In this article, I provide an update on recent events, express my thoughts on the upcoming Summer Solstice, and express that everything is connected.

An update; the coming Summer Solstice;
and everything is connected

I have been preoccupied with unimportant things again for several weeks. I can’t help it. There are still so many things I would like to do, and so many things I am interested in. I’m looking into front-end frameworks for websites combined with a CMS for the backend. Actually want to try to build my site that way, rather than with Wordpress. That’s quite a challenge, but really it’s not important at all. It’s a pastime and I find it interesting. Meanwhile, I do feel a little weird on a regular basis. With the past full moon, I was watching an online course and the woman presenting it was very sympathetic. You learn a lot then and you get a little attached to someone and to the presentation of all the information. But I browsed a little further to later recordings of her in the same course, and she was totally different. Cold, not at all sweet anymore. And she suddenly tackled her tasks and recordings completely differently. I just knew for sure she had been taken over. Again and again, I am confronted with people being taken over. Even if I don’t notice it in people, I shouldn’t close my eyes to what is happening all over the world. All this pastime of mine doesn’t really serve any purpose. All it does is make sure it’s all still worth living a little, and give me some strength. Until of course another confrontation occurs, which is all the time anyway. But these pastimes are all dead ends. Something is different now, though. I no longer have the impulse I used to have, to post something immediately if I see something that isn’t acceptable. So I’m a little more indecisive, but I know I have to step in and not let it happen. But it just seems like I’m gagged. I don’t have to care about these Antichrist entities, but I do anyway: I let myself be gagged. Meanwhile, I just feel weird. As if I could be taken over at any moment and start losing control. It’s mostly due to guilt. When I feel guilty, I feel like I’m losing control. Whereas if I say to myself: “These entities know so well and are lecturing me, and they hold me responsible for what I don’t do, for my inaction, that is, but surely I can also hold them responsible for their actions!” Then I have some control again. Cause it is ridiculous that everything falls on my shoulders. Yes, I also know it’s better if I seek publicity. But I just can’t handle it. If I spend a little time doing serious things, I always start feeling so bad, I’m afraid of what’s to come. I feel so impotent, and it’s very frustrating. I can only regress further and further. My taken over mother said last week that she felt guilty for not helping me with certain things, and that was really a mirror, because in that moment I thought about how guilty I felt toward my real parents that I keep myself busy with unimportant things. It was a way in which I got activated for a moment.

Another thing that shocked me is that I was with my parents a few weeks ago, and I mentioned that I once referred someone to a clinic as advice. Years later, I ran into her at a place I never normally go, quite by accident, and she thanked me for recommending that clinic to her. She had done clinical treatment there, and she had come out of it very well. I told my parents and sister what this woman’s name was. She had a strange name. And now yesterday I’m scrolling on YouTube; I get a video titled, “R.I.P.” and then her name. Unbelievable again. I’m just sure they killed her, and want me to know this way. Terrible! I can’t close my eyes to that. It hurts. Just like it hurt with that woman who taught the online course. I have a lot less trouble with men, but women have a special place in me, because I am very afraid that I will hurt them, or that a male figure will hurt them, or damage them, a remnant of the relationship with my mother, and that with my father and sister.

I also have trouble motivating myself to post things, because I feel that everyone is dead anyway and my attempts to bring out the truth are just for show. That I will be judged for it, but that it makes no sense at all, and that humanity has lost anyway. Maybe some event has to happen first, which makes me pick up the phone and call the newspaper, or TV shows. I don’t know. But I have been thinking about this. And usually I keep it at thinking.

It’s almost June 21. The Summer Solstice, something I also wrote about two years ago in my article To leave no one behind. I’m afraid that all the taken over people are going to drop dead. That they are all going to leave the bodies of the taken over people at the same appointed time. Because they keep going one step further, to strengthen the human being to the maximum, and learn to be completely independent. To do that, they must first take over the surroundings, and then the surroundings must also begin to fall away physically. But they work in steps. Step by step they go a little further and further. They have recently been trying to tempt me to let go of my taken over family, probably so that the step to when they die is less intense, but I just can’t let go of them. They remind me of my real family because they act like them globally. And it’s the only thing I have left. Now if all the people around me start dropping dead, because there’s not a person around me who hasn’t been taken over, I don’t know if I’m going to pull it off. I am very afraid of this moment! But I’m almost sure it’s going to happen! It is the end of the Cycle. The Great Reset. It is really coming! Otherwise people would not be taken over so massively. It must have an end goal. The world will stop. And a new cycle of around 7250 years will begin. You can think of it as aliens wanting world domination, taking over people one by one. But this does paint such a frightening picture that I don’t want to spread it further. Again, the takeovers happen in a way that you don’t notice much of them, and aim to provide an extra challenge to the few remaining living souls, so that they are maximally strengthened. The real die-hards protect their environment and do not allow people to be taken over. I did not succeed, because I intervened too late due to self-doubt.

Another thing that is very strange and that I want to share is that when I notice certain things in my environment, they suddenly pop up in multiple places, for example in YouTube videos or in my Facebook feed or on TV or outside. And always it has to do with something I noticed in my environment that I haven’t even expressed. I’ve suggested before that all these websites have a connection to my mind and everyone else’s mind, but it’s not limited to online media. It also happens outside of it. Like everything is happening in my mind. I don’t believe in solipsism, yet it seems suspiciously like everyone else is conforming to the things I have yet to learn or discover in my life. Bizarre is that. I know that other people, for example the people with whom I have shared my life most of the time, are real, and that you have to treat those people with care, because they also have an emotional life, can be damaged, and they can be killed, as happened to my family, and friends/acquaintances, when they were taken over. But everything that happens around me now is not real anymore. It is all meant to make something clear to me, to teach me something. All those taken over people, on YouTube, Facebook, my neighbors, my friends/acquaintances: all of them are connected and they roll out the red carpet for me to walk on and do my job, as if I don’t have to deal with anyone anymore. If one says something I notice, it pops up 20x after that with totally different people. Sometimes it’s about what operating system someone uses on the computer they make their tutorials on (they’re all Macs). Or the fonts they use (it’s always Poppins), which is then the same in 20 people. Like they are all imitating each other, independently. But the question is whether they are really that independent, whether they are just an extension of my mind, a kind of reflection, that carries through to all the people who are taken over. So that I begin to see for sure, and then marvel again at the predictability of the world around me. Solipsism is not true, but it can seem true, if many people around you are taken over. And that is also the danger of these Antichrist entities taking over people. That they seduce you into great selfishness. That you don’t consider anyone anymore or you don’t engage with anyone anymore or you think it’s all pointless anyway. Those last two things, I suffer from that too. A text appeared on Facebook saying that I should just get used to the fact that it’s probably not going to have a happy ending. Also, I saw a text that said, “Incoming sting,” which may indicate the scorpion sting that people are being taken over with, which is not physical, but may be taking place in the spiritual world behind this reality. Perhaps it was a warning. And so far such things have turned out to activate me. Though these days, unfortunately, it is not for very long.

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