In this article, I describe how TV contests and matches are actually fake and I will focus specifically on the France-Netherlands soccer fake match at the Women's European Championship.

Soccer match or sucker match

Nothing in this world is real! Everything you see on TV is directed that way! And controlled down to the last detail. It all has to do with presenting the right image, and the right political stance behind it. The fact that for example Ukraine won the Eurovision Song Contest was of course no coincidence. You don’t really think the whole of Europe voted for that song, do you? No, I don’t. The countries that “need” the most positive attention, politically speaking, are put on top. And so, in all these competitions, the winner is rigged. The Voice of Holland? Holland’s Next Top Model? The winner is all predetermined! Is there a transgender person participating somewhere? Then of course she has the 1st place. Is there a woman with a beard participating? 1st place. Does a gay man singing very high notes compete? 1st place. This agenda of non-traditional genders is a feature of the evil powers, active on Earth. It has everything to do with going against the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, of the Christian Trinity. The groups behind this infiltrate society, take over people in order to do this as best they can. They are the ones becoming popular on social media and they appear in all kinds of other media, just to encourage as many people as possible to these agendas, which is mainly about popularizing perversions and deconstructing the traditional family. Everything is set up to demoralize you and your children as early as possible.

But if everything is fake and premeditated, what’s fun about watching TV? Nothing at all! In soccer, too, unfortunately, everything is fake. This article is not called “Soccer match or sucker match” for nothing, so I really want to focus exclusively on the France-Netherlands match at the European Women’s Championship, where it was abundantly clear that the winner was premeditated. I just watched this match. And I certainly expressed my thoughts on it while watching it. My parents and sister, who are all taken over, of course thought it was nonsense. “Why would they do that?” is a common question when I express my thoughts to people, but just because the questioner lacks imagination, doesn’t mean there isn’t a reason to think of. It is the same reason as why everything else on TV is also directed, and has everything to do with controlling perceptions among the people.

From the beginning, it was abundantly clear that part of the Dutch team was playing bad soccer on purpose. I don’t care how others see it! The truth is that they were playing bad soccer on purpose! That’s all! It wasn’t organically bad. They could have done much, much better, if they were meant to win, but they just weren’t! They gave France all the space, didn’t cover their (wo)men, never played high balls, never played forward, and if they did accidentally come out in front of the goalkeeper, they just did their kick-and-miss or simply fell down. And again and again that holding back attitude, that was the most striking thing. Every time the Netherlands had the ball, you could just see that they thought: I must blow it. It seemed like a kindergarten class that was playing soccer. Like: “I’m going to kick it to…. you now! And then wait 3 seconds! And then kick it! They didn’t know how to make one decent pass, and they were working at half speed, you could see them powering their own moves and braking at the same time, which was a bizarre sight, whereas at other times we’ve seen that they can certainly do it well. But as I said, this was completely on purpose, I have no doubt. It was constantly switching between appearing trying your best, and screwing up, because obviously it shouldn’t be too obvious, that it’s fake.

But how do they do this? Are some of the players bribed or something, and by whom? By the UEFA mafia? All these questions are things to think about, but they don’t even touch the real truth, which is even more extreme. The real truth is, anyone in this world who becomes a big celebrity, or gains or has a fair number of friends on social media, is astrally attacked by a Dragon and loses their life, upon which another entity, who has loyalty to these Antichrist Dragons, takes over the body from the astral. That’s what happens here on Earth. And yes, then you don’t even have to think about all those questions above. So the most famous players have their loyalty not to the team to try to organically achieve victory, but to the top of the evil powers, which are the Antichrist Dragons, who have infiltrated every organization, including UEFA. They all play their part in a docile manner and when there is to be lost according to these powers, they will try to achieve this obediently, without letting it become too obvious or surreal, of course.

And then you will ask yourself: How can these entities perform as well as the original people who were in the bodies? Well, the replacement entity has all the memories of the original person in a split-off personality, an alter, which they can bring to the forefront, when it’s needed. The taken over entities mimic the habits and customs of the original person, and if they tune in well to these memories, they can also mimic their talents as well. I have also seen this in my taken over sister, who after digging back into the memories of my original sister, was able to solve her Rubik’s Cubes again within a few minutes, just like my original sister. If you face such a Dragon in the body of, say, your relative, you will find that everything is the same as before, except for the energy they display. The energy of these Dragons is always fanatical. They talk through each other, often reacting (not responding) to each other from lower emotions or faked high emotions. They hold up the mirror to you, when they would be better off doing it to themselves. So they are hypocrites. And all people who become famous are taken over like that.

Back to the soccer game: the soccer players who do not yet have a large social media following and therefore have not yet been taken over were the only ones who still had something to offer, such as goalkeeper Daphne van Domselaar, Esmee Brugts or Romee Leuchter. Replace all the usual players with these new talents, and the whole team will be a lot better. Because these people have not been taken over yet, and do not listen to the orders from above to lose. They have no idea, that a large part of the team (the soccer players with the most followers) are following the wishes of the evil powers that run things behind the scenes. France was destined to win! It had many chances to shoot on goal, but that nasty not-yet-taken over Van Domselaar always kept the ball. So they had to force a penalty. And also the referee was acting strange and seemed to be blind as a bat.

And the commentator probably gets instructions to not arouse suspicion among the people. “Nothing to see here! Just a misunderstanding! Forget about it! No, there’s nothing to see here! This is perfectly normal!” But perhaps the commentator without instructions is also stupid enough to think that it’s all organic, and that there’s really nothing to see. I mean: if you watch such a game, and you empathize, then at first you don’t understand what’s going on, until you read or know the info on my site, and realize, that soccer is also ‘contaminated’, then suddenly you understand how it works. It is just a pity that so few people are aware of this fact: that the best known people have all been taken over and have their loyalties elsewhere.

Such a fake world! Once there’s something entertaining on TV, it is usually the same old song, and everything appears to be staged, which is why I don’t watch TV anymore. Yeah, you do lose the fun that way, of watching these things. I can’t prove anything, but my gut feeling is right, I’m sure. This wasn’t right! Not for a single second! It would have been funny if the Netherlands had accidentally won anyway. Then all those people who were taken over would have gotten their asses kicked… And yes, on Twitter everyone goes wild with: “Fire Mark Parsons! Such a bad coach! And try again next time then!” It’s hilarious how people have the belief that it’s all a fair game, and that we’ll have another chance next time, and yes: it could well be that the gods will be in our favor (literally), but either way, it’s not a fair game.

In the end, ask yourself: what does it actually mean when the Netherlands wins at such a European or World championship! We will be happy for a moment and we feel vicariously great. As if there aren’t more important things. Sport sometimes seems to be the only thing where we find fraternity towards each other. For everything else, we are divided. It is deeply sad! But know that this is absolutely by design. The point is to have as much polarization as possible, so that people are maximally challenged to learn from each other. And the fraternization is then captured in controlled sports tournaments, which divert attention from what really matters: bringing out the truth. All that life energy generated at soccer games by the fanatical cheering and frustration of the audience is captured, and used to sustain the dark powers. It pains me to know, that the lives of good soccer players are ended in the prime of their lives and they then become a pawn of these dark powers. They don’t realize what they are getting themselves into when they become very good in their playing. Fame, which seems so attractive at first glance, is not attractive at all and should not be pursued by anyone for their own motives. The only one who should be able to amass “fame”, if you could even call it that, is he who has God’s Will first, but those are very, very rare…

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