This article describes that since about a year and a half, Linus Sebastian, of the YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips has also been taken over.

Linus Sebastian of Linus Tech Tips also taken over

I have to sound the alarm again about something I’ve noticed. I’ve told you in previous articles that I’ll keep you posted when I see things that are not acceptable, and when I’m sure people have been taken over. This time I noticed it with Linus Sebastian from the YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips. This guy started his YouTube channel about 10 years ago and I have followed him from the beginning! Linus never cared about his appearance and always walked around in sandals (with white socks in them) and drove around in an old pink car! About a year and a half ago he suddenly grew his beard and started wearing a beanie. Suddenly you saw him become aware of his appearance! As if he suddenly didn’t care about anything else! Now you often see that success corrupts people’s minds, and that they then suddenly undergo metamorphoses, but wouldn’t there be something else going on in many cases? Wouldn’t these people just be taken over because they become too successful and have too big an audience and therefore can have too big a positive influence on humanity? I think so! Because the specific development that the ruling powers want to force upon the people (think about my words that man is in a spiritual development, not a physical Darwinian development!) requires that there be sufficient polarization. This polarization ensures that there is sufficient opportunity to maximum learn from one’s own but also others’ mistakes, so that this path ultimately leads to the Knowing of All Things, the ultimate consciousness, which tames these dragons! By seeing how not to handle things, we will voluntarily choose for how it should be done, simply because you get fed up with your own suffering but also the suffering of other people. For this plan to succeed, too much positivity right away is fatal!

We have seen many artists who suddenly undergo a metamorphosis, as if there is suddenly a completely different entity in the body, and the same thing happened a year and a half ago to Linus Sebastian of Linus Tech Tips. He now has 14.4 million followers. The perfect time to expose the truth, because 144 is still a number I have good feelings about. See also my articles End of a cycle and Come fly with me for this. From the beginning when Linus suddenly grew his beard and started wearing beanies, I thought, Oh God, his face really looks like I want to punch him! I’ve never hit anyone in my adult life but that doesn’t mean I’ve never had the thought. When I was in my aggression, I was constantly attacking people in fantasy but I would never do that in real life. After all, I know damn well what it’s like to be beaten. With the taken over Linus, I just get these thoughts. He is a know-it-all, insufferable, has a secret agenda, is very concerned with appearances and he has a busy energy that is an expression of the aggression he has on the surface as a dragonized Antichrist entity. He manages well to mask his aggression, but it does seep through into his energy from time to time. It also seems to be affecting his buddy Luke, who has been looking very bad and puffed up for the last year. I suspect that he may not have been taken over but that he regularly allows himself to be put down or otherwise ‘worked on’, psychologically speaking, by Linus who was taken over. But it may also be that Luke has already been taken over as well.

In my opinion, this Linus knows nothing about computers, but can pretend to have a lot of intelligence by using the memories of the real Linus and faking his personality. In this clip, when he was still his original self, he describes how to install software on Linux using apt-get and pacman (which are commands for managing software in the Linux operating system). He clearly knows the difference between apt-get and pacman (don’t confuse Linux with Linus, and don’t confuse pacman with the game of the same name). However, in a more recent video where he does a challenge with his buddy Luke to run Linux for four weeks on his home computer, he has suddenly forgotten that Manjaro (a Linux distribution) uses pacman and tries to install a program with apt-get and has never heard of pacman! Very strange, if you know what I know. In these Linux videos from Linus, when he was long since taken over (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4), he is suddenly very negative about Linux and tries to influence people not to choose Linux especially, because “you run from one error to another.” In the past he was very positive about Linux, precisely because it is open-source and does not carry spyware like Windows (closed-source) does. Linus has spoken out several times in the past when he was still himself against the practices of Windows and also against the spying practices of the NSA. The elite of this world don’t want you to use Linux because they can’t build backdoors and spyware into it due to the source code being open. Because of this, you also see a lot of fragmentation in the supply of the software (the so-called distros). This is for much the same reason that the Church, for example, is so fragmented. It is simply to ensure that the Truth, good things that can lead to the Truth, or things that thwart the plans of the ruling powers, can gain as little power or influence as possible. The most influential people who deal with these things are taken over and they throw a good deal of toxicity into the fork of the software or the branching (in the case of the Church), so that it can never grow big and every time developers split off with a new fork. In any case, Linux will never become popular. These taken over people (Antichrist entities) will make sure of that.

But back to Linus Sebastian. My suspicion that the entity now controlling Linus knows nothing about computers is confirmed in a ludicrous video, which seems bizarre, if you know what I know. The video jokingly pretends that Linus doesn’t know anything about computers and that he’s been fooling his audience all these years. That he is not at all who you think he is! This video appeared on his channel around the time he was taken over. It looks like it’s meant to be funny, but if you know he was taken over, it is agonizing to see Linus making fun of his old self! And him pushing the truth in the face of his unsuspecting millions of followers. If you then read the comments, there are quite a few people who say in the same mocking tone that he is a clone and that he is not quite himself lately and more such in-the-know reactions, probably from people who have been taken over and who like to mock this. Very strange and absolutely disgusting!

Here’s another notable video. Taken over people often like to publicly burst into tears to show how good they are and how moved and affected they are if bad things happen to people, while in real life they don’t care at all! This is where the word “crocodile tears” comes from, pointing to the reptilian roots of these Antichrist aliens. British conspiracy researcher David Icke (pdf’s of his books in this chapter of my story) thinks that these Reptilian dragons really do shapeshift at ceremonies to the appearance of two-legged reptoids, but that’s probably a big psy-op to scare people, although I have believed it in the past too! Anyway, in this video Linus is sobbing at length that he was so affected by a sick child. And him talking about withdrawing himself, a kind of retirement. I don’t believe for a moment that the real Linus is talking there. At first I did, but as soon as the theatrical sobbing started again (the also taken over Jordan Peterson also does this regularly), I already knew the state of things. I’m not buying it anymore. And if he was still himself there, he was probably taken over right after he said he was retiring, because these Antichrist entities want you to produce!

The exact video where he was just taken over is hard to find but will probably be some time before he grew his beard and started wearing the beanie, being the vain man he has become. You can tell people are recently taken over, from the painful look in someone’s eyes, as if they are looking into bright light and looking jaded, as if they are high. Whether this is a reaction of the original person to getting killed, which is then engraved on the face, or a reaction of the replacement entity that has to get used to its new body and role and memories, which can be an explosive and possibly very painful experience, I don’t know!

I’m singling out Linus Sebastian now, because I watch his videos from time to time, and it struck me. But actually I know that almost everyone who appears on television and becomes popular is taken over. It’s very tightly controlled from the top. And as soon as an aura of power appears around a person, chances are he or she has been taken over. However souled people can also get an aura of power when they have success. Because of this, it’s never clear who you’re up against and so it’s important that you treat everyone in the same way: And that is exactly how you yourself want to be treated…!

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