In this article I describe how anyone, including children, can host a Dragon entity. I also describe how I'm sure that YouTuber Richard Bruce has now been taken over.

Anyone can host a Dragon entity

Last weekend, I watched several videos of my 2-year-old nephew, who I have long suspected has also been taken over, as well as my nieces and my brother and his wife. I described in the article Behold the shadow that I had seen some vacation photos of them where it just seemed like the children were Dragon Brothers/Sisters to their parents. It seemed as if they were equal to their parents, and that my taken-over brother and his taken-over wife treated the children as if they were equals. And as if the child role that the child seems to be following is actually the acting out of that child’s personality by the Dragon. In the videos I saw my nephew acting more like an adult. Bizarre to see, from a 2 year old child. He can’t speak intelligibly yet when I’m around, but in that video I saw him independently and confidently clean up some of my parents’ stuff (a child of 2 cleaning up someone else’s stuff), and put it in the corner of the yard, and while doing so he very clearly uttered the words “Move away!” as if it came from an adult. Bizarre! And so there were several more examples! I have said before that I suspect these taken over children host a Dragon entity, which is long into its adult phase, and is merely acting out the development of such a child’s personality. The same, of course, I have seen with my grandmother, who was taken over, and where the Dragon entity that was in her body was acting/feigning my grandmother’s dementia, while knowing full well what was going on around her. As I have said before, I have good intuition and I have good reason to believe that I am correct. So I am slowly becoming convinced that my nephew and nieces, and this is true of all Dragon children, at times when I am not around, are acting out their true Dragon personality, and are trapped in the host body, but by means of indulging their aggression in their heads, they can still feel emotionally free, something that is a part of the tenets of ‘Dragonhood’. That explains why I got the very strong feeling that my nieces and nephew came across as equals to their parents in those vacation photos.

That also means, echoing what I wrote in my article Logging on to Jesse Musson, that I am beginning to suspect that certain cases of ‘abuse’ in children, perhaps also certain cases of child pornography, take place after the children have been taken over by such an already mature Dragon entity. And them having a much higher tolerance for abuse than a truly souled/spirited young child (because they are actually already adults), and may not even consider it abuse. It’s very bizarre, I know. I’m very aware of it! But I have strong suspicions about this. It could well be that all of these horrific stories are meant to wake people up and empower us and share these stories and protest them. But that for a certain part it’s just staged by these Dragons, who are engaging in sexual acts among themselves with their so-called children, which are actually thus hosting an adult Dragon entity. Perhaps in certain cases, in real life, therefore, no souled/spirited children or people are harmed. Remember: what is abuse to a child isn’t necessarily abuse to an adult. But it is still essential that people take action and oppose this and inform the world of the facts about this, cause there certainly are a lot of real abuse cases.

Perhaps the only ones who are damaged are souled/spirited children who have parents who make parenting mistakes or abuse them, or other people who abuse them and are not on the radar of these Antichrist entities or the entities from the other groups (Lucifer/Satan). Because these prison guards of prison Earth also have a protective function, I suspect. As I said, they are not only evil, and take great care to give you enough space to recover from triggers for example. But you’re also on their radar when you threaten to harm other people! It is becoming more and more clear to me that these Antichrist entities do give everyone the treatment that is right for them at that moment, and can bring the most progress to the world.

I have to say that even though they threaten me from time to time, it is always predictable, and it always happens when I don’t wholeheartedly focus on my responsibilities. In that respect, it’s a good cause, although they are very destructive in forcing you. But I have to give up the normal things of life for it, and those are sacrifices that hurt. But I am sometimes more afraid of ordinary spirited people, than of these Antichrist entities, very typical. Because spirited people are afraid of the information I share, and lash out at me from that position, whereas these Antichrist entities just react in a relaxed way, especially when I honor my responsibilities.

I was reading another discussion about what exactly the Bible says about how you get saved. Whether you are saved by faith, or by doing works? James and Paul contradict each other quite a bit in the Bible on this. And many Bible scholars are wriggling around trying to clear up the difference. But without being aware of this discussion, I find that many of these scholars have their noses too much in the Bible, and have too little experience of what is actually happening and taking place in real life with regard to these two ways of being saved. I am clearly experiencing, that these Antichrist entities are threatening me if I don’t focus on my responsibilities and that is very much about producing works! When I had not produced anything for two weeks, I received a threat from my brother. And when I made some effort to start making music again, I got a threat from my father. They want you to produce information about them. By producing, you also solidify your position. Suppose you get thousands of followers, they can’t possibly start taking over these thousands of followers first, before they get to you, but this is the way they have to do it. But maybe you can put it this way: if you believe and are saved by this faith, the works you produce will come naturally. So then it’s about a combination of “faith” and “works”.

There is one YouTuber who has managed to gather over 75,000 followers on his own, and that is Richard Bruce. Yet, I have a suspicion that he also has been taken over since a year ago or so. I did send him an email once, and I didn’t receive a reply from him then, but in his video he cited a video I linked in one of my articles, so I knew he had read my site. Perhaps it was the spam filter that caught a reply from him to me. Or he just ignored me, because I wasn’t Christian enough for him (thanks, I get that a lot). Anyway, I had let that go. But last year he suddenly got a big amount of money from someone, who wanted to support him, and he rented an apartment from it. Meanwhile, he also talked about a girlfriend he had, “my Ana,” he called her. And I really felt that they were trying to get to him through her, to take him over. And now lately, he’s been acting really weird. Acting out to strangers on the street, talking in a theatrical manner about “fighting Reptilian aliens,” burping the word “reptoids” full on into the camera, and frequently using the word “fuck” and “fucking” and “motherfucker” and no one can comment on his latest videos, because he has turned off comments since some time. An example of his strange behavior is the swearing at the beginning of this video, and why? No reason at all! And another video with unchristian behavior, is at the end of this video, where he elaborately rants about Draconian aliens, and that he will fight them someday, because fuck fuck fuckerdyfuck. First of all, it’s a very simplistic picture that he paints of the situation, and I’m not used to that from him, and secondly: it’s clear that he’s playing on people’s basic instincts with the necessary drama, and I’m not used to that from him either. Added to that is my suspicion that they caught him through this Ana, the woman he was crazy about, and I dare to conclude that Richard Bruce has also been taken over now. An awful shame, because he has done many good things, and he has a wonderful and very extensive YouTube channel. He succeeded in winning over many people, and his life then coming to an end in this way after all these years, does hurt me. From this video, perhaps purposely titled ‘It just happened’, it went downhill fast with his content. Perhaps I should have warned him that sometimes they try to get to you through old or new loves. I didn’t. But he seemed to trust it all completely. He also posted videos very regularly, so I don’t really understand why he was caught. Probably because he was uncontrolled.

The same is actually true of David Icke and Jordan Peterson, who published an awful lot of works. And then still get taken over, perhaps also because they were uncontrolled and did not maintain a reciprocal relationship with their opposition, the Antichrist entities. Because it is, in addition to producing works, therefore also very important, that two-way interaction is possible between you and your opposition. I cannot emphasize that enough! To reach this, it is also important that you do not avoid your emotions. You have to use both your capacity for anger and for grief for this. If your anger is not heard by these entities, put it in an article or video and post it. You also need to live through your grief, so that you can develop true freedom in your ego. This requires that you first build up your ego sufficiently (Lucifer’s territory), then constructively learn to control and thus strengthen it (Satan’s territory), and then learn to let go (Antichrist’s territory). I experienced full Antichrist energy in the Satan phase when I was a little kid, and in very destructive ways. Hence, I have a vulnerable part in my personality, and feel like I am in a prison, and I feel very bad. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Whoever has quietly experienced these 3 forces step by step, and worked through his own emotions, obtains absolute freedom in all the overlapping bodies that a human being is made up of…

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