In this article I am trying to motivate myself to trust the process I am in. Even though there is terrible information present on the Internet, it does not necessarily mean that it is true, and that we should therefore fall into distrust.

Trust the process

When writing my article Dragons eat people, but only spiritually, at first I included a paragraph that Christ equals Antichrist, by which I meant that they are taken over by the same process, I immediately received a number of messages on my Facebook timeline that that is nonsense. This was striking because I never get the opinions of these entities rubbed in my face so quickly and directly. So there may be an interest in me not proclaiming this, but in my opinion, this is really true. Antichrist-targeted man is taken over by Antichrist entities, and becomes an enhanced version of himself, serving God. The caterpillar makes the transformation into a butterfly. The treatment he has received before that from all the Antichrist entities around him which he saw being taken over, prepares him to be taken over and be in the service of God himself. The final stage of the non-taken-over man often is very dysfunctional. Nothing works anymore. There is a lot of damage. And you suffer. I’m in that suffering phase right now. I’m having more and more mental pain, and think a lot about the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly. Because not much more has to happen, or I will succumb. The question is whether we should be afraid of this. Who knows, I might suddenly feel good, and finally be able to do what I really came here to do. The question is whether my self is really passing away, or whether some part of myself will remain and consciously experience the transformation. Because I’ve always assumed that a completely different entity comes to live in your body when you are being taken over, but maybe that’s not true at all. What is striking about taken over souls is that they have forgotten old hurts, and are very forgiving towards the people who have harmed or damaged them. I also hear several stories of voices in the head, controlling them, leading them on the path of the Christ/Antichrist. Maybe the point is not to try to stop this process at all and try with all our might to prevent it. Maybe you should just face it with confidence, if it does happen. Maybe the information you produce when you have not experienced this whole truth is often deceptive and fear-inducing. And maybe the whole system operate on that fuel. So then you really have to think three times before you write down certain things.

Rudolf Steiner stated that Jesus became the Christ when an entity took him over. Then the preparation for this (which the Antichrist entities help with: i.e. working on your own soul and becoming stronger and more moral), will make the final result (when the Christ goes into him), benign. This also means that lies are sometimes necessary. Otherwise, everyone loses the motivation to keep fighting for good. Then good and evil are inseparable, like two sides of a coin. There must be an adventure, but the moment you are taken over, or transformed from a caterpillar to a butterfly, you may realize that there was nothing to be afraid of. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take action when you see people being taken over around you, but it might ease the fear a little, that only a part of yourself is dying, not your entire sense of I. But I’ll probably get some backlash that this is nonsense, because I realize well that this can take the motivation out of the whole thing, for some. And it is important that this does not happen.

There are several videos on YouTube that talk about the process of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. This one, called De mooie vlinder (which means “The pretty butterfly”) by Tijn Touber is very apt (sorry, only in Dutch). He links it to the Great Reset. Then the process of being taken over, as I describe throughout my site, would simply mean, that everyone gets a fresh start, in which your feelings are completely reset, and you can get back to work. So no evil Antichrist entities wanting to bodysnatch you. That’s disinformation. Let’s go to trusting God and the cosmos/nature, as Touber also says. And finally, the butterfly is a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus.

This view is also supported by the thought that everyone who was taken over in my surroundings were probably actually at their real end. The end which is pre-arranged and regulated by the cosmos. So I completely step away from the view that it is something that is done to another person by possibly your doing. Even that I did not take action earlier, giving these entities the green light to think they could take over my environment, even that was written in the stars in advance. In fact, there was a reason that I hesitated to take action, and this too was fixed. But then is everything deterministic? Or can you still use your free will to influence things. Ideally, I think so, but perhaps it was also certain that I would lose my free will in life due to trauma, and then trying to exert influence will not succeed. So in this presentation of things, it is mainly about experiencing as many things as possible, spread over many lifetimes, so that you learn who you are yourself, and who God is. What happens when things go wrong is just as important in that, as going the right way at once. And then learning from mistakes will be the most important thing. Only in this way can we eventually work toward a good ending.

This also means that I want to transcend the whole system of punishment and reward. No, God does not make us pay for sins. Sins are often present, when you have suffered trauma and deviated from the natural order present in all the apparent chaos here on Earth. It means nothing more than not being in tune. “In sin”, in the sine wave. Not in tune with the sine wave, which is the way, in which the vibrations that make up our reality are flowing. In this view, even evil people have a function and contribute. When I was in my aggression, then I realized how hard I was making it for my mother. Through my constant triggering, and by challenging her, I saw, how that could possibly teach my mother to trust her own feelings, instead of constantly doing what that big aggressive man (my grandfather) commanded her to do. My mother didn’t see it that way: it was really a difficult period for her, but I realized how that challenge is necessary to become strong. As Tijn Touber also describes in the aforementioned video: if you are going to help the caterpillar get out of its cocoon, the creature can never become a full-fledged butterfly. In order to do that, it has to fully use its own strength. So that’s why my family and all these other taken over people remain so distant when I actually desire love at many times. They want me to do it myself. Whether there is any essence of my real family left in them? Who knows! Maybe they feel totally different, and therefore seem to be totally someone else, but maybe they are still my family members, guided by God.

When I had typed the preceding paragraphs, I went on Facebook for a moment to see if any quotes appear that are helpful to me. This has long been a way in which the AI, or these entities communicate with me. In it, I get direct feedback on my behavior. But I often think they are trying to steer me in a certain direction. One striking message that passed by, was a video of how a fly eats. It sprays some kind of liquid onto what it wants to eat and then sucks it up with its proboscis, a protrusion on its snout. This triggers in me a memory of previously shared work by Donald Marshall, who argues that there are Vril aliens who suck your brain out of your head with their proboscis and then turn you into a drone, a thought-controlled empty shell, who is incredibly evil, and who would like nothing better than to suck your brain as well. There is information present in the far corners of the Internet that these aliens are impersonating humans and shapeshifting their real form to you, upon which you wave the white flag and they take you over. This again triggers this old fear in me. For me this is extra difficult because I feel so vulnerable, and my instincts are suppressed among most people, upon which I don’t feel combative enough to fight these aliens off me if they were to attack me. Purely feeling that fighting instinct, however, defuses the thought that this could be true. So I want to stress again that all this scary information is one pile of bullshit. It is a huge deception. But these entities are masters of deception. Some people on the Internet go so far as to say that these entities eat your body and then using their shapeshifting abilities to pretend to be the original body they have taken over. Because they sucked up your DNA, they would know how to display themselves.

It is no coincidence that they are putting this in front of me now. In fact, they follow you in everything, and just know even before I published it, what I wrote down. About that we must trust each other, that there is nothing to be afraid of, and that these entities are actually helping you get closer to God. Do I believe that they show you the real form of God when you are ready, as is sometimes written in the far corners of the Internet? Whereupon your head is drained, and you turn into a drone, dead rather than alive. No, absolutely not. It’s a big lie, designed to make people distrust each other and, in the vulnerable human being who suppresses his instincts, trigger his aggression. Because your aggression or instincts are an essential part of your personality and you should not suppress it. Unfortunately, I have never had any control over this. I spent a time in my aggression myself and this was a good time for me, but unfortunately I have a severe trauma that caused that when I further developed my identity, the experience of my aggression completely disappeared. This was constantly ignored by my therapists. And they then treated things, which did not have any positive effect on this main problem, because I still have that main problem. Why did they do that? Because they think that all those therapies will help you move forward, and it is important that you stay within the divine order that is here on Earth. But no, with me it took brute force, something they unleashed on me in clinical therapy that made me fully embrace my aggression. What came next in part-time therapy was a big mistake. And then when you meet their stupid demands enough, they brutally dismiss you, without even helping to solve your main problem. It comes across as sheer stupidity. But I now know, they were just helping me, and they can’t use magic to heal me.

Today my mother called. She had some news she needed to tell me. On the one hand, it felt like I was overstepping my bounds. But on the other hand, the contact reassured me. After all, yesterday I was having a lot of trouble keeping my strength with me. It wasn’t allowed to exist, and I felt very frustrated and was in a lot of mental pain. This was entirely logical after the grief I experienced in recent days. Her phone call reassured me on one side that it was allowed to exist, and that is the reason I can type this text now, and was somewhat calmer today. But on the other hand, she crossed my boundaries with her fake energy and I have no desire to be around them. But in live contact, unfortunately, I am very impotent. And can’t express my boundaries as I would like. And can’t discuss what I actually want to discuss.

A last remark: the information of shapeshifting aliens comes from David Icke (read: Children of the Matrix), who did not have the complete picture. His worldview was quite distrustful. “I’m good, you’re bad.” He was approached by a lot of vague figures who explained to him that they had seen shapeshifting entities, but if the bulk of people lie about whether you are a man if you have a penis, or whether that means you can also be a woman, then there is a good chance that these are also lies that were inadvertently brought into the world by Icke, deliberately and consciously orchestrated in the background by the ruling powers. Those who think integrally tend to take everything seriously, but then you really lack rigor. You always have to ask yourself whether the actors in question could not have been misled or even worse: deliberately put lies into the world.

I will not let scary information stop me. I trust in God and know that I am protected if I continue to contribute to creating a better world. You do that by producing and making a connection with your own Spirit, which stands for the Heavenly Father, which of course starts with your own father, if he took his job of raising you seriously. Even though my own father wanted to move too fast and skipped important steps in parenting, I have to try to trust, that in all my imperfection, I can still be enough. But as I say, I feel myself sinking slightly into my body from time to time, which makes me fear that I will give in not so long from now. Maybe I just have to trust the process.

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