In this article I describe the physical basis for emotions. By making the invisible visible, we are on the path toward honesty and truth, away from the lie.

Making the invisible visible

A few weeks ago I had brief contact with someone who had read my site. He had told me his life story. And in his opinion he was in his last incarnation. He was very good at telling me what I should do and not do, which I found a bit annoying afterwards. For example, he thought I specifically should not be angry, because anger = bad. Also therapy = bad. Medication = bad. He had a total lack of understanding of the situation I was in when I was little, and what kind of influence that had on my body/spirit, and a total lack of understanding of the things I tried to explain very well in Section 1 of my story. As if in his world nothing is tangible and everything is subjective, like we’re floating in the clouds. And that if you experience something in your body and if you observe something in yourself, there must immediately be a judgment about it that says, OOH, BAD! Last incarnation, my ass! It pisses me off a bit. He thought I had become rather attached to my anger, which is a wrong conclusion, because I’m not at all attached to it. But if you are beaten all your life when you express your anger, from a very young age, the anger becomes constricted, and choosing to then embrace other people in only love is absolutely self-destructive. But even that is probably not tangible in his experience.

But I will tell you: even emotions and how you deal with your own emotions and the emotions of others can be made visible. It is all charge in the capacitive field called the spirit. This charge can flow throughout your body ideally, and it is an electromagnetic phenomenon. Your brain develops under the influence of the environment and the things that happen to you. And that determines how different brain areas work together, and how instincts and emotions and thoughts flow through your body. These instincts, emotions and thoughts are primary to matter, they are all vibrations, and matter serves as a kind of mirror to make these vibrations aware of their own nature. Therefore, the brain doesn’t have a productive function of consciousness but it instead makes possible the reception of these vibrations, and so has a facilitative function. These energy flows take place in a torus, which is intertwined with our body. The cellular water that is in a kind of plasma state is used to form a conducting system that works in parallel with the sensory system, but much faster, almost instantaneously. Ideally, there is contact between the sensory system and this non-sensory system.
There are some good books written about the interface in our brain that allows the connection between the two parallel systems. For this, take a look for example at the work of Roger Penrose/Stuart Hameroff and Henry P. Stapp (Mindful Universe is highly recommended, and so is Mind, Matter and Quantum Mechanics).

There can be blockages in the experiencing of the emotions, for example, by too early experiencing one of the evil forces (Lucifer/Satan/Antichrist). (Read the first chapters from Section 3 of my story to learn what kind of behaviour these forces stand for). Experiencing these evil forces too early, has a tangible effect on how the energy flows in the torus. Whereas spiritual people mostly talk about high-frequency energy, it can also be ferocious aggression that can be made visible. But of the latter group, people are usually too indoctrinated by the media to don’t believe in this kind of “nonsense.” They usually do not go to an aura photographer, even though they will have a mostly red aura. In people with blockages, the energy isn’t flowing freely. This can be made visible as well. I had a huge blockage in the experience of my agression/sexuality, occurring as soon as my girlfriend came near me, and it was made visible by aura photography. This blockage caused an annoying persisting impotence in intimate contact, even though the desire was there. So we are talking about tangible things, and it’s absolutely not spiritual mumbo jumbo. It is science, and it could become rock solid science in the future if more people would take it seriously and more money would go into this kind of research, although that is never going to happen. But most people don’t take it seriously, because they have no inner life, and no relationship with themselves, and they can’t look within or know themselves at all or even recognize what’s actually being displayed on such an aura photo.

The man with whom I had email contact was “also being hit with the carpet beater,” when he was young, and “he had no psychological problems coming from it at all” But that is totally incomparable. So he is actually saying (not literally): parents are allowed to hit you, that is normal, no matter how young you are, and no matter how much destructive charge it comes with, and no matter how structural it was. And then actually indirectly says to me: you must love all people, because anger is bad (and apparently the opposite of “love”, which it is not). The fact that it left its traces, was because you were weak. You shouldn’t have gone to therapy! You shouldn’t have been on medication. You should have gone to a psychic, who tells you that you chose it yourself, and therefore you shouldn’t be angry about it. Yeah, that’s gonna help me!

I get rather pissed off from this kind of indirect insinuations! I’ll tell you: I’ve been MADE vulnerable. People are not vulnerabe of themselves. People with mental health problems, in some cases, have been treated with so much injustice in their childhood by their environment, that it leaves its traces and can make them vulnerable, which in some extreme cases can be a big problem. The earlier you get rejection thrown at you in your life for merely feeling anger, the more vulnerable you become. This can be accompanied by so much fear, that you become completely cut off from your anger, so much so that you start directing it at yourself, sawing the legs under your self-confidence, thus destroying yourself. If you think that doesn’t exist, then you have shit in your eyes. These are physical/tangible states. Which can be changed by proper intervention.

In these mail conversations clearly a basic Antichrist attitude was being used to contact me. Big chance then that this man was also taken over. That’s all I get in my mailbox anyway, people who have been taken over. All these characters drive me crazy. I will choose for myself what I like and what I don’t like, other people shouldn’t tell me that! I’m sick of it. And I treat them all with love, but I would rather tell them the truth and show them exactly what they dislike so much. I want to show, that their disapproval does not impress me at all, and that I am who I am, but unfortunately I am not that far yet, especially not in reallife. It is about becoming free in your ego, which according to Rudolf Steiner will be the result of letting the Antichrist entities act on your body/spirit (Steiner calls them the Asuras).

There is an absolute fear of anger in this society. It’s because people are confronted daily with cases in which the anger is destructive. But anger does not have to be destructive at all. It is just communication about what you find unpleasant! If that is taken away from you, you end up in some kind of hell state. People nowadays want to domesticate each other, just like they do with all those poor pets. Pets have no way of indicating what they feel about something. And if they indicate it by resisting the owner, or lashing out once, then people think there is somethin g wrong with the animal and kill it. But if you can indicate what you find unpleasant, you should allow your fellow humans to do the same! And even children and pets. It’s that interaction that can create dynamics, which is just so beautiful, I think. And you can then work towards real forms of cooperation, in which the autonomy of both is preserved!

So I can’t do much with love-and-light people who accept everything from everyone, never get angry, meditate all day to keep their anger down, see the concept of ‘ownership’ as a ‘dumb ego thing’, think everything is subjective, think everyone has their own truth and that it’s all ‘equally good’, and who think you’re indecent if you merely mention serious problems. I can’t do anything with that. You really don’t learn anything from that. It is precisely in the dynamics that you’re able to learn from each other! That dynamic and authenticity is also lacking in places like the House of Representatives here in Holland. Where the entire cabinet pretty much runs away when someone is spouting facts. It’s always the same old thing with those guys. The opposition parties raise an issue, or spout facts. Then the ruling and cartel parties find it outrageous or indecent and engage in silly plays where they walk away or act outraged. And that guy that was spouting facts then accepts it all and never gets angry, because of course he is decent. But not really.

It’s precisely by making the invisible visible, that we can eliminate ‘the lie’ that is so prevalent in this world, because ‘the lie’ lives by keeping the invisible invisible. ‘The lie’ pretends that not getting angry is always decent, and getting angry is always indecent. But no, it is important to raise issues, and point out what is not right with the world. You should not pretend that the whole world is a paradise if you happen to feel good about yourself and live a comfortable life. We should all be able to feel good. Identifying precisely what is or was not good allows us to learn. Pretending that anger is the world’s biggest problem, because you see people shooting at each other on TV or in reallife, and replacing it with some kind of hateful fake love, in which you disapprove of all anger, is not the way. I’ve said before: you shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Anger doesn’t have to be destructive. It can also be based on love, when it’s properly balanced. Love that is aimed at making the world a better place when you and many others are in pain because they experienced destructive anger much too early. I say “much too early” on purpose, because there is also a time in human development when we have to learn to deal with destructive anger. This is possible only if you have experienced enough love for your non-destructive anger in childhood, otherwise you skip a few steps. That learning to deal with destructive anger is exactly what the Antichrist entities I deal with teach you. But believe me, that is absolutely not easy and it is very much a frustrating process! Experiencing this opposition allows you to become free in expressing your anger, as well as your other emotions, even when there is (sometimes death-threatening) opposition present. It is the path toward honesty and truth, away from the lie!

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