Singer Angelina Jordan (2006) was obviously taken over after signing a record deal, as young as she is. I vehemently disapprove of these kinds of misdeeds!

Clearly taken over: singer Angelina Jordan

I already mentioned it in my previous article: What hurts me every time is to see how innocent souls in this Matrix become pawns of the Dark, thus become completely corrupt and lose all their innocence. There are many examples to be found if you look for them. One example I came across myself was the Norwegian singer Angelina Jordan, Image, born in 2006, who became famous in Norway by winning Norway’s Got Talent at the age of 7. In 2019, she competed on America’s Got Talent, which aired in 2020. She did not win, but she did get a golden buzzer and her audition went viral. She also made a number of covers during that time, such as this one, and also this one: “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston. What is striking is that she comes across as an incredibly empassioned person, unbelievable for her age. She comes across as incredibly real. You can really see that it is a living soul you are dealing with. She also has a sweet charisma, which comes out when she waves at the camera with a smile. Then we look at the last video she recorded, where she sings “I have nothing” by Whitney Houston again, and it scares the hell out of you. There we see yet another Amy Whinehouse clone performing the song, the whole entourage overproduced, and very focused on appearance. We throw in some of this, some of that, and some of this, and then people will accept it! You can tell from the whole production that these are butchers she works with. Predators. And yes, it is clear from the reactions that people do indeed accept it! And if they don’t like it, they just ignore it and go find something else to look at. But who really cares about this poor girl?

In this latest “I have nothing” video, Angelina Jordan has acquired a terrible style of singing, too perfect, with lots of unnecessary adlibs. Her voice has matured and her technique has gotten a lot better, but her voice sounds like an algorithm, just like the voices of all those other corrupt and hyped singers walking around the world, twerking in their bare asses in music videos. You can tell that even though Angelina seems like a decent young woman if you look no further than your nose, her external-appearance-focused presentation comes from the same stable as all those other Antichrist creations that are pushed in the media. Furthermore, she has acquired an absolute Fuck You look: cold, hard, disinterested, incredibly vain, her soul clearly sold to the Devil. Whether she did that consciously? I reckon she didn’t. It makes me angry. Watch this video and I can’t help but get the urge to lecture her if she were my daughter. Such vanity! Such ugliness! Such corruption! Such a terrible look! But many people still think she’s great and don’t even notice the difference, which is pretty stupid.

The fact that she has been taken over becomes even more apparent when we next look at her Instagram photos. Below this paragraph you will find a snapshot of her entire Instagram profile. Please study all her photos. You can clearly see that, starting from the thick red line I put down, she’s presenting as a totally different character. That’s between May 21, 2020 and September 10, 2020. In August 2020, she enters into a record deal with Republic Records. Signing her autograph with these monsters cost her her life! That’s the truth, plain and simple! Since then, her shy eyes are gone and so is her sweet look. She has been replaced by a predator with a hard, empty look in her eyes, who thinks she is worth more if her pictures have production value, and if she looks into the camera like a very vain, external-appearance-focused predator! Gone is her authenticity! Some people ask in the comments what happened. They want the old Angelina back. Some think it’s because of her eye makeup, but no way, folks. She’s been killed and taken over cold and hard! Get to know the world called Earth! A total disillusion!


But no Jesse, you have to be loving towards these entities, even if they behave ugly. They also can’t help being that way. They also can’t help it that they are commissioned to take over people and thus kill them. It just happens automatically! Involuntarily! They are angels with only one wing and only by being lovingly embraced can they fly (see my article I am not finished yet). But I couldn’t care less if they are able or unable to fly. It’s wrong, what they do. And they receive my criticism in such a black-and-white way, having a narcissistic inferiority complex, that they end up blaming it on me and see me as the evil one. Ridiculous. But they are solely responsible for how they receive my anger. And I won’t let my opinion be taken away from me! They have a total inability to look at their own actions. Irritation and anger are forbidden, but only if it is you who is doing it. Killing, however, is allowed! But only if it is them who are doing it. Something does seem skewed about this presentation, but I could be wrong. But the reality is ultimately worse than simply “automatically,” or “involuntarily”, as stated at the beginning of this paragraph. For they do not act automatically or involuntarily. In reality, all their actions are premeditated, and they are commissioned to do so by their Antichrist masters, the Asuras, who somewhere from the Eighth Sphere of Hell exert their influence on this reality layer. This applies to every life they end. So they are clearly premeditated murders, because they have all had time to reflect, and in many cases they have not done that. It is understandable to get angry about this, but we must never forget that these Antichrist entities are making a sacrifice to humanity in order for us to deal with evil once and for all. As a result, we must see the effects of evil so that we learn to do everything we can to prevent it, with all mankind. So, in addition to being able to get angry and mirror the lack of morality, we must also be able to understand what it is for. And that these entities ultimately do humanity a huge service if we learn how to deal with them. This is such a schizophrenic truth though, that you almost have to be schizophrenic, to understand it.

So these evil powers have the function of showing you how NOT to do things. By seeing that, the free will of mankind, is guided in such a way that mankind starts to want the good, and show each other how it SHOULD be done. It is not the intention that this world or simulation continue to exist in the future. It is intended that we purge ourselves of immorality. That is what the whole world is designed for, although most of humanity does not listen to this calling at all. The people who fight each other in the future War of All against All (see Rudolf Steiner’s work), will all be taken over or die in the battle. But the people who do the right thing and inform the rest of humanity about what evil force(s) are active in the world will make it and move to a better world. Love is the key, even though it’s sometimes hard to keep it up! But as far as I am concerned, the fact that this makes me angry is precisely a sign that I care, and that I care about my fellow man! I’m really not going to lose that either! And as for the Antichrist entities, they will badly need our compassion, but at the same time I vehemently disapprove of their actions!!! It’s wrong what they do…!

So to the current Angelina Jordan, I want to say: I mourn the child whose place you have taken! You won’t get away with this…

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