In this article I provide an update on what is happening in my life: the Antichrist entities tightening the reins ever so slightly, and now tentatively beginning to threaten me again, something I earlier predicted would going to happen

Antichrist within Antichrist

As I promised in previous articles, I will continue to keep you updated on the progress of my life. In the article An alleged attack on me and some background info of March 19, 2023, I told you how I began to feel my power somewhat again through the supportive treatment I received from the Antichrist entities, which is Lucifer within Antichrist. Through that supportive treatment, at times I expressed my anger toward my taken over parents, which can be read about in What a drama!. In subsequent articles, I made it clear that I am receiving lots of criticism from the Antichrist entities on my texts, which is therefore Satan within Antichrist. I predicted in the article of March 19, that this is not yet the most extreme they can go, for Antichrist within Antichrist is the worst they can make you experience. That’s when the taken-over entities start to lethally threaten you! And well, in recent months I have again been so supported by the Antichrist entities, which is Lucifer within Antichrist, that after having received Satan within Antichrist (read for this Frustrating times), I now feel my power again, and these Antichrist entities are now somewhat beginning to gently unleash an Antichrist within Antichrist treatment on me, because that is what I call out to them by speaking out on Facebook at the various quotes they leave for me. So they are now going to lethally threaten me again, mainly to shut me up. And they will if I publicly share what they have done.

A child growing up in a family often has to deal with boundaries. If they still don’t listen, and if they continue their behavior, they will receive the anger of their parents. If they go even further, they will be met with parental aggression, at least that is how most parents handle it. These are the 3 evil forces in a row (Lucifer-Satan-Antichrist), who ultimately just want to teach you to listen to the Holy Spirit, the Son and the Father. Whether the taken over entities know that this will be the effect of their “treatment”, I do not know. Maybe they are not even aware of this, but so it is the result. Ultimately, it will make humanity completely free.

Choosing to go straight against the fear, and not to be silenced, is hard for me, but in a different way from Satan within Antichrist, which is what I received last year from them. Because when people are children, the Satanic influence of the parents is the greatest, and that has been precisely the time period that the most damage was administered to me, because instead of being treated somewhat critically (Satan) (which is more appropriate when children are previously over encouraged), I was given far too much disapproving treatment early on (Antichrist), when my father aggressed against me when I was angry with my mother. So the Satanic influence always comes across to me as Antichrist. But boundaries (when Lucifer compresses) in men also come accross as disapproving, because my father expressed his boundaries by a slap in your face (which is Antichrist). So now they are slowly increasing the pressure, and they are starting with a boundary, but working toward Antichrist within Antichrist. For me, listening to these entities when they threaten me feels like a prison, and then I rebel. It’s conditional love at its finest, and it hurts me a lot. Sometimes I have faith that I will be well guided to the solution to all this, because I think there is one. But other times I’m afraid, all this aggression I get over me, will be too much for me to handle. After all, I just want to be myself, and that’s why I protest.

I fell off my chair the last few days, from the quotes that came by on Facebook. Nasty quotes, trying to shut me up, and it was rather harsh, like this one: Image, this one: Image, this one: Image and this one: Image, which at the point where I am right now, are meaningful to me. And these entities know that. Because resigning myself to not being able to talk about it, when I want to talk about it, I could do that, but I would start feeling terribly guilty, and my life would turn into a play. So I choose love in that regard anyway. By this quote, Image, I did feel supported.

I have dreams all the time now where I meet my deceased friends or family. I then talk to them, and then they do something I don’t like, they then want to take over me in my opinion, and show their real face, whereupon I wake up beating them. Had it last night with that old music teacher of mine, and my mother, at two different times. Smashed my knuckle to blood against the wall again in the real world, upon which I woke up. My mother hugged me and said she loved me, and I said I loved her too, but something wasn’t quite right, because she then suddenly changed, whereupon I beat the crap out of her. And the music teacher I saw in a dream that took place in college. He looked a lot younger, and I called him, and I don’t really know what we were talking about, but he too suddenly changed, whereupon I woke up again beating the crap out of him. I could just barely see his face and he seemed clearly startled.

I don’t feel like putting on a play anymore. I’ve suppressed myself long enough. It’s something you see those people on TV all doing too. All of them have sold their souls to the devil, meaning they have been taken over in exchange for name and fame. And they create art in which they tell the story indirectly. The story goes that they do it indirectly because otherwise they will be killed, but they are not, because they are already dead. They do it to show the souled people like you and me what is happening, and the story that they are being killed is to scare you. But I repeat again the Bible verse (Mark 8:35): “For whoever wants to keep his life will lose it. But whoever loses his life because of Me and for God’s plan, he will keep it.” That’s a real paradox, but one that everyone should heed.

The taken over Kate Bush, in her song Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God), sings about facing someone totally different from you (in the song: a man and a woman). The deal with the devil (God) is then what causes him to come into her body and vice versa. Thus, empathy can arise for the role the other person has. This is of course very apt for the relationship Christ <-> Antichrist.

And if I only could
I’d make a deal with God And I’d get Him to swap our places
I’d be runnin’ up that road
Be runnin’ up that hill

Of course, it is not a coincedence that that song was used in the popular series Stranger Things, where clearly this subject is very monstrously portrayed. Watch this clip. Half the series is about the phenomenon of being taken over, but I couldn’t watch it when it began with Season 3, because it was worked out so dramatically that I just sat on the couch in fear and crying. And I precisely want to prevent people from thinking about it using these dramatic images, because it can create crippling anxiety. In the excerpt, we clearly see Max choosing to love her friends and look the monster in the eye, and throw out her great strength in the face of the monster (just like when I wake up beating them, that is), leading her down a path in which she is severely hampered, but eventually ends up back with her friends. Those who see it presented in this way know that Max did the right thing, choosing love. Comparing this to the Antichrist entities I face, whom I have always said are appointed by God to be here, and their evil deeds will eventually make man free and fully loving. Hopefully man can also have compassion for these beings, for they perform a task for which they won’t be thanked. If we see them purely as devils, who should not be here, then we should reject what they do as harshly as possible! But if we see them as aspects of God, which we project outward, and which have a function for humanity, then in addition to disapproving, we can understand it. Because, of course, God may decide who, how and when to take someone’s life. But it is up to man to overcome death.

Of course, to those who wonder why I choose love while beating the crap out of my friends and family in my dreams, I have some explaining to do. Choosing love doesn’t mean you let it take everything away from you. It doesn’t mean letting it take away the lives of your friends and family and also yourself. On the contrary, it means that besides turning inward, you make a move outward, showing that you don’t accept it. I did that too late, so these entities saw it as a license to take over everyone around me. But that allowed them to treat me, making me stronger. This is an incredibly harsh truth. My friends and family have all been taken over and show themselves that way in my dreams, even though at the beginning I always think they are their original soul. The lie is that they take you over through physical action, forcing you to defend yourself with deadly force. If you then act on this in real life, you will have to deal with the police and probably get life in prison, after which they will talk to you that you are psychotic and you should especially not have any contact with the media. So especially don’t do this in real life. But symbolically, this defensive aggression also represents constructively defending yourself, which is what I am doing by writing this piece. As I said before, Lucifer and Satan are fine to embrace with love, but the Antichrist is not, as far as I know at the moment. But they do want to tempt you to let go of all your power, and become a kind of love dweeb, but this is not real love. Real love also has a shadow side, which you bring out at the right time, and instincts, which you bring out at the right time.

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