This article describes how lately I have seen several taken over people encouraging others to give up and do nothing. But I will not give up! Action is required!

Action is required!

Another person I followed on YouTube has been taken over. It’s going fast now! People are dropping dead like flies in my surroundings. Of course, you have read of me being quite knocked out recently as well, but still going on. Each time the power builds, and as soon as I feel comfortable enough to express it, I get a blow again, in which I get hurt, and then I turn inwards again. And so each time I am controlled a little more. The question is how long I will be able to keep this up, because there is only so much that a human being can bear. These Dragons take over lightworkers when they are tired and when they give up, but they start with distant acquaintances and then work inward, getting closer and closer: they then take over your colleagues, then your friends, and then your family, just as they did with me, and then they end with you. It is very important to keep producing until the end as a warrior for good, and to confront these Dragons. But in order to do that, you have to realize that they are doing what they are doing. Once you don’t realize it, they can come closer to you more easily, as with this Dutch YouTuber named Tijn Touber.

Tijn Touber is a spiritual man who became known for his participation in the band Loïs Lane. He has had a successful YouTube channel for almost two years now, and it was always a pleasure to listen to his soothing talks. He posted this video today (sorry only in Dutch), titled, “A Dragon Came to Visit,” and I thought, here we go again! Yet another person they’ve taken over. In the video, he talks about having experienced a lot of emotion and despair being released by the people around him a few days ago, and he actually couldn’t handle what was happening, at which point he gave up, and waved the white flag. At that moment help came from a large ‘benign’ Dragon, who embraced him with light and took over the ‘situation’. He describes that many people are tired of fighting and tired of giving away their energy to the very thing they want to get rid of. He tells us to stop working hard, and us already being enlightened, and to just sit back and let things happen. He also says such things in another video, titled “Just Don’t Participate Any More” (sorry, only in Dutch) from the day before.

And well, what do I think of this? I think it’s completely ridiculous! We absolutely must not let everything happen! We must fight hard to make humanity aware of these Dragons, even though there may be few living souls left in the World. I saw in a Twitter post there are supposedly only 250,000 living souls left in the World, and the rest are hybrids, hybrids of a human combined with such an Antichrist Dragon entity. I don’t believe this number at all. I believe there are many more living souls, but in my environment and the YouTube channels I follow more and more people are being taken over, that is certain. I can’t notify anyone of this on YouTube, because every YouTube comment I put under videos is automatically deleted after a few seconds. The bastards! On Twitter, my comments remain, but the question is whether they are visible to other people, because I get ignored with every comment. That doesn’t inspire much confidence. Furthermore, I see everyone ranting at each other online! With always the same arguments, the same discussions. And I see a lot of women, who out of the blue suddenly put on much thicker layers of makeup, as soon as they get a lot of followers, as if they don’t feel comfortable in their bodies and as if it makes them much more self-conscious. Or this is an example of the influence of the Dragons that have taken over them, because they also cannot accept themselves and they think very black and white about themselves. This is called an identity problem in psychiatry. Their core of aggression is in the head, rather than in the lower body, and so they cannot live their identity from the inside out, and therefore think black and white about others, either idealizing or devaluing them, but they also think black and white about themselves. This makes them very insecure about the body they are in, they cannot focus on the positive attributes, and yes, then there is extra makeup, and then there are the lip-fillers and other alterations, which only make a person look ridiculous. As soon as you make one comment about their appearance (or inner life), they react in an aggressive way, and you can bet they’ll get back at you after that.

Furthermore, I was sitting with my taken over (and therefore hybrid) parents yesterday. And I told them that people are very sensitive to bullying, and that if you’re bald you get called “baldy”, if you’re gay you get called “gay”, if you’re black you get called “black”, and if you have floppy ears you get called “flap ear”. And that you just have to grow a thick skin for such things, because it is, after all, the truth. But my taken over father took it to the next level after hearing “flap ear,” and he said, “And if you lie on the couch too much, then you’re a flap turd,” (which is a way to call names in Dutch). It made me laugh, but I knew he was talking about me, because I hadn’t done all that much in the past few days. I really needed to refuel, and very little came out of my hands. And so it goes every time. My ability to produce happens in fits and starts. If I experience something bad, then I feel I am being controlled again, and then I really need a few days to get going again.

I feel very bad when people around me die. But I don’t seem to be able to stop it. And that’s horrible for me, but of course it’s even more horrible for the people who die, although I hope they get to a good place right away when they die. What keeps coming back in the stories of the people who have been taken over is that these Antichrist entities extend an invitation to you, and if you accept it, and you allow them to take you over, they take you over. The video “The Alien Invasion” by Bill Donahue that I have shared many times before also describes this process. I no longer believe in any way, that these Dragons really look like reptilian aliens, and drone you by stabbing in your eye and by spooning out your brain. In my opinion, it happens in a much more spiritual way. So, in my opinion, Donald Marshall’s information is partly bullshit, and serves to scare people extra. I suspect that people transition to another state fairly painlessly, and no one is really damaged. When I see how they are slowly guiding me, and although they do put pressure on it, are still reasonably considerate of my limits, I just know that they are not here to harm anyone. After all, they are also taking over children, and I can’t imagine that they would even hurt children horribly. That just doesn’t serve any purpose. There must be some other explanation.

I’m thinking now that Tijn Touber is not the only one who has talked about giving up in recent weeks. It’s as if, because of the article I posted entitled: I almost gave up, this week they now want to motivate me from all sides to give up, or to motivate me to persevere, because that is the effect it actually has. The fact that people have to die for it is just awful and I strongly disapprove! Anyway, the other person who wanted to influence me to give up was Richard Bruce. I have previously written briefly about Richard Bruce in my article Gangstalking and gaslighting, but I have also written about him in my article Anyone can host a Dragon entity. In the latter article, I describe how I suspect he was taken over, something that is evident in his rebellious and mocking behavior, and his many profanities and curses, while it isn’t his usual behavior. And with the video titled “Richard Bruce, Moving On!” I now see clear confirmation that he has been taken over, as he says that he is quitting his job of spreading the truth, that the reptilian shapeshift videos he has been making are his only trick (one-trick pony), and that it is time to move on, that he is quitting making videos, and that he is going to try to make money to support himself. WTF!!! He has said for years that working for money is something diabolical, because you give your obedience to certain powers, in exchange for money. And now all of a sudden he’s going to want to make money! Completely ridiculous again, and a great confirmation that he has been taken over. He’s lying that the reason is that YouTube censored his videos again. And that he’s fed up with that. And I get that, I had the same thing, but find another way then! Now it only becomes clear that he is no longer pure in walking the way of Christ, and this is entirely logical, because reptilian hybrid Antichrist clones always lose their morality. They just mimic morality!

If you are still a living soul in this world, and you are reading this article, do what I do, produce whatever you can! Videos, articles, it doesn’t matter. Let’s find each other and connect. I’ll pick you out in a second when seeing your work. Like I said, I don’t know how long I’m going to last, but I’m determined to keep fighting and not give up. Please don’t either! I don’t know exactly how long it will be before the end of the cycle (see my article End of a cycle), but I am determined to hug you and the others when this is all over. Keep in mind the following text from Revelation 21:3-5.

And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, “Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God. And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.” And he that sat upon the throne said, “Behold, I make all things new.” And he said unto me, “Write: for these words are true and faithful.

I hope the longing for this moment can warm you and me enough and give the energy to persevere to the end. Don’t listen to that “stop working, you’re already enlightened”-nonsense. Action is required! I love you all dearly!

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