After the Bud Light commercial, Dylan Mulvaney has taken on an appearance that looks even more Antichrist-like.

Dylan Mulvaney gets even more extreme

I didn’t think I would say a single word on this subject, but I have to use my voice again. For months, people have seen Dylan Mulvaney’s “…days of girlhood” videos pass by on the Internet, where a young man of adult age pretends to be a girl. Every so many days he posts videos and it seemed all along that he wants so badly to be a little girl that he constantly reenacts the stereotypical image he has of a girl. Like a great parody, he makes a caricature of girls and women, in which he tries to completely erase authenticity. He tells us that he has just had a few crying fits, he regularly lets out high-pitched screams, he walks around in dresses, acts crazy, loves everyone, acts like a victim who has to stand up for transgender people like him and he enjoys all the attention he gets as a girl. Because count on it being exploited to the max by all the mainstream media and social media. Mulvaney is a singer and actor, and may have been “sincere” to a certain point in his eccentricity, but it is clear that the ruling powers have taken advantage of his desire to step into the spotlight. After all, the more transgender people in the spotlight, the better. The more one can entice our youth into this free-child state, where they externalize their sexuality and identity, the better. It’s an unbounded state, and the first thing these people do when you put a boundary up to them is to assume the victim role, or resist. In a clip in which Mulvaney is a guest on Drew Barrymore’s show, we can all see, how he acts like a little child, how Drew Barrymore kneels before him, and how she, as a mother, takes care of her young in a symbiosis in which you only distinguish yourself by dancing, singing, and acting crazy. We see a childlike type of love.

We also see Mulvaney with the child-smelling-and-child-touching-president of the U.S. Joe Biden, where he is fiercely encouraged by the president and where, again, it is done as if transgender people were born that way and it is a perfectly natural thing. The setting where everyone looks gorgeous and the compassionate talking makes it all seem so normal. But it’s not! Many transgender people act as if God made them this way and they should just resign themselves to it, but the opposite is true. You can do an awful lot about your inner state, and it is everyone’s job and the job of parents to match and align your inner state as much as possible with your outer state, that is: reality. God created all of us. He created me as a man, and I will never go against that, and even though at times in my life I felt more like a woman (against my will), I was always a man. And yes, confusion whether you are male or female and homosexuality, we also see in animals, but that does not mean that God created humans and animals that way. Humans as well as animals have to deal with environmental influences when they develop and that causes development to go wrong in animals just as much as in humans. The point is to get control over that so that it happens less. There are also many murderers and pedosexuals walking around, but that does not mean that murder and sex with children is natural and that we should soon have the emancipation of the murderer and the pedosexual. There is a certain order within which we all have to stay, and that is what I want to defend.

But I am somewhat inclined, as I said before, to say that Dylan Mulvaney was sincerely as he was, for example, as we see him in this clip back in a game show, although that may very well have been recently recorded and they pretend it’s an old clip he appeared in. After all, these entities conspire to do such things more often. But by the time Mulvaney started his “days of girlhood”, he was probably already taken over. And after the big Bud Light campaign he did, where he appeared on the beer brand’s beer cans, he became so well known within a short period of time that I have no doubt about it at all now, because it happens to all people who become too well known. After this Bud Light campaign, he has completely changed his appearance. He looks a lot more mature and looks a lot more robust than before the campaign. And in this video, he also describes that he has become a lot more mature and grounded, because he radiates that as well. And his styling has suddenly become super-Antichrist. It’s bizarre. Of course, the huge backlash he got after the Bud Light campaign may have matured him overnight, because the criticism you get then actually teaches you to ground yourself. So I’m tempted to think that maybe it’s a sincere living soul who has gone gigantic off the path, and is being abused by the ruling powers, but really I just can’t believe it, and still really think he was taken over just before he became famous and is used by the ruling powers with his full cooperation.

Mulvaney taken over, looks very bad, demonic almost. In the video shared above (this one) you can see him standing like some kind of statue of liberty. Creepy. Because freedom is doing as bizarre as possible for attention apparently and forcing everyone else to think it’s normal. This clip describes his obsession with Audrey Hepburn, and that he doesn’t necessarily have to have gender dysphoria. And in this clip, we see Dylan’s father hugging him. Apparently he supports Dylan 100%, which I find bizarre. Remember that when someone is taken over, all the family and friends around them are usually taken over as well. At least the people who threaten to speak out. So when you see this kind of unconditional support, to someone who wants to distort reality in this way, there are usually taken over souls in play who drive this support as dominant figures, to which the sheep part of the common people, who have never thought about things, follow blindly.

I have a feeling that if they succeed in taking me over, they might also let “me” come out as transgender. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit. My taken over neighbor did say once that a transgender person had lived in my house, who knows, maybe she was hinting at what they want to do with me. Then know that I was taken over, because there is no way I would ever do that as myself. It is very evil to pretend that people can just twist nature and pretend to be the opposite sex. And it’s outrageous that there are doctors with such inflated self-confidence that they think they can turn a man into a woman and a woman into a man. It’s hell on earth, and I want nothing to do with it.

For m ore information on transgenderism, read the chapter on Transgender ideology from Section 3, and for more information on how these Antichrist entities are taking over people, read the chapter on Reptilian aliens, also from Section 3. For my experiences with my own psychological demasculation, read the chapter Eunuchs and emasculation.

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