In this article I deal with the question if good times are going to turn into bad times, here in the Netherlands.

Are good times turning into bad times?

I wrote this article initially on March 26 2024, but I wasn’t sure if I should post it, but now that we are a month further down the road, I can say with more certainty, that the space for common sense has diminished in the media, and that the encouraged opinions are now mostly Satanic in nature, which is diametrically opposed to common sense, and is about limitation, restrictions, criminalizing normal behavior, and about putting people in a mental prison. Here is the article:

I was watching TV last weekend. And for the first time in years, I found myself angrily yelling at my TV. As if the daily talk shows suddenly propagated a totally upside-down sound. Let me explain:

The Covid-19 period in 2020 had a lot of turmoil, with lots of panic, accompanied by unjustified measures, all of which amounted to depriving people of freedom, depriving them of free choice, restrictions and exclusion. Because when people panic, such measures are apparently justified. On TV you could suddenly hear your favorite guests on talk shows saying the craziest things. Many people were waiting with wet panties for more punishment from Daddy Control State and participated hard in these almost masochistic measures. But there were also many people who were infuriated by the nature of these measures, and I was among them. I absolutely did not feel safe on the streets to make my own choices and to choose how I wanted to look, because we all had to go along with the panic narrative. There was no room to think differently about it. But many people have found out lately, that it was all a bit too extreme, but hey, what do you do, when all people feel compelled to obediently follow the government’s orders! Suddenly you saw groups being excluded, and it was pretty scary, if you ask me.

But you must really know that these measures have a function! And that is to force a certain development in the people. The measures all have a Satanic disposition, and the people who came up with the lies about viruses are all Satanic globalists, who want to work towards a world government, in which we are all united and the wars do not take place between countries, but rather between the people and the elite, who are trying to put us in a prison by using their increasing fascist measures, which have SM-like dynamics. The function of this Satanic disposition is that people who have a too Luciferic consciousness, focused on infinite expansion and who cannot understand the authority of the state, are forced to give up the struggle and learn to be able to embrace the Satanic opposite with understanding in addition to being Luciferic. So that the inner state of these people becomes more balanced. This is walking the path of the inner Christ, which is the middle path between the spiritual expansive consciousness of Lucifer and the material compressive consciousness of Satan. This has nothing to do with how most Christians profess their faith. But it is about aligning feelings, thoughts, and behavior, and it applies to all people, regardless of the faith you profess.

In the articles How God influences mankind and Lucifer vs. Satan en Christus vs. Antichristus from Section 3 of my story, I have written that humanity is in a spiritual development rather than a physical Darwinian development, and that we are all working toward as much of a balanced state as possible, in which we ourselves do not turn to evil, but we can also embrace the evil rulers on Earth with loving confrontation, until they are no longer needed. For the evilness of these rulers gives us a view of how things should not be, and forces us to choose for how things should be, which we should then try to teach each other. Some theories argue, we will work on this just until all the people around us consciously choose good. Others say: there is only limited time to do this, and we will instead work towards some kind of climax.

So viewed this way, we are all in a giant therapy session. A literal madhouse, in which we must learn to work toward balance. And the task of the ruling powers therein is to alternate good times with bad times. The corona time was a bad time. And all the influencers and TV personalities, who are mostly taken over and consciously or unconsciously working for the evil powers, had to encourage people to exclude each other, put each other in a prison, obligatory this, obligatory that, in short, the Satanic measures I talked about in the previous paragraphs, mostly based on false knowledge, and authority arguments. Because the Satanic involves blind obedience, just as is expected of people in SM basements. Or else, you will be punished. However, those who show understanding to the Satanic authorities are immediately left alone. So the evil on Earth, is not limitless, and can be overcome, if you initiate a right change in yourself.

After the Covid-19 era, a good time set in, in which influencers and TV personalities suddenly expressed very reasonable opinions and there was room for a different side of things. The Satanic rulers were confronted. The people were given extensive time to regain strength, much to the dismay of those polarized more to the Satan side. As the light was given considerable space, polarization slowly began to increase again, culminating in the monster victory for Geert Wilders in the November 22, 2023 elections, here in the Netherlands. The major parties clearly do not take this monster victory seriously, creating even more polarization until it maybe maximizes. Then perhaps they will shift polarization and it will be up to the influencers and TV personalities, after years of giving space to the more Luciferic people, to now start encouraging the Satanic again. I’m not sure that now is exactly that moment, but I know they work like this. And oh boy, it looked suspiciously like that in last weekend’s TV shows:

At “Renze on Sunday”, a Dutch TV-show, Angela Schijf and Georgina Verbaan were invited, two former actresses from “Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden” (Good Times, Bad Times), a Dutch soap series, which of course symbolizes the fact that we are playing a game of good times, bad times, here on Earth, as I stated in earlier paragraphs. Which is really not a coincidence. In that respect, many things have a symbolic meaning, and those who pay attention are able to draw conclusions from this. There was further talk about mandatory vaccinations. Here we go again with the infuriating obligations. People really think we are all going to die if we don’t vaccinate. Furthermore, it was also about how bad (the Luciferic) Trump is. And how bad (the Luciferic) Russia is for defending themselves against the aggressive (Satanic) NATO. Furthermore, they talked about how bad eating meat is, which is another example of disapproving and unlearning behavior: this is one function of the Satanic opposition as well.

Then some drag-queens passed by. This is about giving free rein to kinks, and perversions, which is also very Satanic. Put a harmless overproduced little sauce over it, and it looks like they are all freedom fighters, rather than perverts. The function of this is for people to learn how to deal with them, without turning to violence. And in this sense it is necessary. Because people must learn to enter into a reciprocal relationship with the somewhat more Satanically polarized people. Cause this adverse power is also needed.

Also the song Euro-pa-pa by Joost Klein was discussed on the show, with which he will compete in the Eurovision Song Contest. This is a song, clearly about a dilution of national identities, and the desire for a global world order, of which then Europe would be a start. This, too, can be called Satanic. It is often said that the Luciferic people (who have their emotional core within their bodies) are good, and the Satanic (who have their emotional cores more within their heads) are bad, but you can just as easily turn it around, and they are both extremes. In that sense they are both bad, and if you really want to be balanced, then you instead walk the middle path between these two extremes. Then the life force takes a place between the lower body and the head, in the heart. Upon which you have become a moral person. This is the true way of Christ, and as I said, it applies to everyone, regardless of faith or belief. Christ is then balanced with the Antichrist, which teaches you with potential lethal force, to be yourself more, regardless of being perfect or not. (Cause in the end, no one is!).

Also on The Orange Sunday, a Dutch TV show, Rutger Castricum, a Dutch journalist, possibly made a beginning to the bad times. After having a very reasonable opinion in recent years, this time, he talked about vaccination obligations, and expressed a blind faith in Science: “Trust the science”. It can’t get any dumber than this, but he’s doing it on purpose. Not because he has been bribed (as a lot of people think), but because he has been taken over and in that sense has his loyalty with the top of the evil powers, which is the Antichrist. And it is visible to every person that he is a totally different person from the old Rutger. But back to his statements about “Trust the science”: It is silly, because “science” does not speak with one mouth at all. People who are against vaccinations (especially the Covid-19 vaccinations) who are concentrated in the political landscape especially in Forum for Democracy, a Dutch political Party, also quote studies, which support their opinion, and show the many cases of heart disease that have revealed themselves, after the Covid-19 vaccinations. But those may not be cited in public. And above that, peer-review also filters out many studies, which are not “scientific enough”, that is, which also give room to the invisible part of reality, in short: that which one does not know or that which one cannot know or measure. And it is very important to be aware of that side, if you want to state truth. So in this regards, science is an incredibly narrowed view of only one part of reality, and therefore it unfortunately cannot contain much truth.

So big chance that we will see more anger-inducing opinions on TV in the coming months, which may cause the more Luciferic polarized people to revolt massively against media and government, after they have been given the space to do just that in the past few years. Our government is demissionary for a reason right now, I fear. This is possibly planned that way on purpose. This way the ruling powers can hit hard at the revolting people, and violate their fundamental rights, with all kinds of temporary laws they don’t have to answer for. Demissionary, they can afford a lot more, however contradictory this may sound.

In short, these happenings may well suggest a shift of polarization, which maybe has occurred on March 23, 2024. Indeed, for years we have been getting warnings online around March 23 and September 23 about disasters, solar eruptions, the end of the world and so on. It may well be that these are harvest dates from God, in which people who have done enough good are taken out of their bodies, and go to a better world, (after which a replacement entity enters their body) but they may also be dates, which may sometimes initiate a start of a shift in polarization, thus marking a time when suddenly the opposite pole is encouraged in the media. Moreover, March 20 was also the beginning of the astrological year, March 21 the beginning of spring, and a lunar eclipse takes place on March 25 and a solar eclipse on April 8. The exact meaning of these eclipses I do not know, but I am certainly convinced of the truth of astrology, and the influences of the position of the planets on thoughts, feelings and actions of man. Every person who follows the middle path (which is the path of the Christ), has made the beginning of making a connection with their own Soul and Spirit. This is when your emotional core settles around the heart and the waves that make up reality become longitudinal. These longitudinal waves, are instantaneous, passing through literally everything, and your brain serves in this capacity as a sender and receiver of these waves. You wil then for the first time become aware of internal and external influences, and a loving connection is a constant alternation of focusing on the internal influences (your own core) and focusing on the external influences (another one’s core). The planets also act on human consciousness via longitudinal waves. Many books have been written about it, and anyone who dismisses it as nonsense should look into it before they dismiss it, because it is foolish to dismiss things according to impulse when you have never researched them. Remember, those impulses are all learned, and have to do with the influences of the evil entities that are around us in the astral layer of reality. Combined with the programming that you have acquired during your life, through upbringing and media. The idea is not to go along with these influences, but to learn to transcend them, so that you become aligned with the universe and the Will of God.

Compared to lots of people in the world, we must be so content with what we have, here in the Western world. But I worry that relatively good times for most people here in the Netherlands will turn into bad times for us too. But I hope I will be wrong. We shall see!

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