On Sept. 21, Putin said that he will use all possible weapons to defend Russia against the aggressive NATO countries. Should we fear nuclear conflict?

Is the Russia-Ukraine conflict coming to a climax?

I briefly hinted in my article An update from my side at what the media says is happening in Ukraine. The media presents it as if a violent Russian army has invaded Ukraine that wants to destroy and take over all of Ukraine as quickly as possible. Putin is the big evil. It is presented in such a way that all Ukrainians are happy with their government, which, according to the one-sided and black-and-white image in the media, they fully support. But nothing could be further from the truth. Many Ukrainians absolutely no longer support their President Zelensky. On the following web page by David Sorensen one can read the opposing side on the conflict in Ukraine. Please, read this very good web page first, for I will give my thoughts on it and will comment on the depiction of the facts:

Go to by David Sorensen.

If you see your opposition as the absolute evil, which is fed and maintained by all the lies in the media, you think it is justified to use force to prevent this so-called evil. For example, many countries, including the Netherlands, are sending weapons to Ukraine so that they can defend themselves against this “evil” that is happening partly in real life, but also partly in fantasy. Usually what happens in reality is not so intense, but an enemy image is created that is not or only partially based on reality, which is then assumed by people blindly, because their emotional vibration frequency corresponds to having an adversary in front of them, due to previous things they have experienced.

Putin plays the Luciferic role, working for humanity, and the NATO countries play the Satanic role, working against humanity. However, they are both evil, the Satanic powers a step more evil than the Luciferic powers. And through lies they both manipulate the people. Consequently, they will both go to extremes in order to carry out their roles. These evil opposition roles serve as hard teachers for people who do not want to learn from their mistakes, so they have a function in this world even though they are evil. Actually, you can look at it this way that even these hard teachers can be called benign, because they have a transformative function. Only when the effect of thes hard teachers reaches the wrong people at the wrong time can it be called truly evil. And that happens all the time in times of war, as you would expect. So it’s important to keep confronting that.

It is never the presidents who throw the bombs, but always people who agree to the orders of presidents, when really they should refuse them. But because of lies and the previously created enemy image, people start thinking that they are doing something heroic and saving the country by throwing bombs on the opponent or shooting at the opponent, which is a pertinent lie. All world leaders are taken over actors. Through election fraud and an unlimited budget of propaganda and advertising, ambitious people are led to the top and made popular after being taken over by the third evil force, which is the Antichrist-entities. Some like Zelensky personally come out and admit they are actors. Meanwhile, he hosts lots of American actors/actresses every time I look, to make the side of the Ukraine Nazis as attractive as possible to the unwary: Ben Stiller, Sean Penn, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Chastain, Steven Seagal. How dumb do you have to be to trust this? Then you must really be blind. Soon they will surely start handing out hamburgers again or all sorts of other perks or privileges to influence people’s opinions, after all they did the same thing to promote the Covid jabs. That people fall for this is unbelievable. Why do you think they do such things? Because they think you deserve it because you are such a good boy/girl and you are so loyal to the government? Ridiculous! Grow up, I would say!

By the way, Putin is also high up in Freemasonry, so he is just as controlled as the other side. In Sorensen’s article, we can read that he thinks that’s to be expected when you come to power, but that “doesn’t mean he really is evil at heart”. After all, he works on behalf of humanity. That is his role. But here I would like to make a major side-note to Sorensen’s presentation. Throughout his site, Sorensen pretends that Trump and Putin are leaders who want to lead the world back to Christ, and the conservative values that go with that. Sorensen then presents the Cabal as a kind of Antichrist, whose evil deeds he then tries with all his might to expose, which of course is admirable. But the construction of a government with Trump or Putin in charge will never be able to be benign. The evilness is inherent in the construction. What we must work toward is that such a government is no longer necessary, and that people all integrate into themselves the two sides that oppose each other. Both the part that is for humanity and the part that is against humanity. So it is important to remain critical toward the side that is for humanity as well. Because the side of Trump and Putin may say that they want to lead back to Christian values, but that does not mean that they represent the side of Christ. No, so they are the Lucifer side, opposing the Satan side of the Cabal (Biden, NATO, and Zionazis like Zelensky). And they will also do evil things to achieve their goals. This is often forgotten. In alternative media (including, on this site by David Sorensen, who, simply put, is more in favor of Trump and Putin anyway), a very uncritical attitude toward this Luciferic side is often assumed, and that is only partly a correct attitude. One must also try to see the evil in the good, and the good in the evil and thus remain critical and continue to name both the positive and the negative. Because at the top, all world leaders are united, and they all play the same game. That may be hard to understand, but that firm language they use against each other is all one big PLAY. A script is being followed, and everything is prepared to the day!

On September 21, Putin said that he will use all possible weapons to defend Russia against the aggressive NATO countries. Putin and Biden are both playing their roles. But I hope that the battle we are indirectly called to participate in is not going to come to a climax with something like a nuclear bomb. Because if there is a nuclear bomb later today according to the news, then all the predictive programming that predicted this date was totally justified, see this video I shared in my earlier article as well, which talks more about Sept. 23, which was yesterday and yet was pretty peaceful I believe! But Sept. 24 is also mentioned as a possible contender. And that would mean that this date is pre-planned by the ruling powers! Anyway, probably nothing special will happen again.

Indeed, as I have previously reported in my articles, there have also been documentaries about nuclear weapons being fake, and the “so-called” images we have of them, being tampered with. And Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed by fire bombs (carpet bombs) according to witnesses, not by nuclear bombs. You can also see in those photos that bridges and stone buildings are still standing, only the non-stone buildings were burned. But it is strange that these documentaries keep disappearing from YouTube, so maybe the ruling powers still want us to believe in these nuclear kinds of bombs, even though they are not real. Still, here I have a good 3-hour long video explaining the nuclear lie. Here is the original link.

For the people who are wondering “why would they lie about this?” and don’t see the point of this, I will briefly explain the purpose of this lie, although it can also be deduced from my other articles. It all has to do with pouring out as much fear on humanity as possible so that people learn to deal with it. The fear can be fought by making yourself angry, and it provides the opportunity to work through your anger, to eventually learn to control it, using the influence that Satanic governments perform over the people. This can seem very scary when you are in the middle of this process, but at some point you can let go and you are no longer afraid of what ordinary people can do against you. That is the goal! So it is meant to make you stronger!

If they were ever going to say there is a nuclear bomb falling somewhere, don’t believe for a moment that it is real, even if you see images. Maybe the Internet will go offline. People in different places will then get different propaganda. And it is always counted on that the lie will remain hidden because no one will open their mouths and use their voice. The propaganda machines are running at full speed and the whole thing may become one big perception-deception. You can’t imagine the kind of false propaganda stories they are able to tell you with the help of the news channels, who are all bought and paid for. And it’s really not always recognizable as propaganda. That’s the tricky thing. But in my belief, we are all protected by God and in many cases the things that you are experiencing are entirely appropriate. Because it’s important for all of us to keep evolving and you need friction to do that.

I am still pretty much convinced that we are not in the tribulation, as it is written in the Bible, but that the world is preparing for the battle of Gog and Magog and that the Millennial Kingdom of Christ is long over, and that we are just before the Last Judgment. For this, read this chapter from Section 3 of my story.

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