In this article, I describe how several accidents have been happening in my immediate surroundings over the past few weeks that I believe are absolutely no coincidence!

Taken over sister gets hit by a car! Not a coincidence!

What’s happening!? People around me aren’t really doing well! Last time I told you about the violent crime at my sister’s house where 3 people were injured, 1 of them was in critical condition. I heard this week that a friend from the gym had a double heart attack, and is suddenly very diabetic. Family friends are getting cancer by turns. This morning I hear that someone across the street from my parents has died. And I just got a call that my sister had a car accident. She is fortunately unharmed, but the beautiful car that she had bought (see article: Behold the shadow) is total-loss. What is going on? This all feels like a direct attack on my surroundings. As if it has to do with me, while of course they will all tell me it has nothing to do with each other. But it’s like the world is against me and my environment, and I can’t protect my environment. This is anti-life in full action! And I think it’s terrible! First they took over everyone around me, including my sister; and now it seems they are threatening to damage these taken over people, physically. They can’t be taken over anymore, but now it seems they are threatening that these taken over people can be taken away from me too. It’s horrifying! And of course I must not think only of myself, because I don’t care what happens to me. If this is the way to ‘help’ and ‘treat’ me, then I will say ‘no’ to it acutely!!! This is not healthy! This is very cruel! And it was murderous to take over everyone anyway. But it’s all unrelated, is what people are probably thinking! I can’t believe that! It’s just not true either!

Furthermore, I had another conversation with my counselor at the mental health facility and she showed me my diagnosis. Undifferentiated schizophrenia and a delusional disorder. Those two at the same time, is rather strange, and I will question my counselor about this. Furthermore I still have problems related to the social environment, and my isolated state was also called out. Pff, my diagnosis is getting more serious despite all the so-called ‘treatment’ and I actually think it’s absolute nonsense. See the chapter Psychosis from Section 3 of my story for my opinion on what is called ‘psychosis’ or ‘schizophrenia’ The things I suffer from, which is anxiety, they don’t treat. And the things that don’t bother me, they treat with brute force, and by taking over people. I didn’t create myself. If my personality evokes this, and the people around me are just automatons from a hive-mind playing their tune on autopilot, I sincerily hope there is someone out there who will wake these guys up. It is absolutely ridiculous! You can’t force a development if you fail to tell what you would like it to develop to! Should I just shut my mouth completely? Is that what you want to see? Then you should open your fucking mouth and say that’s what you want to see. Then I can always make a decision whether or not to comply. Or do you want me to embrace you with love? Should I allow what you do to the people around me? I have never heard anything so pathetic. Killing everyone and then whining about the love you want to receive! Absolute pathetic schmucks you are, if that were the case! Wait, there is another option: it’s about embracing the people around me who are now being attacked in love, and that I thereby protect them from you. I have never been able to do that, so why should I be able to do it now? You need emotional potency for that, and I don’t have that, because important people in my life have beaten it out of me or controlled it, while probably being influenced by unseen powers. You have to be able to expand emotionaly (making yourself big) to take everyone under your wing. And I can’t do that very well anymore! But does everyone around me therefore have to die? They will think and reason: “That’s all on you,“. Curse words come to mind!

My sister said that the driver of the car that totaled her car (it wasn’t my sister’s fault) was of Polish origin, that my sister had to speak English to this woman, and that the woman wondered why her predecessor suddenly stopped, and then decided to throw her steering wheel to the side and push my sister into the guardrail at breakneck speed. My sister tried to explain that there was a traffic jam and that several cars in front already had their hazard lights on. But the woman didn’t seem to understand. And she no longer knew why she was doing what she was doing. Let’s have compassion for this woman’s total flurry of insanity. She was probably taken over for a moment by an entity that made her do this. Because again, I don’t believe it’s a coincidence. There are just too many things like this happening. But that also means that these Antichrist powers are attacking their own drones, just to keep holding up the mirror to me that my energy is not loving and expansive enough. At least, that is the indirect reason. The direct reason is that there are many idiots who are tuning in to some kind of broadcast of negative waves directed to Earth. Someone I had email contact with, pointed this out to me again. She also recommended certain sources to me to see the rock-hard proof of this. I don’t need to convince myself anymore, but I may need to convince you, my readers, so I will take a look at the names mentioned by this lady I was in contact with with. I may then deal with that in a later article, if I can make sense of it.

In order to not be reinforced in your behavior in a negative way by the entities acting on your body or by this transmission of waves of certain frequencies, you will have to work through your emotions, and walk the middle path between the extremes, the way of Christ. That is the combination of a loving energy projected outward, and a loving energy turning inward. Unfortunately, very few people manage to do that. I don’t quite manage it either. The people who don’t succeed can all potentially be dumped/taken over, even if there are many millions of them. What is clear is that as far as these Antichrist entities are concerned, we are dealing with failed souls. And I hereby address them once again: You are not going to attack the drones that are created by you, now to treat me or the few original people around me that are still there! The drones obey all your commands in an effort to reclaim a better place in creation, and then you treat them like dogs. There is indeed a good side to these drones and they are trying incredibly hard to be loving and show their good side. I protect everyone, original humans and drones/clones (read my article Examples of people who are taken over for examples of well known drones, and read Donald Marshall’s info). No one deserves the kind of treatment you are aiming for, including drones!

I suddenly feel some kind of “light” in my head. It is filling me up. The quality of it is very strong, but the quantity is not so strong. At the same time, can’t stand it very well. It feels like I have been exercising and endorphins are released in my head, but it is quite weak. Is this the Holy Spirit I am experiencing for the first time? I now look back in time to Pentecost. Anyone who has read my 2021 article Approaching Pentecost knows that Pentecost is the time when the Holy Spirit is sent down. Then, I find out that the violent crim e at my sister’s neighbors’ house was, as I describe in my June 9 article Violent crime at my taken over sister’s neighbors’ place, exactly on Pentecost, June 5, 2022! That’s when these attacks on the people around me began. Dear people, don’t think I’m making this up. This is all organized! These are all rituals of sick ritualistic reptilian minds, involving ordinary people. No person will believe me, but it is the absolute truth! With the violent crime, I had grief, but it still wasn’t enough to give me this feeling of lightheadedness, maybe because it happened to people I don’t actually know that well. Now that something happened to my taken over sister, I was shocked and I also had grief, and I do feel this kind of light in my head. I wish I could let this flow all the way through me, and feel the freedom I so long for, but unfortunately that’s not going to work, because there’s a permanent damage in me. So I can’t heal, but maybe I can heal in part. If it means I can protect those around me, then I’ll settle for the unfreedom I feel.

I read that after the apostles received the Holy Spirit by the Tongues of Fire distributed among those present at the time, according to the story, the apostles suddenly began to speak in foreign languages. In a video that Tijn Touber (a Dutch YouTuber) posted 4 days ago, he tells (very coincidentally again) that he started speaking in a foreign language at a light session, a kind of light language that he made up himself and that with that language all the concepts he talks about became less defined or framed. It was a kind of search for freedom, the widening of everything that goes on inside you, according to him. For those who don’t know yet: Tijn Touber (see my articles Action is required and Tijn Touber, a taken over Dragon giving good advice, is 100% taken over so it is certainly no coincidence that he brings up this topic just after Pentecost. It’s a well polished hive-mind of taken-over people who are on autopilot and letting this Antichrist energy flow through them. And that includes the lady who hit the car of my sister!

I feel like I’m crying in the wilderness… But I want to share one more thing with you, my dear readers:

I had a special dream this week, right before waking up. I don’t remember it exactly, but my understanding towards the evil powers was magnified so much as they are also doing God’s work, that at one point in the dream I was asked the question: what about genocide? Do you understand that too? Is that also God’s work, and do you justify it? I then thought briefly, Yes, apparently I can see that as God’s work too, if I follow through on my thoughts. But that felt absolutely afwul. I thought: something is missing! This is not right! This gets incredibly confusing, because I am condoning something that is not good at all. It is too much thinking! And now I understand what was missing. I felt it again for the first time today. It is the freedom to say: piss off with your plan! It’s evil! And I want nothing to do with it! And neither do the people around me, whether they are taken over or not! I won’t go along with it! So leave me and everyone around me the fuck alone!!!

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