiful daughter, my dear mother. You have survived all your brothers and sisters, and then this is how your life is ended! I saw your dead body last night and I remembered you as you were, not as that crook who has been in your body for the last few months. I love you very much, we have been through so much! And I’m sure I’m going to see you again…!

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