In this chapter, I'm going to describe how transgender people are not born that way and that they can also be helped with psychotherapy.

Transgender ideology

In this video (sorry, only in Dutch), a couple of two young transgender people meet. They are madly in love. And neither of them looks unhappy. It seems like it’s very normal to have a boy who wants to be a girl and a girl who wants to be a boy. It’s a remarkable combo like that. It is clear that the trans girl knows more clearly what she wants than the trans boy. She clearly wants to convince him that he is trans, while the trans boy himself has doubts about some things of being male. What becomes clear in this story is that the whole male and female thing is some kind of choice. There is a desire to identify with the opposite sex physically, as if it is a choice of which sex you like better, and it’s really no more than choosing which laptop you like better, or which sunglasses look better on you. At one point in the video, we see a little bear in the background wearing a sweater that says: perfect as you are. But I always get the feeling that these people do not feel that they are perfect the way they are. Because then they would have accepted their biological bodies. As I have emphasized in several articles, the job of parents is to raise their child in such a way that they align their personality with reality, which is physical reality. In interaction with the parent figures, children learn what is allowed in the world. A lot can go wrong in this. For example, a girl may learn that she’d better identify with men than with women, for whatever reason. If this happens in the first years of life, the stage when instincts are expressed and molded by contact with the parents, and the parents are not clear about whether the children are a boy or a girl, then the child does not know what is expected of him, and such a thing can occur. Also, parents can be just too clear and confirm the child in the opposite role or forbid certain role-affirming behavior. The latter also happened to me. Every time I wanted to play the male role as a child, my mother was hurt and my father became aggressive. As a result, I had the idea early on that I had to be a girl. Against my will. And when I had my first experiences with women in love, I also felt like a woman, against my will, including the female body characteristics. It being against my will was actually the healthy part in me. Meaning, that on the physical level (which is developed first, and is about the instincts) I was content with my sex. Transgender people, however, are not satisfied with their physical sex, and these primal instincts/will instincts are affected or directed differently, and are somehow molded in such a way, that they get a desire to be the opposite sex. They are absolutely not born with this. The research of identical twins also confirms this, although of course this is suppressed and censored. Watch this video with Dr. Michelle Cretella, whose findings I wholeheartedly endorse. 

Some people think very physically about themselves. This may be because they come from a family where the focus was very much on appearance, or where people communicated in a very physical way. These people seriously think that doctors can give a man a woman’s body and a woman a man’s body. The reality is: they can’t. You will always live in a more or less disabled state if you do such an operation and have to take hormones forever. And for what? To be confirmed as the opposite sex. This is a vulnerable state, because you only have to have one person who doesn’t affirm you in it, and you will freak out. If your personality is so dependent on how others see you, you’d better consider psychotherapy, to learn how to accept your body, and to learn that life is about developing inner qualities and resilience, not appearance.

And especially when people start encouraging each other in being trans I draw a big line. There are families where all the children are trans because people just get off on reversing the sex of their children. It is very serious. Again, people act as if you’re born with it, and as if you have no control over that in your child. That if you leave them completely free to choose, they will also make a good choice, but this is nonsense. A little boy sees how happy his mother gets when he says he is a girl. Instead of correcting the child, such a mother goes along with that, and that is absolute neglect of the worst kind.

The video I shared at the beginning of this article seems so innocent: just a boy and a girl who would rather be a girl and a boy, and in love, which everyone associates with a positive thing. Who will criticize that? But I am convinced that it is not as innocent as it seems, especially since one encourages the other in the grand delusion. The trans girl may encourage the trans boy to be a “boy,” but somehow she cannot encourage herself to be a boy. The very early realization that you are a boy or a girl sets the direction in which your personality develops. My sister and I experienced the same things in contact with our parents, but my sister interpreted it in a very different way than I did. We both realized early on what our sex was, so my parents did a good job of telling us that. But because of the aggression and disapproval from my father’s side, I could not identify with him, because then I would have to behave as aggressively as he did, and that was not allowed, that was aggressively disapproved. This is Antichrist energy on his part. But also, by being wrongly encouraged or wrongly punished, you can tip over to the Luciferic or Satanic side. Transwomen are often Luciferic and transmen are often Satanic. This is often due to the classical role division that our parents often still had. But especially when one deviates from this classical role division, the expressions in the children become more confusing.

Also, the distinction between transgender and cisgender made these days is ridiculous. As if anyone who sometimes identifies more with the opposite sex is transgender, and must undergo gender surgery. In children, this can cause appalling anxiety. Those are often afraid of turning into the opposite sex and become frightened of those children or people who just say overnight, that they are the opposite sex, and then start hormone therapy and start cutting into their bodies. I was incredibly afraid of transsexuals for a long time for this reason. And was afraid that the doctors at the hospital would make me undergo gender reassignment surgery. I also used to be afraid that I was going to get breasts. These are all fears that children can have. And children should therefore be fed a safe predictable reality in which such changes do not happen. Unfortunately, in recent years the world has descended into an absolute hell for children, in which confusing fantasy with reality is the rule rather than the exception.

Furthermore, I oppose the fact that the only opinion we seem to be allowed to have these days is the opinion that we should encourage all kinds of perversions, that we should encourage women who want to become men and men who want to become women, that we should encourage men in dresses, and that anyone who criticizes it should be destroyed. Because this IS the overall trend on social media. And you are immediately dismissed as a predator if you criticize this. Because ‘we’ choose love! Which is mistaken for ‘liking everything, no matter how crazy it is!’ And hate must be eradicated. How? With an even more destructive hatred, of course. And a love of perversions!

I think people should be allowed to decide for themselves what clothes they wear. But employers are certainly allowed to make demands. But a man can walk around in women’s clothes just fine as far as I’m concerned, but that doesn’t mean he IS a woman then. Transgender people want gender on their passports, but that is only because they cannot accept their sex. A passport is a means of identification, and no one can look inside someone’s head to see what gender they are. However, physique and dna state that a trans woman is a man and a trans man is a woman. So as far as I’m concerned, sex should just stay on identification documents. Who do they want to fool?

There are also many taken over people who let doctors do sex surgery on themselves. The entities that have taken over these people are androgynous anyway, and externalize their emotions. They have a great rage on the surface, but they act that they are the person they have taken over, so it is not immediately noticeable. They often do surgery, as part of the Antichrist’s influence on this world, which is mostly about encouraging perversions, opposing the Father, whom we all need, and criminalizing righteous judgment, and thus the binary. That they sometimes become disabled in their sexuality as a result, they don’t care. They do everything for the greater good, to encourage that kind of extremism. When they leave the body of the person in question at the death of that person, (they can be fetched on command, if they have completed their task), they simply reenter their real body on the other side (in astral space), and go on with their lives, waiting for the new assignment where they have to replace someone.

A recent example of a person who was taken over, that became transgender was Anthony/Emily Young, someone who was well known for his video’s on the YouTube channel of Linus Tech Tips, of which all employees have been taken over, since a few years. For this, read my earlier article Linus Sebastian of Linus Tech Tips also taken over. It’s surreal how the taken over Anthony cares about his appearance all of a sudden (whether its male or female), while he never gave a thing about it. It just doesn’t add up. It’s obvious that this is a push of these Antichrist entities to encourage perversions and this externalized form of identity, which is so prevalent among transgenders. Nobody should believe his remarks about being transgender since he can remember. They are absolute lies. He has been taken over, and they want to spread perversions. That’s the truth of it all. The reaction he gets is of course people embracing his ‘new identity’: “You go, girl!” “Stunning and brave!” and there isn’t anyone who makes a critical remark. It’s ridiculous! Make one critical remark about that and you will be vilified!

There are also brave transgenders, who regret their past choice and educate people about the dangers of this trans ideology. Walt Heyer is one such person. In this clip he explains how it could have come this far. An honest and self-aware story, about his grandmother putting dresses on him and empowering him that way, combined with physical and sexual abuse, which is the rule rather than the exception among transgender people. It is said by Caitlyn Jenner in that clip that his brain is more female than male. And that that is supposedly proof that he is really a woman. But that is a misrepresentation of reality. Because the brain forms precisely through interactions with family members. A person who behaves more like a woman, and who has been given the will to be a woman, will also develop more of a female brain. The interactions and behavior are primary in this regard. Not the physical reality. The physical reality is only the mirror and the result of the interactions and experiences that the particular person has undergone. That this is not seen by much of the population is incredible as far as I am concerned.

Transgender people are perfectly treatable by psychotherapy, so that they learn to accept their bodies as they are, and so that the causes can be identified and adjusted. The younger they are, the better intervention is possible, therapeutically speaking. I have no words for those who perceive taking hormones and cutting into the body as a better option, than intensive psychotherapy. When I look at myself and feel my body properly, I might as well have had a woman’s body. I don’t care, I would have accepted myself anyway. I couldn’t do that before, but after a lot of therapy, I’m no longer overly attached to my male body. That’s a healthy condition. Then it can go both ways and you look at your own body through loving glasses anyway. Then you resign yourself to God’s decision to make you a man or a woman and don’t play God yourself. After all: taking hormones and cutting up your body can never really make you the opposite sex, can it? No, the solution lies within! And the sooner one realizes that, and the sooner one realizes the irony of statements like “Perfect as you are!”, the sooner one gets rid of the problem.

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